Fun Activities to Improve Your Toddler's Development

Teaching babies/toddlers' new things can have some rough patches in the beginning, but with keeping a consistent routine it will show you their growth. You should keep routine learning short, as their attention span isn’t that huge, it can be challenging to keep their focus on the activities you try. One minute we're playing with flash cards... next minute she's asking me for an apple LOL! All I can do is try to keep up with her!

Here’s three learning activities that you can start with your toddler in a fun creative way that will grab their attention.

Number 1 is songs! Pre-nap we listen to music. Think about your favourite nursery rhymes and share them with your little ones. This activity is optional for those who don’t condone their children to use electronic devices/TV let alone toddlers, but hear me out there is some good! Giving your baby/toddler 1-2 hours of educational videos on animals, colours, shapes, and alphabet learning can do some good, as a mother I have seen my baby girl expand her own knowledge through these educational videos as long as they aren’t on for the whole day- it shouldn’t be a big deal. Her favourites are Cocomelon, Little Baby Bum and Mother Goose Club!

 Right before quarantine I introduced Ava Rose to flash cards that have a letter and an items which corresponds with the letter. I was so pleased to see that she knew 85% items. How? Just from watching the shows and objects around the house. For the other 15%, I just continued to show them to her on a regular basis. Now she takes the cards out her self as a game. As the months go on, I will start showing her the alphabet. 

The last activity is drawing, it teaches hand control along with learning colours, and it's fun! I recommend buying a large sheet roll- so you won’t have to keep getting papers and canvases. It’ll give you the opportunity keep coming back to board and add some new designs plus you can see your little one’s progress over time! To make it more fun, I also get her little stickers to add to her masterpiece.

Ball pit balls are super handy if you want to introduce colours early. Try saying things like "Where is the yellow ball?" to start a game!



  1. I always let my little one listen to music. I also find myself signing and making up songs about any and every thing. I will definitely add the ball pit to my Amazon cart

  2. Yes, these are all very effective. Did each with my daughter and now she’s 4 and I can’t stop getting her from making up random songs lol.

  3. I don't have any children yet, but these all seem really efficient! I can't wait to experience these things with my little ones.

  4. Great Tips! I love the ball pit idea I haven't tried that one yet.


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