Halloween, "How did I get Here"

The atmoshpere is pitch black and smells like rotting flesh.
All I remember is a party last night. ... And boy was it wild..Since I didnt live too far I decided to walk home taking the backroads. This was nothing new to me...climb  over the fence, turn right and your on my street...that was truly not the case this night.."How did I get here" By: Jennifer F

Hey Girlies, This is my Halloween post. I wrote that story in 3 minutes on my blackberry. I wanted to set the mood for these great pics! These were actually done Last year...but I was too shy to post them on my blog..

I used a 2.00 kit to achieve this look. After playing with this kit I fell in LOVE! SFX make-up really made me happy and I was going to go back to school for it, so I could add MUA to my list. Long story short I ended up going back for glamour make up instead.

So we have brusing, "dried" blood under the nose and on the forehead &"runny"blood coming from the gash on the forehead and lips. Pretty fab I hope you like it!! Happy Halloween!

I'm soo Creative :)

I'm soo behind on my tags.. Like I have soo many to catch up on. Arghh..

Anyways I was tagged by my favorite blogger Rai  <3 Thanks :)

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  1. I have been with my bf for 3 years..my longest relationship ever
  2. Once when I was going to a wedding..I went shopping for a dress.. and I found one..and it happened to be a wedding dress..needless to say my mom never let me wear it..so I have it hanging up in my closet :)
  3. I love cake and candy
  4. I've NEVER ate popeye's chicken before..lol
  5. I'm really good at saving..even though I spend like a mad woman
  6. I hardly ever buy anything unless its on sale..
  7. I love babies but I refuse to give birth to one at this time :) lol

Great Haul under $20.00 (PIC HEAVY)

Last week I went shopping with my partner in crime my mommy! We went to a local fleamarket in my area...The worse part was that I only had $23.00!! Alot of vendors don't take debit and I had to time to pull out cash...

..........so I decided to make a challege!

What items can you get UNDER $20.00 lets get started.


Bag  $ 6.00 (This picture is WITH flash)

  • It can fit alot of stuff!!!
  • Its fashionable
  • It's NOT rain/snow friendly
  • It always HURTS people on the bus..lmao 
  • It has no zipper 

The bag without flash

 Relvon Sheer lipsticks $1.00 Each :)

"Super Lustrous® Shiny Sheers® provide the high shine and sheer color of a lipgloss with the precise application of a lipstick"

This is the lightest one out of the bunch.
Sheer Afterglow

This is #
Sheer Cherry Pop

This is one is my favorite!
  # 815
 Sheer Mauvy Star

Lash glue in Clear and Black.
.50 cents each!


Lastly I got earring and a necklace for $3.00!!

YAY!!! I had a $5.00 bill after all this!!
Tell me what you think!

So Fab!

I'm soooooo In LOVE with this dress!! I know it's kinda short but it's CUTE! I won't lie I'm not the biggest fan of the shoes and bag..but either way it's FAB!!!

Let me know what you think Below!

Also I did a post before about a Blog Swap Blogspot. It's coming together so WELL! If you want to know what I am talking bout CLICK HERE

Leslie Blodgett's 'Bare Skin' Perfume Launched today at Sephora!

Who is Leslie Blodgett you ask?

She is the CEO of Bare Escentuals!! Yup, Bare Escentuals which is Hugely popular because of it's mineral make up line!

'Bare Skin' is her very own collection of unforgettable fragrances created exclusively for Sephora. Leslie was inspired by her most cherished childhood memories and life experiences.

I love the fact that each is one inspired by the pages of her own diary. Memories from family vacations at faraway places to the ocean breezes of her youth, every spritz tells a story.

So go to SEPHORA and check it out!!

My Options on Kiss everlasting French in REAL SHORT+ What do you think?

I naturally have really long nails. Check my videos/other posts if you don't believe me. I don't drink milk or anything its just natural ...BUT.. with long nails comes breaking. I hate having uneven nails..

Since I'm a reviewer for myprettypinkbox.com, I got to try out some cool fake nails for the first time.
Kiss everlasting French in REAL SHORT!

I'm not a short nail kinda girl but I wanted a change. So I started with one. Thank the lord for the tabs and easy instructions because with out it i'd be LOST!
<--- 12 sizes..24 nails in a box


After testing 3 nails, I noticed that they looked clean and professional. Soooo I cut all my nails off! These pics are the end result.I like them and i'd use them if I needed a quick fix again!

PIC above is with FLASH
PIC below is without FLASH
LET ME KNOW your honest opinons below.
Do you like these nails?
Would you wear fake nails?
If yes, why?
If not,why not?


Who's that GIRL+ FOTD

Excuse my odd facial expression :)

So if you haven't noticed I got some extensions in my hair. I've had short hair for a while and I really wanted to switch it up! Also I wear glasses very rarely but it matched my outfit, so I decided to show off the Gucci's :) (This is the only Gucci item I have ..lol :|)

Charlotte Russe plaid short sleeve top $4.99
H&M earrings $3.90


I decided to do a FOTD because I have been getting some inquiries.     
   -MAC Plushlash Mascara(MAC)                     
   - Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner (Walmart)                             
   -Smashbox Eyebrighter ( Sephora)                                        
   - L.A eyeliner in White(themakeupmixshop)              

   SIMPLE but perfect for glasses and NON-glasses wears

Cheeks and Lips

-MAC gentle simmer slimshine

-Make up Forever Blush in 18

I hope you like this simple FOTD. I hope to do more soon <3