Canadian Mommy Blogger

5 years ago, I stepped into the world of Mommy blogging in Canada... It's been fun. I've had the opportunity to have some cool experiences and bring my whole family along. 

Some mommy blogging tips!

Staying positive during pregnancy

Baby #2 is on her way! Pregnancy can be an amazing but also a challenging time. No one reminded me that doing all this with a child is WORK!! Also with so many physical and emotional changes happening, it's easy to feel overwhelmed or negative at times. 

 Here are some tips to help you stay positive during your pregnancy. *I'm using them too: 

Let's go thrifting for baby clothes!

Are you on the hunt for some great deals on baby clothes? 
Thrifting can be a great way to save money while also finding some unique and stylish pieces.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when thrifting for baby clothes. 

What To Ask on Your Daycare Tour?

Ava started daycare when she was 17 months. And I was very reluctant on sending her. Why? I worked from home and felt like I had to keep her home. BUT the truth was she needed little friends. Something that I couldn't give her (being an only child). So we started daycare part-time so she could have the best of both worlds. A bit of time with friends her age and home with mommy.

When it comes to picking a daycare every family has different needs, so you should know what is important to you way before you step foot into a facility. These might be small BUT very important questions to ask your daycare provider. 

Losing friends after having kids: My Thoughts

Here is the truth… Losing friends after having kids can be tough, but it's a common experience.
Sometimes we grow apart. 

Sometimes we’re headed in a different direction. 

Clear Aligners vs. Braces - My Thoughts

I'm 20 months into my aligner journey. Such a tricky decision when you're in you 30's. At first, I tried to figure out which option was best for me: braces or clear aligners. Both have their pros and cons, and ultimately, the decision comes down to your personal preference. 

Come with me while I take you through my thought process.

Pregnancy Skincare Must Haves

Congratulations on your pregnancy mama! It is a wonderful time of your life when you experience a lot of changes, both physical and emotional. With Ava my skin was really good until after birth. Here are a few things you may experience.

When it comes to your skin, you may notices such as breakouts, stretch marks, and dryness. If you're a part of the lucky bunch who haven't experienced this... how do you like being God's favourite LOL. I'm joking...

Surviving the fourth Trimester

When I was told "Beware of the fourth trimester" I had NO idea what people were talking about. But it's an important part for your mental health and wellbeing. The fourth trimester the period after giving birth is a challenging time for parents. 

Not only do you have to help your baby adjust to life outside the womb, but you may also find yourself overwhelmed by fatigue, pain, and uncertainty. 

EARTH DAY: Why Thrifting Your Child's Clothes Can Put More Money in Your Pocket This Season

If you have a little one at home, you know how they keep growing every week! I feel like nothing fits Ava anymore.  Shopping at any thrift shop will save you money and allow you to get new outfits for your child at a LOW cost. 

Here is why thrifting for your child's clothes can be your best option. 

Hot Thermos Lunch ideas for Kids

Your kids should be excited about their lunch. I know it's hard because I forever feel like I'm running out of ideas. I wish I could drop a hot lunch everyday but it's just not possible; hence, you are packing it up in a thermos. 

Here are the food recipes you should try this school year!

Do you want to be a Canadian Beauty Blogger?

I started Beauty Blogging in 2008/2009. And boy times were different back then. It was funner and more carefree. Also things were cheaper and the opportunities were in abundance. That doesn't mean that it should deter you from starting now BUT there are a few things to consider. Starting a channel or blog is expensive. It's easy to feel left out! Especially when you want to get noticed.

Here are some tips to get started from an OG.

Work from Home Thoughts

I'm the Queen of reminders. Especially as a Work from home moms. I want us to know our worth and be able to speak up for ourselves. Pre-baby I made some decisions that were not ideal.Just thinking about it makes me so sick. 

I know I sound over dramatic but having my daughter made me smarten up and now make me work for me. 

Five things I will never do as a first time mom

Being a first time mom was something. Something good. Something INTERESTING. For one you get to really know who your village is/what its composed of. You get to see your limits- your partner’s limits… sometimes you impress yourself. Other times man it’s a fail. Either way it’s a learning process. 

So far we have survived 4 years and I'm excited to see my growth in the upcoming years of motherhood. 

Are blogs dead?

Honest question? Are blogs dead? I know if you’re here reading this the answer is no BUT how often do you actually visit a blog? I won’t lie – I don’t visit them as much as I should be that will change this year! 

Let’s get back to blogging! 

After School Routine Every Kid Can Follow

Routines are so key for Ava’s and I. It’s something I implemented... so that if I’m not available to do it, she knows exactly what steps to do on her own. Or for her to tell someone else.

Here is what we do Monday to Friday!

Content creator TIPS

One of the best way to become personable as a content creator/blogger is to show yourself on camera. I stopped as I gained some weight after the baby and became self-conscious. 
Now I have a toddler and I'm still chubby BUT who cares. 


Kindergarten Checklist

I can’t Believe I’m writing this. Ava is in Kindergarten. Yeah. I know. Time FLIES! I can’t believe some of you have been around since 2009 when I was still in college. So much Life and time has passed. I’m so grateful for all of you. 

Let me stop being sentimental for a bit!

Three Quick Ways To Make Mom Friends

Friendships can be tricky, especially when you are an introverted mom. Or just quiet in general. Though it's NOT that hard for everyone to new people... hello extroverts! Before becoming a mother- I kept my circle small, but after having Ava it got smaller. It's important that I make friends who have children that Ava can play with.  

Here Are Some Ways You Can TRY to Make New Mom Friends 

Work from Home in Canada

Every year the most searched post on my blog is “Work from home mom” or "Work from home in Canada". This wasn’t my path… I always thought I’d be 9-5 or on set girlie. But as soon as I got a taste of at home life- I literally fell in LOVE. Especially during pregnancy and after having Ava. Being able to pick her up and or/ drop her off at school or daycare is dream. Also being at home with her until she was 3.9 months. So unheard of.