Best Sephora Collection Holiday Picks Under $50

A Christmas gift from Sephora is a must. If you're on a budget Sephora collection is an awesome option. I religiously buy their eyeliner, lip glosses and make up brushes. The holiday's is a great way to try out their items. You can get affordable sets which you can gift or keep for yourself! Check out my gift guide to see a few amazing Sephora Collection items under $50.

buybuy BABY: Breast Pumping Essentials

This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY. All opinions here are my own.
Making the decision to incorporate pumping into your daily life is a tricky one. I applaud moms who are exclusive pumpers. Which means that they pump around six-eight times a day. I pump about four times a day (on a good day) and I feel like I am tied to my machine...but I will do anything for my little baby.

If you're a first time mom and interesting in pumping essentials- you have found the right post!

All of these products can be found at buybuy Baby. If you have any questions: One of their staff members can explain each product to you. They can also let you know what would work for your unique lifestyle before you have your baby. You can even put it on your registry!

Quick and Easy Mom Last Minute Gift Guide

As a new mom, when you ask me "What I want for Christmas?" my answer will always be... "Don’t buy me anything! Just get gifts for the baby." Honesty, It’s more important that she’s good. I can always come second or even third. If you have someone in your life who is like me- it might be hard to find a gift for them that would work into their lifestyle. I am sharing three items that will be perfect for any new mom.

I got rid of all of my flat irons. Either they were too old or didn't heat up quick enough. Back when I was pregnant I was gifted with a Conair Infiniti pro 3Q styling tool ($109.99 CAN). I seen it at Bed Bath & Beyond. I'm happy to stay that it has totally satisfied my hair needs. I'm currently protective styling with extensions because of the holidays. 

Diono Radian 3 RXT Car Seat

Safety is number one when it comes to choosing a car seat. When I was pregnant, my husband and I always decided that we would get two car seats. One for his car because he will be driving the most. The second car seat would be for my car or a family member (if they were helping out with the baby). 

A few factors go into choosing a car seat.

First thing is
We were looking for something that is going to last a long time. We have a very tall baby- so anything that is going to honestly take her from infant to onwards is ideal.

There are some awesome designs out there but wanted something that was black and sleek.

This is number one! We wanted something that is sturdy and long lasting. Also because she’s so tiny right now- she needs comfort but style.

I was lucky that I was able to try the new Diono radian 3 RXT ($399.99 CAN).

Five Tips to consider when visiting a new baby

Around this time is when germs are around the most. People are battling colds, flus, fevers and God knows what else. There is a lot to consider before you make the trip out to see your good friend or family member.  Here are five tips to consider when visiting a new baby.

If u have a tickle in your throat.. Don't come
I don’t even care if it’s allergies... Don’t come. If it’s going to make you have to explain yourself to the mother/father- it totally isn’t worth it. What if that tickle isn’t from allergies and it's actually the beginning of a cold. Just reschedule when you feel better.