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OOTD: Summer Fun

My quick H&M outfit for today :)
Enjoy your day everyone!

OOTD: Pop of Color to start off spring

The official first day of Spring was March 21, but so far in Canada the weather has been wonky. If your like me (sinus issues+allergies) this time is HELL. The conflicting weather is killing me! Warm one day.. cold the next :l As depressing as this sounds my bf and I decided to go to the beach in my city. Haha I know we're crazy but the bricks make a great back drop for pictures. Expect more of these as the weather gets better :D

To keep my sprints up I decided to wear a yellow scarf! You wouldn't believe how much warmth this color gives your face.. especially when your battling the winter blues:
Scarf: Suzy Shier
Jacket: H&M

I should have taken a separate picture of this bag. Its massive and I love the fact that it goes over my chest. Its the perfect shopping bag when you don't want to hold or pay for a bag.

Hope you all enjoyed :)

What item are you wearing to bring in spring?

OOTD: Bow and Lace

At 25 sometimes I'm scared to wear bows because I'm afraid they will make me look too young.

Overall I shouldn't care what people say so I wore it out on a recent trip! I got it at Ardene(Canadian
store) for only $3.33 off the 3 for $10.00 rack. Woo I love deals. I went back the week after but there was none left :|

I got the lace puffy shoulders top at H&M for only $5.00. It was apart of there clearance section!
Whole outfit:
Long wing necklace- $2.00 from Stitches
Puffy shoulder top- $5.00 from H&M
Vest- $2.50 from Stitches
Jeans- $9.99 from Marshalls
Bow ring- $6.95 from H&M
Belt- $1.00 from Costa Blanca
Studded low boots- $30.00 from Boardwalk Shoes

Another affordable outfit for you all! My girl Rai told me that I should do budget shopping tips on my blog..would that be helpful? 

Let me know in the comments section :)

OOTD Easy and Simple for only $10.00

This outfit is so simple but soooo cute! For years I would never wear t-shirt..long story but off the shoulder shirts were my thing.

On one of my many trips to Stitches.. I found this top. It's actually made of a light sweater material! So it's perfect for Fall & Winter...After going to the cash with 3 items I realized everything in the store is 50% off.

What I'm wearing:
Long grey Pocket tank- $1.50 from Stitches
Studded Off the Shoulder top- $2.00 from Stitches
Long wing necklace- $2.00 from Stitches
2 finger ring- $2.00 from Sirens
Tights - $2.50 from Stitches

That's a $10 outfit ladies!
 Loves it! What do you guys think about the prizes?

OOTD: Lumberjack-Jenn??

A few weeks ago, while Christmas shopping I found this cute checkered print shirt in Bluenotes. Being a "petite" girl.... Men's shirts are not ideal but this one was slim fit. I`ve always wanted a lumberjack shirt & on sale is always a plus!

What I'm wearing:
Pocket tank- $1.50 from Stitches
Lumberjack shirt- $5.00 from Bluenotes
Long wing necklace- $2.00 from Stitches
Belt- $14.95 from H&M
Bow ring- $6.95 from H&M
Black leggings- $9.99 from Winner's
Studded low boots- $30.00 from Boardwalk Shoes

Close up of the key pieces! I loveeee the ring and necklace :) Quite Unique.
What is your favorite piece?

OOTD:Woo I'm not in all black!

Hey Ladies,

Here is a simple OOTD from a few weeks ago..totally forgot to post. Every item I'm wearing is very affortable! I honestly feel that you don't need to buy expensive items to look good. Please excuse the background I was in a hotel room LOL

Now on to items:
Tiger Shirt H&M $7.00 CDN
Olive Hat F21 $4.50 US
Ribbed Tights $7.80 US
Boots over the knee Burlington $20.00 US 

I look really tiny..I swear it's the boots...LOL

I lovee this top! It was the last one in the sale section, so I believe it was made for me :D I am not sure if you can see it but it has clear sequins all over the front.
I'm sooo happy that I got tights and a hat from F21 which are NOT black! If your always into black try breaking up your wardrobe colors like I did.
What is your favorite fall piece right now?