Four Tips To Keep Your Goals On Track For the REST of the year

One thing I realized going into the New Year, was the fact that I truly sucked at sticking to my goals. I would write them down, but I wouldn’t act upon them or manifest that reality. This is why I also felt a sense of content knowing that 2020 would be a great transition into truly transforming my life and reaching new heights. A big thing that a lot of us can sometimes struggle with is figuring out ways to translate what we may say, write or display on paper, into concrete and actionable steps. Whether it’s fear of not getting ahead or going through imposter syndrome and believing that we are not deserving of greatness, it can truly impact the progression of our life events. 

Here are four tips you can use to keep your goals on track for 2020.

Create a vision board
When it comes to manifesting our goals, a great tool could be using a vision board to visualize our desires, so that we can begin to start the process of working towards attaining them. For a lot of visual people, such as myself, vision boards could be a fun and open activity that can bring you lots of motivation without feeling like you have to work hard to think deeply about your goals for the year. It’s also an excuse to run to the Dollarstore, Walmart or Michaels, to purchase materials and writing utensils to decorate your vision board how you see fit. If you also want to take it a step further, feel free to create a vision board for the decade in your birth year.

Buy a journal/planner and track your goals as you complete them
The first step in crushing your goals is to brainstorm and jot notes. That’s why the purchase of a planner or journal can serve as a great tool for tracking down your goals. You can ever purchase really funky looking journals and planners to make it a more fun and spunky experience (if that suits your fancy). I personally love journals and planners that have quotes and lovely, bright designs on them. Plus, it adds more personality into my room! You can write whatever your heart desires, whether that is writing lists, jotting out detailed plans or paragraphs, and so forth. Whichever way works best for you, choose it and track your progress as you move through each goal. 

Buy a mason jar and record all your goals as you complete them 
If designing vision boards or writing in a journal/planner don’t suit your fancy, you can opt to track your goals another way by using a mason jar. How it works is essentially you will write on pieces of paper, whenever you accomplish a goal or something unexpected happens. At the end of the year, you can get your mason jar out and read out all the great things (hopefully), that occured throughout your 2020 year. This is also a great way to reflect and remember memories that you had at particular times in the year. Lastly, it can also show a visual indication about all of the things you accomplished during the year that you may not have realized. Feel free to look up mason jar goal tracking on Pinterest, if you need any inspiration before you start. 

Never give up!
Now I know this may seem redundant or self-explanatory but it is extremely important not to give up on your goals. When it gets tough, or when the unexpected happens, always be sure to pick yourself back up and continue pushing forward. It doesn’t mean that you should ignore your personal circumstances, however. Just make sure that you give yourself ample time to heal and recover, so that you can come back ten times stronger! 

Consistency will be a big factor in the amount of goals you can accomplish for yourself, so make sure to keep yourself accountable and keep going! 
You got this!

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