5 Quick and Easy Ways to Become Environmentally Friendly

In the beginning of this self isolation. I felt like we were throwing out so many bags of garbage. A family member suggested that we get paper cups and plates (so we didn’t have to do any excessive  of washing to save money). Loved the concept of the idea but in the end there was so much waste. 

I hated it! 
And I really wanted to try to find a way that we can try to reduce the garbage that we threw out every three days and also see in what areas can we try to be more sustainable.

So I consulted my girl"google" on ways that I could try to reduce.

Try reusable cotton pads 

I’m not sure if you seen my Instagram posts a while back! Garnier actually sent me a package that had reusable cotton rounds in them. Such a thoughtful package and I am still currently using them. Once they get dirty, I toss them back in a bag that they gave me and it can actually be put into the washing machine and washed with your clothing. 

Use reusable bags/boxes for grocery
This is a much better way to reduce the amount of plastic bags that are coming into your house. My husband and I do click and connect thing online to get groceries and they recommend that they use their own plastic bag to pack our groceries just so there is an any cross-contamination..  That I totally understand but if you are physically going into the stores and shopping it’s probably best do you use your own boxes and bags. 

Say no to plastic utensils when ordering out
I know on Uber eats you can actually toggle on the checkout page if you want napkins or utensils. If you don't request it- they will not supply you with it. If my first year of marriage, we had one drawer full of ketchup, packets knives and forks. Totally unnecessary!

Opt-in to receive digital bills, letters, etc...
Sadly, at this time the bills are still coming in... If possible since your home- try to switch the online billing to try to reduce some of that extra garbage that you have to throw out weekly.

Use less electricity 
If you are not using something... plug it out PLEASE.  Try doing it for 30 days and see if it makes a difference on your bill! We did it for a month and did you know that we reduced time bill by 50%!

Do you have any tips to add?

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