Three Teas that you Should Add to your Pantry

I really LOVE tea! There are so many benefits and it’s such a easy beverage to make. You can drink it anytime of day and in any weather. May I add... for any ailment?? Maybe that's the Jamaican in me LOL. Tea is a great natural medicine. If I’m ever dealing with an annoying stomach ache or uncomfortable bloating, I drink tea to alleviate my pain.

Don't believe me?
Is it the middle of summer?  Make iced tea to cool you off.
Did you wake up to snow outside your window and the idea of leaving your toasty bed seems impossible? Get up and make yourself a comforting hot tea to get you ready to tackle your day.

Here are three of my favourites!

Chamomile Tea
If you are having trouble sleeping, then I highly recommend Chamomile tea. It helps you relax and unwind after a long day. If I can't sleep this is the first one that I pick to get a good night's rest. FYI- This is also caffeine-free because it's made from dry flowers!

Peppermint/Spearmint Tea
This is definitely my fav! I just love the smell! Reminds me of gum LOL. This is one that I buy in abundance. Top three benefits aids digestion, fights bad breath and some say it stops craving! Not to mention, it's caffeine-free so I can easily drink it day and night.

Green Tea
If you are looking for a tea to benefit your health and wellness, then drinking green tea can be a great addition to your physical health wherever you are in your fitness journey. Just to name a few benefits: it’s hydrating, reduces inflammation and increases fat burning. There is caffeine in green tea - so this one that I wouldn't recommend before bed.


I would totally add more but I totally don't want to bore you!
Do you have a favourite tea?
Share it below!

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  1. I have a massive tea collection. You have some great choices. Celestial seasoning sleepy time will always be a relaxing classic for me. Right now I'm enjoying some mint from my garden as a tea


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