After School Routine Every Kid Can Follow

Routines are so key for Ava’s and I. It’s something I implemented... so that if I’m not available to do it, she knows exactly what steps to do on her own. Or for her to tell someone else.

Here is what we do Monday to Friday!

  1.  Once I pick her up, she usually does take a 10 minute nap in the car if she isn’t singing her lungs out the Frozen 
  2. Then she comes into and knows exactly where to put a bag and takes a washroom break. Most importantly to pee and wash her hands. 
  3. Then upstairs to her bedroom for a shower because she’s been at kindergarten all day. GERMS! I wanna make sure that she’s clean. 
  4. She dresses herself. 
  5. Then downstairs to play and eat.

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