Five Tips to consider when visiting a new baby

Around this time is when germs are around the most. People are battling colds, flus, fevers and God knows what else. There is a lot to consider before you make the trip out to see your good friend or family member.  Here are five tips to consider when visiting a new baby.

If u have a tickle in your throat.. Don't come
I don’t even care if it’s allergies... Don’t come. If it’s going to make you have to explain yourself to the mother/father- it totally isn’t worth it. What if that tickle isn’t from allergies and it's actually the beginning of a cold. Just reschedule when you feel better.

Wash your hands
When you come into the house... Wash your hands! I know it sounds obnoxious but for a first time mom- it will put their whole demeanour at ease. I have a bathroom near the front door that I nicely encourage people to visit.

Bring a gift 
This is by no means an obligation. But think about it this way.. sometimes the parent is having a rough day. A gift can definitely bring a smile to their face. I’m totally not talking about anything expensive. As a new mom, the one area which I had a lot of issues with... was the kitchen. I had no time to cook and I was super lucky that family did it for us. Since this is not their kitchen and they sometimes had to maneuver their way around and also I’m not gonna lie I don’t have all the gadgets. I was gifted this precious moment -Eat Pray Love set which can be found at Wayfair.

 I can put some of my serving spoons the ceramic pitcher and place it on top of the counter. Or serve drinks from it. Plus the oven mitt, pot holder and wooden spoon is so cute!


Use a receiving blanket 
You might’ve done other errands in the day or maybe your re-wearing an outfit. A receiving blanket is like a barrier between you and the baby. Also new babies are prone to throwing up! Save your outfit! The last thing you want is spit up all over you. 

Do a chore or help out
This one might be controversial... but I did not know how generous people were until I was pregnant. I had people offer to come over and wash dishes and do my laundry. I didn't take anyone up on it but NOW I realize how it’s totally needed. Man even someone coming over to watch the baby while I take a shower and combed my hair was a blessing!

It seems like a small gesture but trust me it will go along way.


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