How to detox your armpits for "Natural Deodorant"

If you are starting to feel more health conscious as you get older, you will love the idea of natural deodorant. There are many harmful chemicals that exist in traditional deodorants. I started my natural deodorant journey 5 years ago. It's been an interesting one. You sometimes have to hunt for one that will work for you. ANDDD when they do- sometimes a few months later they won't. Why? Did you know to improve your overall body odour and hygiene- you have to DETOX your armpits first?!?!?

Here are 5 ways to detox your armpits using natural deodorant.

Try a detox mask for your armpits
If your natural deodorant is having a hard time kicking in- Try this. I know it sounds so odd. But it helps. Apply a mixture of bentonite clay & apple cider vinegar directly on your armpits weekly or biweekly. Leave on for 15-30 mins until it dries. Wash off and wait until it’s completely dry to apply your deodorant.

Wear more naturally made clothing
Your armpits need all the breathing room they can get! Make sure that you are choosing clothing items that allow for this; anything with a cotton percentage of 100% would be ideal. Other natural clothing materials include linen and bamboo, to name a few.


Be careful of what you eat
Believe it or not, what you eat can play a massive role in your overall body odour. Make sure to test what you eat to see how your body will react. If you notice any sudden changes to your body odour, discontinue what you are eating and opt for something else. Remember to add fresh, leafy green vegetables! My favourites are kale, romaine lettuce and spinach!

Drinks lots of H20!
Even though our bodies are made up of 70% water, we are constantly shedding water from our bodies daily, through peeing and sweating. To make up for the loss, it is super essential to stay hydrated at all times throughout the day. It is recommended to drink at least 8 cups of water per day! I know, that may sound crazy, but it's super important! Try getting a cute water bottle to help/remind you to drink throughout the day! I have shared some of my faves here:


Invest in a natural deodorant
The most important tip of them all! Invest in a natural deodorant! There are a wide variety of different brands that carry similar products designed to keep your underarms happy, odour-free and chemical free! 

After a long search I have found a favourite which does NOT leave me with any irritation *whispers* AND it's also Canadian! Plus it comes in a biodegradable all-paper packaging. Say bye to single-use plastic deodorants! Say hello to ATTITUDE’s Super leaves™ natural deodorant ($9.95 CAN). 

I know I sound corny but I'm super happy to find a product that is this good! It passed my busy mom test (you know the one where you're on the go- inside and outside with your little one on a hot summer day) and I still smelled as fresh as I put it on! Super easy to use- just push up on the product to apply. 

I hope these tips help you out on your natural deodorant journey. 

Are there any other tips you may have that are not mentioned here? 
Feel free to drop your thoughts below! Happy detoxing!


  1. Maybe you can touch on mineral/crystal deodorant as a natural option in that up coming post. I'm planning to use mine more frequently. I've learned it take time for the body to adjust. Many swear by it, including the likes of super star Monique. Wish I figured to detox first though!

  2. I actually use Toms for my daughter, but I use a stronger one. I’m going to look into the items needed for the detox mask. Worth a shot!

  3. These are excellent tips! I have been wanting to try natural deodorant for years. I think I may make the transition this winter. I am going to start some of the tips now- like the bentonite clay mask. I love bentonite clay, and already have some at home. Thank you so much for the tips.

  4. Wow apparently there’s such a wide range of natural deodorants, had no idea! The armpit mask sounds interesting definitely something I’d try. Using lemons 🍋 there also helps freshen & brighten the area!!


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