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Hard Candy Spring 2013

I recently I had the opportunity to attend the Hard Candy Spring 2013 Launch party in Toronto.
I love Hard Candy! I've reviewed them on the blog before. They have great products which can be found at your local walmart. I took a fellow beauty blogger Rasilla with me to get the scoop on what's new for 2013.

This February you will see Hard Candy apparel in-stores($12 to $18 US). The apparel was fun. Sequins, hearts & stars. Typically the type of items that every girl has in her closet. It's more weekend wear for me because I work in an office. But If you are your a tween/teen it's very cute for school.

Check out some of the new items:

Eyeshadow Collection Mirrored Compact $5.98 US
  • Neutrals
  • Smokey
  • Greens
  • Blues
  • Pinks

They now have bath products in two flavours:
Poison apple berry & Black orchid &vanilla
There was balms, dry oils, body scrub, balt salts & bubble bath.
Shown here:
So Foam So Good
Foaming Body Wash $ 7.68 US

Under So Foam So Good you can see "Shadowholic".
Waterproof eye shadow crayons $ 4.98 US

9 different shades.

Nail Lacquer $3.98 US
Five Concepts:
  • Crushed Chromes
  • Itsy Glitzy
  • Crystal Confetti
  • Glitteratzi
  • Candy Sprinkles

 Various Mascara ranging from $5.98-$6.98 US

All Glossed Up $4.98 US
Glossy lip stains in 8 different colours.

Lip Def $5.98 US
Super shiny lip colour 10 different shades.

Poppin Pigments $5.98 US
Loose shadows sets available in 8 shades.

*Under popping pigments you can see "All Lid Up".
Long wearing creme eye shadow $5.98 US
10 different shades.

I was pleasantly surprised with the products I tested. Let me start off by saying the pigmentation on the products I swatched was amazing! If you're like me and gravitate towards products that are long lasting you will be in for a huge treat this Spring.

Is there a product that you have your eye on?

Photo credit:  Becca Lemire

What is your favorite spring/summer lip color?

I'm so excited to break out my spring/summer colors!
Last year I fell in love with MAC Romancin'. Perfect blue based lipstick for my skin tone.
What colors/shades have you been wearing lately?

Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hour Stain Gloss in Refreshing Red Review

I can't believe that two years ago I would not be caught dead in red. I felt like it made me look to "old".

Now that I reflect back, I think I was wearing the wrong shades. Since you all asked for my favorites I will start highlighting them. Maybe I will inspire someone to go out and buy their first red lipstick. Let's get started  with one of my favorites Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hour Stain Gloss in Refreshing Red!

The Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hour stain glosses comes in 10 different shades. Ranging from brown to red. The finish is very different compared to your typical lip stains because they are moisturizing and glossy.

Great for anyone who wants to try to find their perfect red because they are buildable.

Think about it this way: One swipe of color suitable for the office. While three swipes of color is suitable for a night out.

In this picture I was wearing three wipes of color. The formula is very light and has a pleasant smell.

 Overall this Stain Gloss is at the top of my list because of its versatility. You can eat, drink, talk you head off and the stain will still be there once the gloss is off. Perfect for someone like me who has to run to meetings and often forgets to apply before I go.

Are you feeling this red?

Canadian Spring / Summer 2011- Lise Waiter, Vasanti & Annabelle Cosmetics

This Summer take advantage of the new products at your local drugstore. Here is a few items you need in your makeup bag:
  1. Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss from Lise Waiter
    Ingredients derived from plants, this Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss moisturizes and nourishes lips.
  2. Brazililan Bronzer Brightening Mineral Bronzer from Vasanti Cosmetics
    Radiant golden skin with a sweep of a brush.
  3. Volumelip Lip Plumping Gloss from Annabelle Cosmetics
    Get full, pouty and sexy lips with Volumelip plumping lip gloss.
  4. 4SHOW eyeshadows from Annabelle Cosmetics
    Dazzle everyone with 4 new combination of 4 different shades in one compact.
 Which product are you excited to try?

Payless ShoeSource Spring/Summer 2011 Collection Preview

I had the opportunity to attend the Payless ShoeSource Spring/Summer 2011 Collection Preview. I've been a fan of Payless for their affordable shoes and various collaborations. 

Warning ladies.. This is shoe heaven!

Every style that will suit your lifestyle.


Lela Rose for Payless
Loved the color scheme & detailing.

Christian Siriano & Isabel Toledo for Payless
Isabel's line is on the left side. Color scheme is (Black & White) with weaving.
Christian's line is on the right has a very exotic look.
Christian Siriano for Payless

 American Eagle, Montego Bay plus Zoe & Zac.
This was my favorite table.
Everything was fun and super cute!
Montego Bay on the left.
Doesn't it make you want to actually go to Montego Bay!!
Zoe & Zac on the right.
Did you know that their a eco-friendly line?
American Eagle from Payless had a very nautical feel.
Hope you enjoyed :)
Visit Payless on-line or in store.

Summer/Spring Nail Polish inspiration!

Hey Ladies,

I was asked if I can do a nail inspiration post for Spring/Summer. Currently I'm on a no buy, so I definitely have to use whatever I have in my stash. I really want some pastels but that will have to wait.. or maybe I'll create my own..hmmm *ideas are brewing*.

These are my four picks: 
  1.  Barry M  Bright Pink (279)
  2. L.A Colors Matte 
  3. Funky Fingers Pucci-licious
  4. Funky Fingers Mrs. Robinson 

 Which one is your favorite?