Toronto Beauty Blogger past events!

I'm so behind at posting these pictures! I try my best to attend most of the Toronto Beauty Blogger Events because these girls are fab! Plus we always have something to talk about make-up <3

These two events the drink get together & The girl's night in:

FOTD: I got the Blues using Fusion of Color

Fusion of Color Cosmetics mineral powder is made of natural minerals with natural healing properties that beautify and protect your skin. 

One thing to know about me is I love matte shadows. I prefer that finish over shimmer or satin! Fusion of Color has a matte eyeshadow section which has 24 different eyeshadows. 

The colors I chose were:
Royal Blue

The look:

Blues look amazing on brown eyed girls! Plus it gives that perfect pop of color.

Fusion of Color mineral powders has Carnauba Wax. So the shadows felt very smooth when applied. Also they weren't ashy on my skintone which is a huge thumbs up!

Check out: Fusion of Color

These samples where provided to me by Fusion of Color.

My Pretty Pink Box & Missko Flat iron Winner

I am picking a new Flat iron Winner because the old one didn't claim her prize.. Honestly I can't force someone to be a commenter or reader. You have to do it on your own.. anyways the new winner is..


My Pretty Pink Box giveaway winner is..


Please email me with your shipping address to give the companies <3

Clinique Brandied Bronze Colour Surge Eye Shadow Palette Review

I did a recently did a guest review at Makeup Junkie for the Clinique Brandied Bronze Colour Surge Eye Shadow Palette.

Click here to find out if I loved it? hated it? Or would even recommend it!

Make-up rambles: Summer oily skin & new skirt!

Im not sure where you are but its really HOT here!
Geez! My skin care regime consists of sunscreen & sometimes blotting papers.

I don't wear tinted foundations because I cant quite find one that suits my skin tone which is not ORANGE..argh!

But anyways I usually find by the half of the day my skin is oily!  As you can see by the picture. Not disgusting oily but only enough to be conscious about.

My question for you is how to do combat your oil when its hot?

Plus I got a new colorful skirt from Winners for $12.00! It feels good to add an item into my closet which is not black...haha.

Cute!! Plus it has pockets : D I paired it with a metallic belt for a punch of color.

Outfit of the day: Mixing black & neutrals for under $12.50!?!

Last week I went to a retail store here named Stitches. The one in my city is an Outlet! Currently there is a 50% off deal going on, so prices range from $1.00 to $20.00. Honestly I'm not a stitches girl but when the prices are that LOW I'm there! LOL

My main goal was to go in there for $5.00 flats but that totally didn't happen.

I ended up leaving with this neutral "leather" jacket & little black dress :) The jacket was $5.00 with the 50% off deal!

 Once I seen this jacket I had to have it. It had the motorcycle style with a girly feel. I loved the gathered cuff/bottom & stud detail on the pocket. I found this very original and cute.
The dress is very cute. For $7.50 with the 50% off.

I paired it with one of my mom's old vintage belts :) I really loved the "flap" on the dress. I've seen this style in more expensive stores but I never knew how it would look on it!

I ended up going to H&M and buying a more expensive one like it... which I will show you all soon.

It's always good to mix blacks with bright colors/neutrals.

Thanks for reading <3

YAY! 500 followers :)

I'm so happy! I made this crazy goal 3 weeks ago to get 500 followers for my birthday next week and I can't believe I made it!

I truly couldn't have done it without my twitter girls!!

As a small Canadian blog I'm ecstatic that so many people are so supportive! Whether it be leaving me a comment or even reading my post...

Thanks again!

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My Birthday MAC Cheeky Bronze Mineralized Skin Finish Giveaway

Hey Girlies!

How are you? I'm slowly trying to downgrade my MUA collection. Mostly just stuff which I haven't used at all. My Birthday is in 11 days! Cake! Haha :)

So to celebrate I'm giving away MAC Cheeky Bronze Mineralized Skin Finish

 **The MAC Cheeky Bronze Mineralized Skin Finish will be brand new

Contest rules:

* This an INTERNATIONAL contest!
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Contest ends: June 28, 2010 @ 12:01 AM

Winner announced: June 29,2010

How to enter:

-Leave a comment below telling me what should be my birthday makeup look?
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Good luck ladies!

I hate discontinued products!

I hate when I find a gloss, lipstick or shadow fall in love with it and then find out it's discontinued!

It's not fair! I wish all companies told us how long a product would be available. The only company I know who is good at this is MAC ..

Anyways a few MAC hauls ago I got this Estee Lauder lippy in the $3.00 sale section. I thought it would be a great lip highlighter...but I never got around to using it.

Now I'm in love... it's the perfect summer lippy! It's like a light golden bronze <3

Honestly it's a perfect color when I'm in a rush. Slap it on and go!

Gorgeous! Please don't mind the gray on the bottom of the picture..

So my question to you is how do you feel about discontinued products?

Flip-flop takeover!! (pic heavy)

Remember how old navy had tanks for $2.00 yesterday? I got to Old Navy 45 mins after it opened and everything was gone

NOT even one tank!! The shelves were empty and dusty!! LMAO

WDF?!?! Honestly If I were Old Navy... I would put out a certain amount an hour, so my customers would be happy. Soo I came home with zero tanks :(

But... Flip flops were on sale for $2.00! Which is an amazing price because I missed the dollar sale a few weeks ago..

I went a little crazy.. just

They are all unique in their own way :)
Which one is your fave?

Kelly Rowland for July 2010 ELLE Magazine

I totally almost missed out on this. While scrolling my dashboard I found out Kelly is in Elle for July 2010 from confessions of a doll.

I loveee her. Mostly because she's my beauty muse :)

Heres some of the pictures. I'm going to buy this issue.

Fashion Deal of the week: $2.00 ribbed tanks at Old Navy

$2.00 Tanks on Saturday, June 12.

I love tanks! You can wear them with anything & everything. I know that the sale is for Canada & US only.

PLEASE get there early! If not you will be out of luck :(

Outfit of the Day under $35.00 with Hubby :)

My favorite color to wear is black! I bet you all know this by now....LOL.
I love this outfit because of the gold accents :)
Super simple and cute: for a night out:

Shirt from H&M $10.00 (sale)
Belt from H&M $5.95..can't remember
Tights Gabriel Brothers $3.99
Shoes Payless $14.99 (sale 50% off Oprah coupon)

This outfit is VERY affordable! You can wear this outfit with flats or Gladiators but I decided to switch it up with heels. I walked slowly in them because I'm not a heels But I'm trying to be for 2010!

I'm in love with the back... AND no it doesn't zip all the way! Now that would be way to wild!

LOL.. he's so cute.. he wanted to take a picture too :)
He's an amazing dresser. I've never had to fret about "What the hell is he going to wear today?!?!"

What do you think about my outfit? Would you wear it?

Review: Tval Skincare Bath scrub & Treats

A few weeks ago Tval Skincare sent me some goodies to try out!

Tval Skincare specializes in different items varying from cute bath treats to mineral makeup.Two bath items I chose was the Whipped Sugar in Pink Cotton Candy & Pecan Praline Foaming Shea Bath Treat!

Whipped Sugar in Pink Cotton Candy

Mixed in the scent of cotton candy is vanilla, caramel, musk & fig leaves. The consistency is whipped & fluffy. The sugar in it is fine, so it doesn't damage the skin. The tub is very affordable for $8.00!
Close up of the consistancy... It looks yummy! Please don't eat

The second item I got is a Pecan Praline Foaming Shea Bath Treat. It's so cute. All you have to do is crumble it under your bath water. The first thing I noticed was the sparkles and that freaked me out! I didn't want to be a ball of glitter after I came out. Thank the lord that I couldn't find a

The best part of the bar is the Shea butter in it. I shaved my legs and my legs were really soft after! No irritation at all! Woooooooooooooo LOL

Check out TVAL Skincare:

Source: These items were sent to me from Tval Skincare.

Attention Canadians: E.L.F can be found at "some" dollaramas!

Yup it's true. A couple weeks ago while on a candy run in Dollarama, I discovered E.L.F!

 Everything was from the regular & sugar kiss line. They had the total face, bronzing and Eyeshadow brushes for $1.50. There was a lot of Sugar Kiss glosses, tints & mirrors for $1.00.               

After looking at the website the Sugar Kiss from E.L.F is gone :o......... so maybe that why!!!

I got 2 packs of the gloss kits, lip tint & a mirror. I got the two last kits in the stores :)

I was given the opportunity to review an item off website. CSNstores has over 200 amazing online stores where you can almost find anything you need whether it be a sofa or a suitcase, a crib or a cookie sheet!

Honestly there is soo much things I like on that website! But I have narrowed my search down my search!

 Hello Kitty Bling Wireless Mouse
Ahhh I love it :)

I've been looking for a mouse for my laptop and I'm happy I found one!
Review coming soon :)

I need some quick advice....

Please ignore the garbage bag in the background. I just wanted to go somewhere in the house with light..

I bought this skirt a couple weeks ago..but I'm debating on bringing it back. I love it but I don't know..

Sooo I need some advice from my amazing readers...should I return it?

Rihanna: Edgy, Elegant & Fab?

At one point in time I thought Rihanna's edgy look was a phase. Almost three years later and she's still at it. I really like this outfit.

She looks edgy, elegant & fab! Which I think is super hard with a semi-shaved head.

What do you think about the look? Would you rock it or not?