Fun Activities to Improve Your Toddler's Development

Teaching babies/toddlers' new things can have some rough patches in the beginning, but with keeping a consistent routine it will show you their growth. You should keep routine learning short, as their attention span isn’t that huge, it can be challenging to keep their focus on the activities you try. One minute we're playing with flash cards... next minute she's asking me for an apple LOL! All I can do is try to keep up with her!

Here’s three learning activities that you can start with your toddler in a fun creative way that will grab their attention.

Five Places You Should Take Your Toddler This Summer

This is going to be a different summer (ignore the fact that it's almost done) ... I'm low-key stressing with COVID around but overall we have to still get out. I know that a lot of us are wondering what to do with your toddler this summer. Ava just turned two and is super active. 
There is no daycare and honestly we're trying our best to keep her busy.

I did a lot of research and found 5 places you can take your child where you both will enjoy yourselves. 

Four Tips To Keep Your Goals On Track For the REST of the year

One thing I realized going into the New Year, was the fact that I truly sucked at sticking to my goals. I would write them down, but I wouldn’t act upon them or manifest that reality. This is why I also felt a sense of content knowing that 2020 would be a great transition into truly transforming my life and reaching new heights. A big thing that a lot of us can sometimes struggle with is figuring out ways to translate what we may say, write or display on paper, into concrete and actionable steps. Whether it’s fear of not getting ahead or going through imposter syndrome and believing that we are not deserving of greatness, it can truly impact the progression of our life events. 

Here are four tips you can use to keep your goals on track for 2020.

Self-Care Reminder for Work from Home Moms!

I feel like we blazed through July and I’m so interested in seeing how August goes. For me, July is madness! I had two major birthdays which required me to do some planning. 
It also marks that we're half way through summer and we're still dealing with COVID.. *sigh*

I am honestly so grateful for all the encouragement and comments that I’ve been getting from my
Here are three of my favourites!

Chemical vs Physical Skincare Exfoliants

Whenever you research skin care routines and remedies, exfoliating is almost always a part of the conversation. People live by and praise the exfoliating trend to no end...and they have good reason to! 

There are SO many benefits to making it a part of your skin care regime from removing dead skin, unclogging pores, evening skin tone, preventing acne, boosting circulation, reducing wrinkles, and so many more! 

 Now did you know there are different types of exfoliants? 
Do your skin a favour and know the difference between chemical and physical exfoliants so you know what will actually benefit you. Trust don’t want to end up with irritated skin or scars because you picked up the wrong type! 

How to be confident in your new haircut or style

Hair is so personal and it is who we are. I know we're bored as hell and want to do crazy things... like cut or perm your hair. What? ONLY ME? I got tips from a stylist named Lisa (former My Spiced Life contributor) a while back and now would be the perfect time to share it- since we are now entering stage 3 of COVID.

Are you ready to be confident?

Five tips you must incorporate or consider when starting your blog

I’ve had so many people come to me telling me that they would love to become a blogger but they don’t know where to start. I’m always flattered that people think that I have the clear path but honestly I don’t... 

As a Canadian lifestyle blogger, I wish I could say I have made over five figures and can show you how to do it. Who knows maybe this is the year I do it or maybe it’s not... Either way if you’re thinking about starting a blog you have to have the basics mapped out and I can totally help you with that. 

Read about becoming a blogger below.

5 Grocery shopping tips to consider to save you money!

As a new mom, I can definitely attest to the fact that we’re always finding new ways of saving money. I remember when Ava was on formula- it was so expensive. I did major research to cut cut dramatically. Whether that be through discounts, couponing, buying in bulk, we always have to find a way to make things more affordable. Especially the way how this economy is set up (**ahum COVID-19). 

In this short guide, I will be listing 5 shopping items for parents that will save you some money!

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Become Environmentally Friendly

In the beginning of this self isolation. I felt like we were throwing out so many bags of garbage. A family member suggested that we get paper cups and plates (so we didn’t have to do any excessive  of washing to save money). Loved the concept of the idea but in the end there was so much waste. 

I hated it! 
And I really wanted to try to find a way that we can try to reduce the garbage that we threw out every three days and also see in what areas can we try to be more sustainable.

So I consulted my girl"google" on ways that I could try to reduce.

Five different skin care masks that you need to try right now

I try to do a face mask for myself at least twice a week for great self-care. It’s important to pamper yourself and when I do my masks I feel like I’m giving myself mini spa treatments at home. They range in price too so if you don’t want to break the bank or are feeling like you want to splurge some coins, there are so many great masks out there that you can try. They rejuvenate your skin and give you a great sense of luxury and relaxation, so I highly suggest you give them a try!

I’m listing five different types of masks I’m obsessed with that you can pick up right now and start pampering yourself today.

3 Black Children's Books by Black Authors

It’s sooo important to find books for your little ones that inspire them and show that their skin colour is represented and celebrated. It gives a sense of pride and hope in them to know that people that look like them have achieved great things. I want Ava Rose to grow up knowing that she is special and has the potential to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to, just like the black people she’s seen and read about. 

If you want to inspire pride in your children and make them feel like they’re represented, I suggest you grab these three books during your next bedtime story session!

Fast meal ideas for Mamas on the GO

Girl... I'm tired of cooking! Do you wish you could have a personal chef to have all meals prepared all you have to do is sit down or grab it to go? Well, if you’re like the majority of tired mamas on the go we all wish we could have someone cater to us! NOT the other way around. Since I'm working from home with Ava, everything has gotten super tricky. Time passes by SO quickly. Before I know it, it's noon and lunch isn't close to being ready! I love super easy meals to be able to balance life. 

These are my favourite quick fixes... that Ava loves too!

Three Teas that you Should Add to your Pantry

I really LOVE tea! There are so many benefits and it’s such a easy beverage to make. You can drink it anytime of day and in any weather. May I add... for any ailment?? Maybe that's the Jamaican in me LOL. Tea is a great natural medicine. If I’m ever dealing with an annoying stomach ache or uncomfortable bloating, I drink tea to alleviate my pain.

Don't believe me?
Is it the middle of summer?  Make iced tea to cool you off.
Did you wake up to snow outside your window and the idea of leaving your toasty bed seems impossible? Get up and make yourself a comforting hot tea to get you ready to tackle your day.

Here are three of my favourites!

Four pieces of clothing that you need to add to your wardrobe this Summer

Summer is here! I’m super excited because it's Ava's birth month! Can you believe that she's going to be 2?!? It's almost 24 months since I gave birth to her. Getting back to my old self was a journey. I'm still not there yet.. HELLO extra 15 pounds.. but that doesn't mean that I can't try to look cute.

I’ve been on the internet hunt, looking for affordable clothing to rock in this Canadian HEAT and was able to snag some cute finds! I also realized that a lot of these fashion items can be used as Fall outfits, later on in the year! 

With that being said, here are four pieces of clothing that you need to add to your wardrobe!

Covid Summer Baby Bag Checklist

Lately, we have been taking Ava out on little excursions (obviously while social distancing). So far, we went to the zoo, a big park and to the splash pads. We're just trying to slowly add some normalcy to our life. 

One thing I've noticed is that I have add to add a few "extras" to diaper bag. 
I thought that it would be a perfect time to share them as I know some parents are now starting to ease up and go out.

Here is what's in our baby bag.

Tips on What to Do After an Eyebrow Disaster

I know I am not the only one in quarantine who has botched their eyebrows. My first attempt was flawless. I was super careful and I had the time to do it. The second time... The baby was crying and I attempted to get the stray hairs out of with a mini scissors?!?! 
I know! 
I took a really massive chunk out but thank GOD for brow pencils!

Today I will be sharing three tips on how to cope with a bad brow situation.

Three reasons why Natural Deodorant is good for you

Natural deodorant is slowly becoming the new norm in underarm care, mostly because of the fact that it’s safe! A lot of our deodorants contain high amounts of aluminum and other toxic ingredients that have been known to not only clog our skin but sometimes have bad after effects.

Before you read this post- 
Check out my How to detox your armpits for Natural Deodorant post.

How to Buy Your Next Pair of Walking Shoes

Let’s talk about shoes! And no, I don’t mean those 6 Inch heels you bought years ago that are collecting dust in your closet! Oh.. No- It is just me *sigh* I’m talking about comfortable, everyday shoes. They are an essential part of any wardrobe and they should most definitely be front and centre in yours! I used to be a flats/sandals girl but my husband totally changed that.

We’re on what- week 365 of quarantine here! I have done through every emotion there is.
I like to go on walks with my husband and daughter before dinner. I usually complain about going but end up loving it in the end. Last week, I left the house in my slides. Cute but definitely not for long distance. Wearing the wrong shoe can really put a damper on what you're doing! Like when Ava doesn’t want to get into her stroller and I’m literally running down the street to get her in. Our feet are such an important part of our bodies and we need to make sure we are really taking care of them.

So the next time you go shoe shopping remember to keep these tips in mind so that your next pair is comfy!

Deep Conditioning for Natural Hair

I will admit. This is the first time I've been extremely interested in Deep Conditioners. I have a post about my natural hair coming up soon but let's say- it's been a REAL journey. Deep Conditioners are among the hottest thing right now. I truly didn't seem the gem in them until I did major research.

Deep Conditioning for Natural Hair

How to detox your armpits for "Natural Deodorant"

If you are starting to feel more health conscious as you get older, you will love the idea of natural deodorant. There are many harmful chemicals that exist in traditional deodorants. I started my natural deodorant journey 5 years ago. It's been an interesting one. You sometimes have to hunt for one that will work for you. ANDDD when they do- sometimes a few months later they won't. Why? Did you know to improve your overall body odour and hygiene- you have to DETOX your armpits first?!?!?

Here are 5 ways to detox your armpits using natural deodorant.

Summer Skin Care

Let’s talk skin! Summer skin is my favourite because it’s always hydrated with very little effort. Don’t judge me! With a busy toddler- I have skipped a few steps in my skincare regimen time to time. BUT! I’m happy for products that don’t fail me.

Let me start this off by saying. It’s NOT easy to achieve a good skin care combo that works for EVERYONE. This works for me right now as of July 2, 2020. I’ve met with a few dermatologist who classified me with normal skin. But I’d say I have normal skin with an oily T-zone. If you totally identify with what I’m saying.

Check out a few of my current favourites.

Best Way to Dry your 4C TWA Natural Hair

If you’re anything like me, you recently went natural and are rocking your cute lil’ TWA, or “Teeny Weeny Afro”. My hair type is 4C and for me that means it’s DRY and shrinks like nobody's business! I always have to make sure it's moisturized and I try to keep it as stretched as possible. This can be tough because my hair has a mind of its own, but overtime I’ve found ways to keep it in that state without too much effort. I’m a self proclaimed “lazy natural” and I just don’t have the energy or care to be worried about my hair all the time. I make it a point to keep my 4c hair in a moisturized, stretched state with the least amount of effort possible!

For this to happen, one of the most important days is wash day because of the drying process. 

When I dry my hair I keep these four steps in mind: Conditioning Comb Out, Damp Drying, Damp Moisturizing, and Stretch Styling.