Five things I will never do as a first time mom

Being a first time mom was something. Something good. Something INTERESTING. For one you get to really know who your village is/what its composed of. You get to see your limits- your partner’s limits… sometimes you impress yourself. Other times man it’s a fail. Either way it’s a learning process. 

So far we have survived 4 years and I'm excited to see my growth in the upcoming years of motherhood. 

 Here are some things I’d never do as a first time mom: 
1) Judge you Unless what you do is horrible. For example – If you want to let your child watch TV all day- eat fast food and ice cream for dinner and you feel like a horrible parent. I bet you that you are NOT. Maybe you’re over stimulated or having a bad mental health day. The light at the end of the tunnel is that the kids are fed and in a warm home. 
2) Leave my child anywhere without the facts I’m sorry but there are way too many weird things going on in society for me to leave my child anywhere without knowing the full story. This includes birthday parties. My little one just started Kindergarten and I swear every two weeks there is a party. I stay… meet the other parents and chill until it’s time to go home. 
3) Buy things without a review 100% it’s the reviewer in me. Everything is too damn expensive for me to be buying things and it doesn’t work for my child and me. 
 4) Try to make her live in my shadow This one is self-explanatory… Whatever she wants to do. We do! That’s it! 
 5) Force food I’m talking about this one as a west indian… I won’t force anything she isn’t comfortable eating. I will introduce but not force. 

 Thank you for reading my thoughts!!!

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