Accessorize 2 for 10.00 @ Ardene mini haul

This weekend while my mom was in Home Outfitters, I took a little detour to Ardene!

Ardene is Canada’s premier fashion accessory retailer, Ardene owns and operates over 400 stores throughout Canada. 

They have a lot of "deals" in there. My favorites are the 5 for $10 & 2 for $10 deals which can range from rings to jogging pants! Yes $5.00 jogging pants, I recently picked up two for the gym :D

On my way out these two rings in the 2 for $10 section caught my eye. Once I paired them together I fell in love!!

I love the contrast against my skin tone. Plus I have a 15% VIP card which made my purchase under $10!!


  1. I thought the VIP discount only applies to regular priced stuff. Good deals :)

  2. Too cute!

    I miss Ardene. =( I lived in Canada for a year and really grew to love that store.

  3. thanks for this jenn! i'll be checkingg my local ardenes out and hopefully they have itt!

    G xo

  4. I love the deals at Ardene too! But I never get to go there as much as I'd like too.

    I also have the VIP card, it's so worth it (=

  5. that`s it! i`m coming to Canada! lol. love the rings & they do look great on you!

  6. wow talk about a sweet deal. Love the ring on the right.


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