Payless ShoeSource Spring/Summer 2011 Collection Preview

I had the opportunity to attend the Payless ShoeSource Spring/Summer 2011 Collection Preview. I've been a fan of Payless for their affordable shoes and various collaborations. 

Warning ladies.. This is shoe heaven!

Every style that will suit your lifestyle.


Lela Rose for Payless
Loved the color scheme & detailing.

Christian Siriano & Isabel Toledo for Payless
Isabel's line is on the left side. Color scheme is (Black & White) with weaving.
Christian's line is on the right has a very exotic look.
Christian Siriano for Payless

 American Eagle, Montego Bay plus Zoe & Zac.
This was my favorite table.
Everything was fun and super cute!
Montego Bay on the left.
Doesn't it make you want to actually go to Montego Bay!!
Zoe & Zac on the right.
Did you know that their a eco-friendly line?
American Eagle from Payless had a very nautical feel.
Hope you enjoyed :)
Visit Payless on-line or in store.

Biore Daily Cleansing Cloths Review

One of the goodies I got from the TBB event was the Biore Daily Cleansing cloths. I have a lot of cleansing products but a good package of wipes can make anyone's life easier.

These pre-moistened portable cloths provide gentle exfoliating action that cleans deep down to the pores to give you an essential daily dose of exfoliation and recharge skin anytime, anywhere leaving it feeling vibrant and glowing. Clinically proven to remove dirt, oil and make-up – even waterproof mascara – with no greasy residue. 

When I come home from a night out, I need a quick alternative to cut down steps to get to bed. The first I do is rip the cloths in half. Since I use them on my eyes there is no need to waste a whole cloth. Then I gently press the cloth on my lid to "breakdown" the makeup. Then I wipe it off.
Not messy
Thick cloth
Nice scent

Doesn't take off all my waterproof makeup

It gets most of the makeup off but will never replace my daily routine. Since there is more pros then cons I would recommend this product. 

Ladies have you tried these cloths before?


Fashion: Rings Part 1

Two words.. Love it!

This ring was from Charlotte Russe <3

I won this ring in a giveaway :D

Do you trust Beauty Advisors in department stores?

This is a really good question which popped in my head a few days ago. I know some Beauty Advisors are dedicated to helping you.... but I know some of them care more about sales.

Which means they push products on you that you truly don't need/want.

As a MUA/Beauty Blogger I'm very alert whenever I'm getting makeup applied or if a product is suggested to me. In other words I can sort through the bull....but a lot of others are not that fortunate.

I want to know your opinions! How do you feel about advisors?

NOTD: Im Green with Envy for that Party of Five

 I have no idea how to name a nail of the day post.
Hopefully Ill get better as I post more :D

Isn't this combo gorgeous!! 
Remember my recent nail polish Haul?
I used Sally Hansen's Green with Envy with Wet n Wild Party of Five glitters!

I started with two coats of Green with Envy, then two coats of WnW Part of Five glitters over it. FYI* I didn't use a top coat.

So far my mani has lasted almost 2 weeks
I have nooo idea why but anything that's Sally Hansen or WnW never comes off...which is a huge plus.

The two colors I used:

Thanks for reading :D

Nail Polish Haul: Wet n Wild & Sally Hansen

I decided to give in and buy some more Spring/Summer colors! All these bottles were from $2.99 from Zellers. For my Americans, Zellers is like a watered down Target..haha.

I know that these bottles usually retail for $1.99 in USA.

Lets me show you each bottle.. these pictures came out true to color :)
Just in case you fall in love here are the names:
Sally Hansen Blue Me Away
Sally Hansen Green with Envy
Wet n Wild Garden Hose
Wet n Wild Sunburst
L to R- Sally Hansen Blue Me Away, Sally Hansen Green with Envy, Wet n Wild Garden Hose & Wet n Wild Sunburst.

Gorgeous colors!

Which color is your favorite?

Winner: Crystal microdermabrasion and cold laser light therapy + extra prizes!

Winner of the crystal microdermabrasion and cold laser light therapy is:
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2nd place winner is:
I was a dairy fiend up until the day after EASTER. Breaking out like WHOAH. Help me!

3rd place winner is:
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My Favorite Pinky Nude Lipstick (WOC Friendly) + Lip Swatches- Clinque/Joe Fresh/ Revlon

I often get asked what colors are complementary for WOC. My answer is always "You need to try out brands to get the right fit for you". 

I know that trying out brands are costly but in this post I gave Low-Medium-High options for the perfect Picky Nude Lip.

L to R- Clinque Nude Blush, Joe Fresh Brick & Revlon Mink.

Clinque Butter Shine Lipstick in Nude Blush would be high-end costing around $16.50 CDN/ $14.50 USA.

Color: Soft Beige-y pearlized nude

Finish: Creamy and moisturizing

Joe Fresh Matte Lipstick in Brick would be Low/Medium-end costing around $6.00 CDN.

Color:  Soft reddish brown nude

Finish: Matte but moisturizing

Revlon Lipstick would be would be Low/Medium-end costing around $2.00 to $8.00 CDN.

Color: Pinky taupe nude

Finish: Sheer to moderate and moisturizing

If you want to see comparisons of the lipsticks side by side check out my youtube video below!

Which one is your favorite?

Win the book Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm? + $50 Sephora GC

The lovely ladies from gave me the opportunity to read/review their new book Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm?
Paperback $16.95
This informative book cuts through the confusing, misleading, and sometimes false information that beauty companies bombard consumers with and provides scientific answers to hundreds of questions about cosmetics.


1. Curling Shampoos Don’t Work!

2. Wearing the right fragrance can actually make people think you have lost weight.

3. While brushing your hair does temporarily help distribute natural oils, in the long run brushing “100 strokes every night” strips layers of cuticle and weakens hair.

4. There is no proof that tourmaline flat irons perform any better than the less expensive non-ceramic versions.

5. Sunscreen is one of the best cosmetics you can use to keep your skin looking young and wrinkle-free.

6. Spit on a zit may not be an old wives’ tale after all!

7. There is a difference between antiperspirant and deodorant. Antiperspirant actually stops you from sweating, while deodorant just masks the odor.

8. No cosmetic will make your nails grow longer and stronger, but you can do things to improve their condition.

9. Urea is found in cosmetics, but it does not come from urine!

10. Multiple types of parabens are used in formulas to ensure that your personal care and cosmetic products are as free as possible from disease-causing microbes.

I enjoyed reading this book because the answers were clean and concise. Also good percent of the questions asked were ones that myself or you guys would have. I want to tell you more but you will just have to get the book at these stores:
Barnes & Noble

Guess what!!
The ladies at is giving:
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Must have Product: Cover Fx-Clean Fx Makeup Cleansing Mousse

You guys remember when I told you about my Coverfx: Drench the Skin You're In event experience last month. I want to share with you my must have product from CoverFX right now!

This alcohol- and oil-free facial cleanser removes long-wearing and water-resistant makeup thoroughly yet gently while hydrating, toning and softening the skin. The travel-friendly formula, ideal for sensitive skin, can be used with or without water for rinsing.
I have had cleansing milks, wipes and oil free cleansers in the past..but THIS... this is something beyond amazing. I could totally rant and rave but I think it's best if I show you what this mousse can do!

I applied waterproof pencil eyeliner to my arm and let it dry. Then I squirted a small amount of mousse on a cotton pad.

I applied the pad to my arm and let it soak in for about 20 to 30 seconds. Then I wiped the mousse off in ONE swipe. I did not wipe or wash my arm and there is absolutely no residue at all!
Here is cotton pad to show the residue of the waterproof pencil.
 I don't need I need to stress how great this product is! The pictures speak for themselves :D
Extra information:
What else you need to know: PETA approved. Dermatologist tested. Ph balanced. Free of soap, fragrance, and colorant.
You can purchase this product from Sephora, SDM, select The Bay, Murale,, Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser in the UK .

My Nail Polish Story- What's yours?

Let me explain to you all how my nail polish addiction started. I think it's playback for having naked nails for years! I remember my friends telling me "JENN!!! You should wear nail polish" or  "OMG! You're nails are so nice but you NEED to do something with them". I had the time but it just wasn't my thing. I know there is someone out there who feels my pain.

A couple months ago my bf took me to an amazing mani/pedi place and everything changed from then. After getting compliments on my nails, I started to do them on a regular. I also started to follow more nail blogs for color inspiration.

Here are a few of my favs:
BarryM Grey + E.L.F Black
E.L.F Black + Sally Hansen Strobe Light
BarryM Instant Nail Effects + Fuchsia is Funky Nails in Miss.Robinson+ The blue is  LA Color matte polish in  turquoise

I think I will start to share my nail hauls & favorite designs on my blog from now!

What's your nail story? Do you wear polish everyday?

I'm loving fish tail braids!

You would think after growing up with braids, I would hate them. Yes, in certain cases they may look elementary but it's the easiest way to glam up a look.

I became fascinated with Fish Tail Braids earlier this year when I seen Rihanna wear it on stage. This picture is actually from earlier this week... She wore a white Dolce & Gabbana dress which probably cost over $1,000!!! When you think about it she could have done a head full of curls,  intricate updo or fun beach waves... but she chose a fish tail braid.

What to learn how to do a Fish Tail Braid?? Follow these directions from MTV Style:

STEP 1: Divide the hair you want to braid into two equal sections.

STEP 2: Start the fishtail braid by holding the right section with your right hand. Then, using your left hand, pick up a small chunk of hair from the outside of the left section and cross it over to the inside of the right section.

STEP 3: Repeat on the other side: Hold the left section in your left hand. Use your right hand to pick up a small chunk of hair from the outer right section and cross it over to the inside of the left section.

STEP 4: Continue picking up small sections and crossing them over until you reach the ends of your hair.

STEP 5: Secure with an elastic (like Sephora's Snag-Free Hair Elastics, $3.50), and spray the braid with a little shine spray like Smooth N' Shine Scalp & Breakage Miracle's Root to Tip Oil Sheen Spray ($3.99, to seal in moisture and boost shine. And you're all set!

Do you like fish tail braids?