Elegant Touch - Envy Wraps & Bling Review

I am not a stranger to nail wraps. 
It's the quickest and easiest way to do your nails without any hassle.

I recently got my hands on some products from the Elegant Touch nail line that sells at Ulta in USA. 
I loved the designs and decided to try them out on my mom.
These wraps are shiny and totally fashionable. 

I loved the effect but I'm on the fence about the product.
Here are my pros & cons:

  • Fashionable prints
  • No drying/smudging time
  • Straight forward directions on application.
  • Not individually packaged.
    The wraps are all on one sheet. If you have a curvy nail bed, its hard to measure which wrap is for you. I kept on applying a bigger or smaller wrap which didn't fit her nail. Smaller sizes left a gap and the bigger ones bunched at the sides.

  • Both sides of the Nail file are rough.

  • Not suitable for Really long nails.
    I'd recommend these for short to short/medium lengths.

Overall, I think I will try them again with a few modifications. I'm going to cut the wraps off the sheet, get a milder nail file and use them on myself when I have short nails. I also have another idea of cutting themup  and making them super funky nail art. I know its extra work but I love the prints and I want to try them again.

Am I crazy for trying a product again that I'm on the fence about?
Let me know your thoughts below.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge #8 Love!

Do you remember my post on the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge #8 launch? I loved the color but wasn't sure that I could wear it. It looked awesome on Gina Brooke but how would it look on me!

My bf and I had a date night a couple weeks ago and I knew that this would be the perfect time to try it out.

I loved it! It didn't budge at all for the whole night. I ate, drank and talked my head off. Left the restaurant with my lip color in tact... SCORE! 

This is everything a lip stain/ lipstick should be. I can't wait to try out new colors from the aqua line!
 Would you wear this color?

Short Hair Envy

Back in 2009, I sat down in the hair dressers chair and did the most drastic thing ever. I told her to cut it all off. If anyone knows me they will know that I plan EVERYTHING I do. I remember getting the cut and thinking what in the world would I do with short hair. So many questions came to mind. Would my boyfriend like it, is it cut the way I want it and most importantly, how will I maintain it on my own!

My decision came after seeing ladies like Rihanna & Estelle rock short styles with confidence.When you have short hair everything matters. I always wondered if had the right earrings or the right hair accessories?
I know that several North America ladies went insane and cut it all off after Rihanna came out with the cropped do in “take a bow”. I will never forget how her deep black hair looked with that sexy red lip! I knew I had to have it.

I can only imagine the amount of ladies who searched for Hairdressers in London who can do this exact hairdo from Estelle. She was rocking it way before Rihanna did. She also has the perfect face structure to carry this short style.

My experience with short hair was really difficult at first. My hair grows extremely fast and it was hard to maintain the back. I remember gelling down the back of my hair and hoping that it would last all day!

My top three short hair accessories:

1. Hats
At that time I had those loose beenie hat in every color. I always made sure that I had an extra black one. I was also able to wear them in the office!

2. Bobby Clips
If your hair is not laying right, these are a God sent. I always kept a few in my car, desk and purse. The best part about bobby pins is that you can get them at the dollar store! Remember to stock up.

3. Silk scarf
Every girl needs a silk scarf! I won’t get into the details, I’ll save that for another post but they help your hair from breaking. Especially at night when you move around a lot in bed.

I hope these tips helped. Also my UK ladies who took the plunge remember that you can always find Hair extensions in London to change up your look!

This is a sponsored post.

L'Oreal Paris and TIFF Festival

A few weeks ago, L'Oreal held a cocktail party to celebrate the opening of TIFF. A few Canadian Beauty Bloggers and I had the opportunity to attend. The venue was the Panorama Lounge in the Manulife Centre. Definitely a place that you should attend if you have the chance. 
The view there is gorgeous!

We were joined by a special guest Johnny Lavoy. 
He's the Consulting Hair Artist for L'Oreal Paris and Lead Hair Stylist on Project Runway 10.
Honestly, he's one of the funniest people ever! I'll get more into that after.
The event highlighted red carpet looks and the upcoming trends in hair.

After the presentation was done, I visited the "Get the Look" stations featuring celebrities with L'oreal hair and beauty products. Each look incorporated one of the new hair products coming out in Fall. 
Frieda's look suggested using the Hair Expertise Nutrisleek Precious Oil. 
Perfect product to add to your hair regimen. Especially if you use a lot of heat on your tresses. 

I had to share this picture because it's hilarious! 
Johnny and I were going to take a picture but we couldn't decide who should be on the left. Since we both like taking pictures on the left side, he decided that we should do a prom picture.
This totally caught me off guard and I started to laugh really hard.. this picture of taken in the process.

Thanks L'oreal for the invite!

TDotTV TIFF Lounge

A few weekends ago, I spent my Saturday downtown for TIFF events. After getting dolled up at the Murale suite, my photographer and I went TDotTV Tiff lounge at the Bata Shoe Museum. The venue was very intimate but trendy. It was invite only event open to elusive guests in film, television, music, fashion, sport, and the media. Being a small Toronto beauty blogger, I was humbled to be in the presence of all these people. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming.

 While inside the event I found my weakness! Delicious cupcakes and macaroons from We bake in heels. Every time I'm in Vaughn Mills I get a cupcake from them, sooooo yummy. 
Inside the venue, there was little tables set up with products from various companies such as Rebekah Price Designs, Lazypants, Cheeky Monkey and Equinox Fitness Club. 

 During the event the TDot TV team interviewed Celebrity guests. If you don't know my full-time job is actually producing, directing, camera work and editing. 
 I loved the set layout and the camera they used. 

 Thanks TDot TV for inviting me to such a great event.

The Body Shop NEW Pulse Boutique + Ontario Giveaway

The Body Shop Toronto Eaton Centre recently opened it doors on unique browsing experience. The latest location in Ca nada to launch this new innovative shopping environment. With skincare, makeup, bthe opening ody care and values centre stage, Pulse Boutique creates a unique and memorable experience that engages, educates and informs. 

 An innovative range of products inspired by nature, bursting with ingredients that tell a rich human story and additional in-store campaign-led events will capture the imagination of customers to actively participate in The Body Shop community, aiming to make the world a better place.

The flagship store in the Toronto Eaton Centre is the eighth location of The Body Shop in Canada to showcase the new Pulse environment. Other Pulse Boutiques include: Mapleview Shopping Centre, Burlington, Masonville Place, London; Rideau Centre, Ottawa; Corner Brook Plaza, Corner Brook; Polo Park Shopping Centre, Winnipeg; Regent Mall, Fredericton; and a new location in Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Check out some awesome facts about the new store:

Story Selling Tables
Get playful! Pride of place in the middle of each Pulse boutique are our twin tables displaying our finest products which encourage you to interact, be informed, experiment and try new looks. Life is about trying new things, so go wild!

Community & Values Walls
Get involved! Every Pulse store will have a bulletin board with news on our global campaign, posters and information, and a Values wall which tells the story of our Values in words and pictures. Got a question about what’s going on? Ask our Values Ambassador, our resident expert on our Values.

Wood for Good
We’re using FSC wood throughout. This means that our wood is responsibly sourced and our boutiques look great. We’re also going Wood Positive with our paper and cardboard-based packaging. This means we plant more trees than we use to create the packaging in the first place

Free Makeovers
Fancy a change? Every Pulse store will have dedicated Makeup Artist and Skincare Experts who have undertaken rigorous and specialized training programmes to help you look and feel your best. Activating self esteem has never been so easy.

I want to Celebrate with my Ontario readers.
$100 Vineyard Peach Giveaway! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Givenchy: Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara

If I was stuck on an island and could choose only one item, I would choose Mascara! My obsession started at 12 years old. Fifteen years later, I think I have tried every brush type there is out there. There is very few that impress me out there but Givenchy has come out with something new and revolutionary.

Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara

A four-in-one mascara that creates intense volume,
strong curl, infinite length, and complete lash care.

The packaging is gorgeous and fashionable. The silhouette reminds me of a building. It's tall, dark and has a glossy silver accent.

I love the idea of the three spirals. I own nothing like this in my collection. This brush can used in many different ways: Use all three spirals, use two or just just one. Whatever your comfortable with! If you want volume this brush will definitely give it to you. Since I already have super curly lashes, I can't tell you if it gives a strong curl.

The consistency is perfect. Its not dry nor is it too wet. Each application is smooth. On a simple day, one good application is enough to last you one whole day. If you want sky high lashes wait 2 minutes after every coat.
 This multitasking mascara is formulated with Givenchy’s exclusive Lash Booster Expert Complex that provides nutrition, revitalization, fortification, and protection.
Overall, I'm in love with this mascara. I've been in a mascara rut and Noir couture has pulled me out of it! I'm so happy that I got to try and I can't wait to see what Givency has coming out for Fall/Winter.

Benefits of Mink Lashes

The beauty world is constantly changing. As a blogger/MUA, I try my best to stay on top of everything but it's hard. I recently interviews Min of Toronto Based Minx Lashes to get the scoop on the Mink craze!

What are Mink Lashes?
Mink lashes are made from Siberian mink fur that have been shed after brushing the tails of the mink and some of the natural shedding. The shed fur are dyed and hygienically treated then handcrafted into wearable eyelashes. Mink lashes were first introduced by celebrities such as JLo, Heidi Klum and Oprah at red carpet events but they were off limits to most women since they cost hundreds to even thousands of dollars. They remained as Hollywood’s secret to beautiful, capturing eyes until recently they've become much more affordable and available.

What is the different between mink & synthetic lashes?
Mink lashes are much more softer, fluttery, natural and weightless compare to the synthetic lashes. Mink fur looks and feels like the real human lashes and can duplicate the most natural looking false eyelashes on the market. Mink lashes have very beautiful natural shine and gloss compared to that of a fake plastic shine of a synthetic lash.
How long do mink lashes last?
Mink lashes are highly durable and can be worn up to 20 times with proper care. It's very important that these lashes are properly cared for; use a tweezer to remove it from the box, gently clean off the glue residue from the base of the lashes and store it away from moisture and heat.

Why should I get a pair of mink lashes?
Mink lashes are so much more beautiful, softer, fluttery, natural and weightless. Not only does it look so much superior to the synthetic lashes, it also feels so much better because of it's softness and weightlessness. It doesn't feel heavy and uncomfortable like what most people experience wearing synthetic lashes. Mink lashes are also not perfectly lined in shape like the other mass manufactured lashes, just like the natural lashes they tend to be a bit imperfectly shaped and flares out in different ways which make them so much more natural and beautiful. There's a reason why some A-List celebrities only wear mink lashes, they've got team of beauty experts who research the best ways to look gorgeous and beautiful. Mink lashes may seem expensive but you can reuse them up to 20 times so it's worth the price you are paying for. They are so addictive once you try mink lashes you'll not want to use any other lashes again.
Ladies, I hope my interview with Min helped you clear up any questions that you have about Mink Lashes!

The views expressed in this blog post belongs to Mink Lashes and does not reflect spicedbeauty.com. Do your full research to find out if this style is for you.

Cascatablu Fashion Show

Cheryl Gushue premièred her resort 2013 collection of Cascata Blu last Saturday during TIFF. The line features simple yet versatile designs that fit all body types in a wealth of textured, art-inspired prints. I was on hand with my photographer to check out backstage beauty & watch the show. What is Cascata Blu you ask? It's Italian for blue waterfall.

I loved the runaway look. It was a neutral face with a edgy cat eye & a bold lip. The hair was wavy and definitely gave that beach vibe. Check out the elusive shots that I got backstage:
I have to highlight the hair. The team from Kevin Murphy Hair worked it out!
They used their famous Mermaid Kit on the models.
 It was the first time I've ever seen the wave clip in action. 
I need these in my life!
The WAVE.CLIP is a multipurpose tool that smoothes frizz and flyways on naturally curly hair, enhancing waves to make them smoother. This clip can create smooth waves on straight hair by adding movement without frizz or flyaway’s.

Nail aesthetician Rita Remark re-created nail art to match the graphic fabrics. 
The show started out with a local graffiti artist painting the model live on a stage. 
I know you can't tell but it says Cascata Blu on her bathing suit.
The Cascata Blu resort 2013 collection has two different themes, Graffiti City and White Sands. They represent the balance between the urban cultures of a bustling metropolis versus the serenity of traveling to faraway destinations.
Check out http://cascatablu.com for more information.

My Murale/Sally Hershberger TIFF Suite experience

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to get my makeup and lashes done at the Murale/Sally Hershberger TIFF Suite. After a very busy two weeks this was exactly what I needed.
It was definitely one of my favorite makeup experiences.

I had an amazing makeup artist named Shannon. I'd recommend her because she was able to do my skin with no problems.

It was great to see what other make up artist use on their clients. I fell in love with the stila foundations that she used on me. I didn't even know that Stila had shades that complimented my skintone! I definitely have to explore that brand more. I also need to explore YSL. The highlighers and bronzers are gorgeous.

To finish off my look I was given Duo Lashes. I decided to get DUO professional eyelashes D14 (SHORT AND SPIKED). Great lash for a first time wearers like me. At first it was hard to get use to lashes on my lashes. Thankfully,within minutes I forgot that they were on!

One of the best tips I got for lash application is to add some glue to your lash line before applying. I had NO budge throughout the day!

Last but not least I was given the opportunity to pick an item from the EXPRESS table. I'm so happy that EXPRESS is now in Canada. I remember traveling to NY and shopping there with my boyfriend. We would always come out with great pieces.

I chose a jewelled chain to compliment my outfit. A very unique piece to add to my collection. Love it!

Overall I had a great time! I was treated like a queen. Thank you Murale!

Final look:

When was the last time you had your makeup done?

Fall Fashion- Leather & Leopard Print

Have u ever envisioned an outfit in your head 
and hoped that it went together?
That is exactly what I did on Saturday. I had a whole day of Toronto Film Festival events to cover and needed the perfect "all day" outfit. I bought the skirt last Fall but couldn't find anything to wear with it. Leopard print is hard to pair with. You would never believe me but I got the skirt for only $7.00 in the Winners sale section! I honestly feel like this skirt and I was destined to be together. It honestly fits like a glove. It wasn't too tight and most importantly, not too long. I'm 5'2 and I hate when my clothes brush the ground.

The top was another deal as well for $8.00. I know.. I'm a bargainer! It's from the Pure by Alfred Sung for Zellers collection. Super cute with a military feel on the shoulders. I bought it in a size up so I could tie it on the bottom.

Since it was windy outside, I paired it with a leather jacket. Ladies, for Fall one leather piece in your wardrobe is a must have!

Lastly, My jeweled cross is from Express. It was a gift from the Murale/Sally Hershberger TIFF Suite. I have a great post on my experience coming up soon!

Ladies would you wear this outfit?

Make Up For Ever Breakfast with Gina Brooke

 Last week, I had the opportunity to do something quite amazing.
I was invited by Make Up For Ever to have lunch with Madonna's makeup artist Gina Brooke!

If you have never heard of Gina Brooke, I'd advise you to check her out!  She's gorgeous and extremely knowledgeable. Her story about how she got into the industry was amazing. Long story short - If you're passionate about something. Don't stop pushing. Your time will come.

She also shared how the partnership with MUFE came to life, her inspirations for the looks for the tour and what it's like working with Madonna. 

Can you believe that she has worked with Madonna for over 10 years! She has also joined her on 4 tours!

Gina collaborated with Make Up For Ever to make a custom shade in the new Aqua Rouge lip stain collection. This lip stain will be the official red lip of the Madonna's MDNA tour!

 The lip stain is called Color 8. I love the fact that it's appropriate for every skin tone. 
Gina was actually sporting the lip stain at the event!

 If you're looking for the ultimate lip product- I mean one that wont budge or smear during eating, talking or whatever! Check out the Aqua Rouge lip stain collection. Most importantly, get the color 8 for a vibrant red lipstick!

Introducing Footzyrolls!

Back in June, I made a promise to myself.
Start wearing heels occasionally!

I'm now in my late 20's. I don't look it, I know. 
I don't wear heels at all. My shoe collection is insane!
Wedges, platforms and pumps. You name it I have it.

My biggest issue is my low pain tolerance. Don't laugh! I can't handle the hassle of breaking in a new pair of shoes. I don't do blisters at all!

Thankfully, I was given the opportunity to try out a pair of footzyrolls.
The innovative shoe brand, Footzyfolds, makes traveling in style easier with their lightweight, foldable and rollable shoes & accessories.

 I know some of you out there are wondering how does foldable flats help me with my heel situation. These can easily be folded into my purse or tucked into my desk at work!
Each shoe comes with a gorgeous box or our new cylinder packaging, your Footzyrolls, a beautiful shoe bag for your heels, and a cute drawstring pouch to put your stylish Footzyrolls into when you need to put them in your small bag.
Basically, I don't have to leave home without them. I decided to go with the leopard loafers because I love animal print. This particular shoe can be found in the sale section.

The shoe sizes start at 4.5 and go up to 11.5:
Extra Small fits a woman's US Shoe size 4.5-5.5
Small size fits a woman's US shoe size 6 to 7
Medium size fits a woman's US shoe size 7.5 to 8.5
Large size fits a US woman's shoe size 9 to 10
Extra Large is a 10.5-11.5
 Footzyfold collections are currently sold in major department stores such as Macys, Bloomingdales, and Lord & Taylor, as well as over 3000 other retail stores. Canadians can order it directly from their website.

Hair talk: Textures & Extensions

I am so surprised how popular my hair posts are. I was very iffy about talking about weaves/extensions it at first. Now that I have stated my concerns, I'm willing to share more. I have been getting a lot of emails & blog comments for more topics to be covered such as textures & over all general care.

In this post I am going to address texture. Texture is one of the most important things to think about when picking out extensions. I haven't "permed" my hair in two years and my current texture is curly. It wouldn't make sense for me to go out and  buy bone straight extensions to blend with my hair because the textures would be completely off.I could straighten my hair to blend but I do not want heat damage.

Regardless of length, I try to make ALL my extensions/weaves look natural. I decided to ask Constance from Bella Dream Hair some tips on picking the perfect extensions for first-time wearers.
 I think the biggest mistake women make is looking at an image and saying that THAT is what I want without taking into consideration their hair texture. If you see a woman with silky straight curls and you want that style but your hair is not silky in the least...then you ma'am should not pick that hair texture. Find a texture that matches your hair rather it's natural, relaxed or permed. Work with what you got so that your weaves will be flawless. 

As basic as that information is, I still see styles which totally perplex me! I know I'm not alone with that feeling...haha.

Overall, the versatility of extension can change up your looks in seconds. 
Monica is my favorite example of that because she can rock short and long styles naturally.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. 
If you have any questions/requests leave them below!