One on One with Jenn featuring Erica

Erica is a Canadian Beauty Blogger with a love for makeup and fashion!

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When did you become a make-up junkie?
 Erica: I deem my beginning as a makeup junkie to the time where I began watching youtube tutorials. I would say around... September 2008 when my interest in makeup suddenly grew! I was so intrigued by all the lovely colors and tutorials I saw on youtube, and I was soon inspired to begin writing a beauty blog. All of a sudden, I just wanted to go to the drugstore and look at all the pretty makeup! I guess everyone starts somewhere!

It always starts with youtube :) what inspired you about the colors? Did you feel like they were colors you could rock?
 Erica: What inspired me the most was all about the rainbow eyes. I think it was a tutorial from julieg713, where she did a winter rainbow tutorial and I thought it was the coolest thing to be able to create such a multi-dimensional look on the eyes with so many different colors! My perspective back in the day was that eyeshadow was only one color. Guess not! I've always wanted to do a rainbow eye, and I felt like they would suit me so well, I kept trying to create a seamless look! I've recently succeeded! :)

How have you incorporated color in your make-up regime?
Erica: My favourite way of incorporating colors into my daily makeup routine is by adding a colored eyeliner, such as purple which also works as a neutral, without being too over the top. Some of my favourites are MAC's Macroviolet Fluidine, and Annabelle's Smudgeliner in Vortex Violet. As for full color shadows, doing FOTD's for my blog really helps! It encourages me to more colorful looks and be creative towards my makeup application. I love being a beauty blogger!

Mac and Annabelle are two of my favorite brands as well. What other brands do you find yourself into at the moment?
Erica: NARS and Benefit are slowly creeping it's way deep into my wallet, and it's certainly not happy! I find that the two brands both have some bad products (ahem Dr. Feelgood & Night Star?), but also possess some incredibly high quality products! NARS captivates me through their extremely buttery soft eyeshadows, pigmented blushes and sleek black packaging. Benefit's just so adorable and I absolutely LOVE their Erase Paste undereye concealer.

Haha! NARS and Benefit really do have some naughty names in their line! Speaking of concealer.. Why do you think it`s important to conceal those circles?
To me, concealer and mascara make the biggest difference in life to me! In the morning, I feel somewhat dead and tired, but as soon as I put on the two products, I can feel my face instantly waking up! The concealer just lifts up my eyes, and makes me look my age again since I think that dark circles can age anyone like crazy! It makes me feel happy and prepared for all the challenges of the day :)

Great advice! Now I know why you look so radiant in your FOTDS!
Last question what piece of advice do you have for ladies who are now getting into make-up?
Haha! Why thank you, but I'm oh-so-envious of your polished smokey eyes! As for advice, I would say.. invest in some nice brushes (very important) because they do the work for you, and make it unbelievedly easy to create a smooth and blended look. Also, I can't stress enough to wash your face every AM and PM! You must have a nice canvas for the makeup to go on in order to make it look nice :) also... find the perfect concealer and mascara for YOU! The two products together take less than 5 minutes to do, and can do the biggest difference if you didn't get any sleep the night before!

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