Three reasons why Natural Deodorant is good for you

Natural deodorant is slowly becoming the new norm in underarm care, mostly because of the fact that it’s safe! A lot of our deodorants contain high amounts of aluminum and other toxic ingredients that have been known to not only clog our skin but sometimes have bad after effects.

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I have gathered three cool reasons why deodorant is good for you! 
I thought I would share these with you and see what you think.

Non toxic ingredients
Who would have thought that there would be a natural option as opposed to the regular deodorants that we normally buy? Some popular brands contain great ingredients like coconut oil, probiotics, cyclodextrin and shea butter to name a few! There are a lot of really nice scents to choose from too, such as coconut & vanilla, lavender & rose, unscented, there’s something for everyone! ** Let me add that baking soda is an ingredient in a lot of deodorants. For me, it was too harsh and burned my armpits but there a lot of brands who have baking soda free options as well*

Helps to save the environment
Who would have thought that wearing natural deodorant could help to save the environment! Just think about it. It’s made up of all natural ingredients, free of aluminums, harmful chemicals, fresh from Mother Nature herself -- and it’s 10x better for you?! I’ll take that! If you’re someone who is looking to improve their ecological footprint and help to do their part to save the environment, try out a natural deodorant and tell a friend to tell a friend.


Decreases clogged pores and potential room for odor
Having natural ingredients as the main ingredients for combatting odor. Believe it or not, overtime, the chemicals found in those deodorants accumulate in our pores, and cause them to clog. When your underarms get clogged, it increases the chance for odor since your pores aren’t getting the right breathing room to be able to do what it needs to! Get it?!?

So, on your next beauty store run, take a look through the natural deodorant aisle and try something new for a change! Who knows, it may end up becoming a favourite of yours!

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