My 25.50 outfit..minus the shoes of course!

So yea..lets talk prices. These were all on SALE!!

HAT(Claires)= $3.50
TOP(Forever21)= $9.99
BELT(Costa Blanca)=$1.00
Earring(Dollar Store)=$1.00


What's your favorite Department store makeup?

Mine has to be Mac. I admit I haven't really explored alot of other companies. But Mac has so many colors and options to choose from. I admit it can be too much...but there are so many blogs and tutorials to help you. I have a gift card from there...and I dunno wdf to get!
If your a mac junkie let me know what's your favorite item from them.

Not to mention if your favorite department store make up isn't Mac,Let me know what It is and I will check it out!