Blog Awards for 2011

Oh gosh forgive me.. I get quite a few blog awards but I never post or do them. I know there's a few more, so leave me a message so I can add your blog.

Thanks to:
Patty Blogs Beauty
Teaserhi- makeup artist

Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
Share seven things about yourself.
Pass it along to seven blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.

  1. I had a wedding dress from I was 20 yrs old. Long story short I was in buffalo looking for a dress to wear to a wedding and found this dress for $20.00. I knew it looked like a wedding dress but I wanted cut it short and wear it anyways. Got home my mom said it was too fab to cut and it has been in the closet
  2. I am a Director, Editor, Producer, Camera Woman, Social Media Specialist & Certified Makeup Artist. Try saying that 5 times fast :P My ultimate dream is to direct something in beauty, commercials or music videos.. be a beauty editor for a magazine or a social media specialist for a beauty brand. 
  3. I dislike seafood.. so I refuse to try
  4. I'm the world greatest saver.. I budget myself so I can buy WHATEVER I want. I refuse to let money hold me back.
  5. I learned how to properly walk in heels in 2011...yes you heard me. I still have some trouble with the skinny heels but I get by LOL
  6. I loveee Rihanna and Hello Kitty. There is no correlation between the two but there both fab.
  7. I love to travel! Last year I went on several trips. My fave was Jamaica & Cuba.
  8. BONUS: I love blogging. It's the best escape to talk about stuff you love and share it with others who feel the same!
I couldn't think of seven but I chose:
Tailorstitch: Love her outfits!
Suburban Beauty She has amazing nail swatches! Her polish collection is it
Chica Bloggerista  She takes great swatches and pictures!
Steal My Heart Lovee Amazing Face of the Days!
871sher Always has on the most amazing lipstick colors!


  1. Congrats on your award sweety!!And enjoyed so much reading the tag!!Thanks for sharing!!


  2. aww Congrats honey u desrve it ur blog is AMAZING!&its great to know about u too. Im very honoured to be nominated,never thought someone would take interest n what I post lol. Thank you very much


  3. I like the facts you shared about yourself. You seem like such a sweet person, I'm going to have to meet you in person soon. :P hehe Your dream will come true, I'm sure of it.

    Thanks for the award. xx

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments!

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  6. Congrats for the award!!! Thx for leaving me a comment on my last post : )

  7. congratulations for the award, you truly deserve it :D


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