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I've been duped! Sephora & Make Up For Ever glosses

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's so easy to get duped. You go out shopping you see something that catches your eye and once you get home.... You realize that you have 50 other products that look the same.

Does this sound like you? 
Well..That's totally me!

I originally was gifted with the MUFE Lab Shine Diamond Collection from Fabdiva20, sometime last year.
On one of my trips to Sephora I picked up a "similar" pretty pink gloss.

MUFE Lab Shine $18- $20
SEPHORA Lip Gloss $3.00 (on sale)
Can you guess which gloss is which?
They look VERY similar! 


  1. I think number two is MUFE and number 1 is Sephora :)

  2. Wow they are pretty much the same colour and consistency, the colours are so pretty. I can't believe Sephora's lipgloss is quarter of the price of MUFE.

  3. They do look similar! That's awesome that the Sephora brand is a cheaper alternative.

  4. i hate when i buy dupes lol sometimes i end up giving the other away. great post hun cant even tell which is which

  5. I do this with lipstick ALL the time. I fall in love with a color (in store), bring it home only to realize I've previously fallen in love with a very similar shade.

  6. I think #1 is the Sephora Gloss. It looks SLIGHTLY SLIGHTLY darker but you can barely even tell! Nice dupe indeed!

  7. Oh wow. They do look VERY similar.

  8. Yes, they are very similar !!!

  9. lol that happens to me all the time with coral shades!!

  10. Great dupe, but i have to tell you NOTHING beats a brush on applicator!! lol....i just love them! great post! xoxo

  11. Lol i actually dont do this.. Having more than 1 of the same just stresses me :)

    They are gorgeous though hun! Xx


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