Caryl Baker Visage Holiday 2016 True North Lipstick- Notre Dame

The holidays are here! 
For the past two weeks, I have seen some Holiday collections come out that I am super excited to play with! Today I'm going to highlight an amazing lipstick from Caryl Baker Visage Holiday 2016. 

This holiday they have a collection called True North Beauty. While there were a lot of items to love with in the collection- once I opened this lipstick.... I was so excited to swatch it. 

Each lipstick in the collection goes for $14.80 CAN. There are four different shades, my favourite shade is Notre Dame (shown below). 

How would I describe Notre Dame? It's extremely bold and deep. Looking at it straight out of the tube, I wasn't sure if it would be black or not. But one swipe of it gave me this gorgeous vibrant berry colour. 

The formula is really nice it contains avocado oil and Shea butter- which is honestly evident as you apply to your lips. It's a nice vacation away from the traditional matte lip that I've been obsessed with. 

This is definitely going to be one of my holiday favourites. 
Where can you find this lipstick? 
You can shop on Caryl Baker Visage online or find a location near you. 

MAKE UP FOR EVER Water Blend Face & Body Foundation- SWATCH

It’s time for me to update my Easy Women of Colour Foundation Guide by adding MAKE UP FOR EVER Water Blend Face & Body Foundation ($54.00 CDN) to the mix.

I literally think this foundation was made for people like me.
I always dilute my foundation by using a web sponge but this is the first time- I didn’t have to. 
It’s extremely lightweight! The consistency is a water-gel which applies sheer but is buildable.
Let me clarify: not “cakey” buildable but extremely natural looking.
If you’re looking for that dewy look!
This is it.

Pump bottle application.
There are 20 colours to choose from! 
Let me add.. you MIGHT have to mix two colours to get the right shade**.


I received:
R520 Cinnamon & R540 Dark brown

What makes this foundation so unique?
80% water and fortified with pro-vitamin B5

Best way to apply for me is a with your fingers or with a damp sponge.

Finished look-Filter Free:

What do you think about this foundation?

NEED: CoverGirl TruBlend Primer

I won't lie to you, I gave up on drugstore primers a few years ago. I can't even tell you the amount of brands that I've used and they have never compared to the ones that I get from Sephora. 
They have all left me super oily and really disappointed.

I was sent CoverGirl TruBlend Primer ($12.00 CAN) and literally I didn't pay that much attention to it. I was packing overnight bag a few weeks ago and then I realized that I couldn't find my usual primers. I was honestly freaking OUT! Since I knew where CoverGirl one was, I took it with me not really thinking that it was going to do much. 
I was surprised. 

The main points that I liked about it:
*A little goes a long way-won't waste product
*Perfect for sensitive skin
*Won't clog pores

This Primer is white and milky. The consistency isn't super runny and it applies like a lotion. Which is totally different from the two that I use right now. I applied it to the areas that I have the oil issue with. Starting with my forehead/t-zone and ending with my cheeks.

I was so happy to see that I was literally not oily at all for the whole event. I actually forgot my oil blotters and it really was not a problem at all. I didn't need it! I am extremely impressed by this product and glad that I gave it a chance. 


Have you seen it in your drugstore lately?

My Sephora Beauty Insider Sale Top Five Picks!

It's that time again! 
My favourite beauty time of the season: The Sephora Beauty Insider Sale! I could live in Sephora! It's EVERYTHING! The range there is insane.. especially as a Woman of Colour. I'm able to find products there that I cannot find in the drugstore. On top of that, there are multiple individuals who can help me find my shade or to find a product that will work best skin concerns. 

Every time I go in for one thing.. I end up leaving with three. No joke! On social media, I'm always asked what are my top five products that I believe should be purchased from Sephora. It's super hard to choose exactly what you should get but here are five products that you cannot go wrong with.



I'm obsessed with this product. I can't tell you how amazing it makes my skin look after using it.You get that famous Ole Glow. It's a easy three-step system that you can not mess up. It always saves me a trip to Esthetician when things are tight!


I've been using these daily since July. I actually don't use ANY other liners these are so amazing. Come in five different finishes: Diamond, matte, iridescent, metallic and satiny.


This is an awesome little device which I prefer more than the clarisonic. It delicate and super hygienic. Worth the investment.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Skincare Booster - Tired Skin ($14.00 CAN)

This product is perfection in a bottle! Main ingredient is magnesium.
Which can totally brighten your complexion.

NUDESTIX Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencils ($28.00 CAN)

Super pigmented and long lasting matte pencils that come in a various colours.

What are you getting?