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1 year FAB bloggerversary GIVEAWAY

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It's my BLOG anniversary this month!

I have had this account since august but I didn't start using it until DEC 2008 :) I have to celebrate because I am so thankful to have so much amazing readers & commenters!

As you all know I am a generous girl. I love to put a smile on anyones face. What better to do it with than MAKE UP!!!

Prizes Include:

1 Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow

2 Revlon Sheer lippes

1 Revlon Colorstay lippy

1 Cute make up bag

If I get over 40 entries I will add:

1 more Revlon lippy
1 MAC Shadestick

They're pretty easy and I will be checking!

1) Be a MUST BE A Follower.


2) Post my Giveaway on your blog!
The post should have a pic of the prizes with a link to my giveaway. Let me know you posted by leaving the URL in my comment section.

***Leave me a comment telling a beauty secret. Try to say one that hasn't already been said + your email***


Want "extras" in your package?!?!
(Do everything I ask above also)
Follow me on Twitter @JennMUA and reTweet my giveaway!
I know a good amount of you have twitter...

Giveaway ends:DEC 16...Just in time for CHRISTMAS :)


  1. Forgot the beauty secret part, so I'll re-post, sorry. My beauty secret is using a tiny bit of lotion on my hair somedays to help with the frizz! & I re-posted this contest on my blog & also re-tweeted this contest on my twitter! :)

  2. Someone told me that using sugar & vaseline makes an awesome lip a little scrub, wipe off, & you have soft lips!

  3. Congratulations Jenn! woo hoooo!
    My tip is...
    don't spend a lot of money on eye makeup remover. go to your pantry! use olive oil. it's awesome!

  4. My beauty secret is to use the thickened foundation on the cap of your bottles as a quick concealer!





  6. I am a follower and here's my post:

    At night I apply fresh lemon juice on my face to help lighten my acne scars!

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted:

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  7. Hello! I'm in
    I posted this giveaway on:

    I'm a follower too ;)
    My beauty tip: in a trip, instead of taking several beauty packages, save some space: take a creamy blush, it will apply as a blush, as a lipstick and as an eyeshadow ;)


  8. Dont bully me into a Post Jenn!! LMAO!!!

  9. Happy Aniversary!!!!!
    A Beauty Secret....Baby Wipes work great as a makeup remover...for your face, and eye makeup!

    I posted about your giveaway on my blog...


  10. here's the direct link to my post about your giveaway!


  11. Hello dear! As first, congratulations!

    :D I am following you on twitter for a while (cherrycolors) I also twitted about it.

    My blog entry:

    Before I go to bed, I clean my face, apply toner and instead of my moisturizer I use jojoba oil.
    I cleared my face, and even if I hated the feeling at first, now I put LOTS of it on my face, because I know it helps me get a nice almost flawless skin!


  12. Hello! I'm following your blog =) and I posted about your giveway here:
    My email is aninhax[@]gmail[.]com

    About the beauty tip... sleep with a great amount of hand moisturiser or something like Bepanthol (I'm not sure if it's called like this in Canada) in your cuticles. They would look great in the morning ;)

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    Kiss from Portugal*

  13. Hi Jenn: Happy Anniversary^^

    I am one of ur followers and I have posted about ur giveaway here:

    This beauty secret is actually from my blog:

    It is said that" if you walk barefoot for at least ten minutes on the grass in the morning . This will rejuvenate your kidneys everyday and helps in detoxing your skin. In the morning time the dew drops accumulated on grass decrease the body's temparature and cool the body".

    Have a great day~

  14. Congratulations hon. Beauty Secret...Good old Nixoderm works wonders on acne scars :D

    Blogged about your Giveaway here:

  15. Oh I forgot... My email is on my blog but here goes...

  16. Tweeted about your Giveaway here:

  17. Hi ,
    First of all Congratulations !
    and keep on girl
    Enter me plz i post it here

  18. I'm a follower! Here is my blog post:

    My beauty secret is removing make-up with olive oil and a little bit of castor oil. Moisturizing and removes everything!

    edited/ forgot to add my email!

  19. Hi babe. Am following and posted about it.

    My beauty secret is to use a small brush tip with a little bit of mascara gel then brush on my lower lashes because they're too short to use with my mascara brush.

    seekforbeauty [@] gmail [dot] com

  20. Joining your contest! Posted a link to your contest on my blog's sidebar: http://kikayfetz/

    My beauty secret is that concealers can be used as an eyelid primer too, just make sure to set it with loose powder first.

    Thanks so much for having this contest!

  21. I'm a follower :)

    My beauty secret is that with a pinkish nude lip liner and some concealer and a clear lip gloss you can make an astonishing lip :D

  22. Miss Jenn Congratulations!!!

    You know I'm a follower ^_^

    Here's my blog entry of your giveaway

    My beauty related tip:
    During summer time I walk along the beach side with my bare feet to exfoliate and get rid of my dead skin around my feet :)

  23. Im a follower!
    I post your giveaway on my blog:

    My beauty secret is that I rub my toothbrush on my lips to make them smoother and it really works lol.
    my email:

  24. I'm a follower

    My blog post:


    Beauty Secret: For a longer lasting lipcolour, dust a small amount of eyeshadow to your lips, if u want it can be closest to the lip shade or even add a different colour to create a new lipstick shade.


  25. I follow your blog and i re-posted here:

    I am really suprised this has not been said. My beauty secret is one my mom does, she keeps preperation H in the fridge and puts on her undereye circles in the morning. It helps revive the circulation and works like a charm.

    Happy Anniversary :0)

  26. hello. :) i've been checking your blog for some time now, and it's just now that i decided to join... i re-posted here:

    how's this for a beauty secret: If you've run out of eyeliner, you can use your mascara instead! just get some mascara using your eyeliner brush and line your eyes!! voila!

    Oh, also, i've used olive oil to lengthen my lashes! before i go to bed, i would wipe a lot of olive oil on my lashes and it worked! very tedious though, i had to do it for MONTHS before i got to see results (which were longer lashes haha)

    here's my email : ethel.merioles at

  27. My tip apply deodorant at night before bed, it absorbs better at night and you most likely won't have an embarrassing moment the next day with sweat stains under your arms.

    here's the link to my blog post

    and to my tweet

  28. link to my blog post!

    completely forgot.

  29. ***Im A FollOwer***

    ----->My Tip is to use eye drops on pimples to reduse the redness:) or put Toothpaste like golgate to dry them up:)<------

    I dod my post on my bloggster too:)
    heres the link------>

  30. congrats girl!
    i listed your giveaway on the side gadget of my blog where i put all the blogger giveaway posts :)

    and my email is

    beauty secret: if i want my eyeshadow to look more vibrant in color i apply visene eye drops with the eyeshadow. it works wonders! that is if you dont have mac fix + hehe

  31. Congrats dear!!
    I have posted about your giveaway here:

    Beauty secret: Apply toothpaste to any pimple and it goes away the next day and to get rid of the blemish mark just use a baby A&D ointment on the area. Using tomato as another alternative to wash the face, it leaves the face feeling soft and looking radiant. ^_^

  32. Congrats hun!
    I posted your giveaway :

    Beauty secret that i do all the time is using green foundation/concealor to hide the redness and blemishes on my face.

    following on twitter and tweeted :


  33. I am a follower and blogged about your giveaway here

    If your under eye concealer is too dry, try to mix it with a little bit of eye cream.

    I am also following you on twitter and twitted the giveaway

  34. My beauty secret is to spray thermal water on my makeup face to ensure my makeup stay on and also atthe same time moisturize my face!!

  35. imma follower :)

    the one beauty secret that i always believe and rely on is drink lotsa water. it helps to clear the skin, hydrate it and remove toxins. plus water increase our metabolism and help to lose weight!

    posted here on my humble blog:

    thanks jenn! & congrats on the anniversary :)

  36. hey jenn!
    im a follower and have been for a while :)
    my beauty secret(not really) is not to wash your hair every day. i've noticed that my hair became really dry after washing!

    congrats on the anniversary :)

  37. Congrats Jenn!
    my tip would be too apply vaseline on your lips, let it sink in for about 10 minutes and than after brush your lips downwards, it removes all of your dead skin cells on your lips!

    and thanks for the giveaway :D

    i'll do a post about your giveaway and i'll leave the link :)

    ohemgeexo (at) hotmail (dot) com

  38. following, posted, and tweeted! =]

    beauty tip--> when painting your nails paint a horizontal strip across the tip. this helps keep polish from chipping

  39. my beauty tip would be to put a bit of powder on your lids after you put on your primer because it makes blending easier.

    i'm a follower and would like to be entered into ur contest!!

    check out my blog if you're interested in makeup/beauty related topics:

  40. Hello!
    Here is my post

    And my beauty secret is peeling my face with fresh lemon juice. Sometimes I add little bit sugar in it, to make it as face scrub. It works miracles!

  41. hi hon! thanks so much for having a giveaway!
    i posted something on my blog about your giveaway too :)

    my beauty secret is definitely not a secret, but aspirin mask! my face always feels so smooth after i do it! 2-3 aspirins, put a few drops of water in, squish the aspirin a little then add honey! leave on for 10-15 minutes and scrub off! :D

  42. ohhhh my e-mail is: :D

  43. Hi Jenn, congrats!

    My post:

    Can't really say I have a beauty secret, as I learn from blogs which means they have been said already. Just something I found out recently that if I can manage to paint my nails with really thin layers of polish, it wouldn't chip for a long time

  44. My tweet

  45. Hmm... a beauty secret... well this isn't much of a secret but Bio Oil really works on dark scars and stretch marks. I am living proof... it's working right now.

    Thats the link to my post on my blog

    this is my tweet

  46. Hi,

    * I`m your follower

    * I posted your giveaway on my blog:

    * My beauty secret (works for me):
    Before I put make up on the face (or just creme) I tap my skin all over the face and neck.
    I hope that thist one counts :-)

    * I retwitted your post on twitter here:

    * my e-mail:

    Good luck to all!

  47. Following blog.

    Posted on my blog here:

    A beauty secret I swear by is to use clear mascara underneath your regular mascara. It works way better for me than any primer I have tried!

    Followed on twitter as tousledkitten and RT your give-away here:

  48. Sorry about my bad english, but hehre's a tip: Wash your face with soap in hot water, not too much hot. Soak the gauze in cold chamomile tea and leave for 5 minutes in the face. Apply the egg white part( after shake it) wait 20 minutes and remove with cold water.
    Tip: For very oily skin substitute chamomile tea by the mint.

    Daiane Negretti
    follower: Daya, muito prazer...