I'm soo Creative :)

I'm soo behind on my tags.. Like I have soo many to catch up on. Arghh..

Anyways I was tagged by my favorite blogger Rai  <3 Thanks :)

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  1. I have been with my bf for 3 years..my longest relationship ever
  2. Once when I was going to a wedding..I went shopping for a dress.. and I found one..and it happened to be a wedding dress..needless to say my mom never let me wear it..so I have it hanging up in my closet :)
  3. I love cake and candy
  4. I've NEVER ate popeye's chicken before..lol
  5. I'm really good at saving..even though I spend like a mad woman
  6. I hardly ever buy anything unless its on sale..
  7. I love babies but I refuse to give birth to one at this time :) lol


  1. YOu've never eaten at Popeye's!?! Wow, man. I don't like fast food chicken, but the BISCUITS at that place? I could eat a whole box of those things in one sitting!

    And I wanna see the wedding dress! Mine is still in the closet too, I need to sell it, it's not like i'll ever wear it again!

  2. lol i agree with Christina. i dont like fast food chicken, but the biscuits are delicious with honey!

  3. OMG. You've NEVER had popeyes?! That's the best and only fast food place to eat chicken! I wish I was good at saving :-( I'm horrible at it. I'll save for a while and then spend it all. That's so random that you have a wedding dress lol

  4. u bought a wedding dress??loll.u r so funny !thanks god u didnt wear it to a wedding!ehehhehe
    is that vanilla me?lol

  5. Hi Jenn, thanks for the nomination. I'm flattered :-)

    If it makes you feel better, I don't even know popeyes chicken, lol

  6. Popeyes is sooooooo good! You have to go there one day. lol I love their chicken, Cajun Rice, and Read Beans & Rice..MMMMMmmmm!!

  7. LOL! I agree with the last one! Babies are soo cute and I love them all. I'd love to have one of my own when I grow up but I'm have a low pain tolerance >.<

    Anyways, Popeyes taste good!! YUM!! I love the fried chicken...*sigh* Why do all fast food restaurants smell so good that they lure you in >.<

    Btw, did you just nominate me? =D


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