G Spa Laser Clinic in Brampton

It's been a while since I got a facial. Life has been totally busy and have been neglecting my skin. I had the opportunity to get a complimentary facial done at G Spa Laser Clinic in Brampton. I won't tell you where I live but in traffic it's 45 minute to 1 hour away. Lucky for me my S/O lives there- so I'm always in the area. I actually dragged him along with me!

The location is in a plaza and which was pretty easy to find from the main road. As soon as I walked in, I was met by two nice ladies Annie & Safia.

I was then brought into the treatment room which had a good sized massage/facial bed. Plus, it was very clean it. Some of you may ask why is that relevant. It's important that the place that you are going to be in for an hour is presentable. My pet peeve starts with small massage tables/bed in a tiny room! I'm always scared that I'm going to drop off. Either way, I didn't have to think about that thankfully!

I was given a waffle wrap gown to wear which ensured that my clothes didn't get wet and there was no obstructions when I was getting a neck massage.

I decided to go with a microdermabrasion treatment.
Anne told me everything she was going to do before she did it. Which is good for someone like me who worries easily.

The only painful part which I couldn't avoid were extractions. My pores were clogged and doesn't matter were I went they had to come out eventually. TMI I know but she was careful and made sure that she removed everything.

Immediately after:
After my cheeks had little raised bumps from the extractions but that went down in a few hours.

Day 5:
A few impurities came to the surface which usually happens after most of the facials I get.
I hate this part.

Day 9:
My skin looks better and no blemishes in sight. Plus my skin care seems to be more responsive.

Day 14:
My skin still looks good.
Picture on the bottom shows me pimple free!!!!
Overall, I know that is temporary. Meaning that you need to go regularly to get maximum benefits. 
It's a little far for me but if you're in the Brampton area, check it out.


  1. I might check this place out great review!

  2. I totally need to get one of these done

  3. I need a facial but I am scared of extractions, do extractions ever cause hyper pigmentation on your skin?


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