What do you use to condition your lips?

Fall is officially here! 
For Canadians like myself.. Fall is a precursor to that lovely Winter is approaching.
Canadian winters are intense.

How much would you spend on foundation?

Personally would spend up to $60.00.

End of Summer FOTD with MAC & NYX

Yes.. Summer is done. 
SAD FACE.. All I can do now is reminisce about how I loved it!
I visited CUBA- had amazing U.S.A trips.. so much fun!
I was on my way out to Toronto with the BF. I did an easy look :)

MAC Lustrewhite Lipglass is perfect for all skin tones!

At the last MAC sale I stumbled upon MAC Lustrewhite Lipglass. 
In the bottle it looks intimating but  after swatching I fell in love!

As you can see from my lips its a clear gloss with minimal shimmer. 

Kim Kardashian inspired neutral eyes

I love neutral looks! Kim K wore this look to the Emmy's and I fell in love.. Yes I'm aware that we are not the same colour or I'm no where as fly as her..but she's my current muse.

Here is the look:

Storage Ideas for my MAC- Part 1

Since I knew I was going to the MAC Warehouse sale on Sunday; 
I decided to go and get a clear storage to prepare.

I thought it was perfect for my white IKEA desk. The handles on the doors got me..lol.

How do you feel about Lash Serums? Plus my short review on L'oreal Lash Boosting Serum

Everyone wants long healthy lashes without the falsies. 
Now there is an easier way to do that. Hello...
Lash Serums
They give us the hope of thicker longer lashes with less fall out when we remove make up from our eyes. I've been blessed with healthy curly lashes but who doesn't want a boost now and then. My problem is how in the world do I know which one to choose!

Aging Gracefully- Fab face of the day

I love seeing celebrities who are 40 or (39) in Jada Pinkett Smith case looking amazing!

Honestly she has NO evidence of plastic surgery or wrinkles. 
At 25 I could pass for 17/18, so I hope a face like this is in my future.

Cover FX NEW EyePrep FX Anti-Age Smoothing Primer blogger party

I was invited to to another amazing Cover FX event for the unveiling of their NEW EyePrep FX Anti-Age Smoothing Primer this Fall!

EyePrep FX Anti-age Smoothing Primer - 20ml - $43 - instantly binds concealer and eye shadows to lids and eye area with Dermaveil Cool Technology,a propriety complex that immediately reduces the appearance of fine lines and creases a smooth base for make up.

Beauty Trend Watch- Cat Eyeliner

I'm very excited for this trend! This is a trend that can be incorporated into your everyday looks!
I say this because I know everyone can't pull off Dark Plum Lips everyday.