3 Black Children's Books by Black Authors

It’s sooo important to find books for your little ones that inspire them and show that their skin colour is represented and celebrated. It gives a sense of pride and hope in them to know that people that look like them have achieved great things. I want Ava Rose to grow up knowing that she is special and has the potential to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to, just like the black people she’s seen and read about. 

If you want to inspire pride in your children and make them feel like they’re represented, I suggest you grab these three books during your next bedtime story session!

Dream Big, Little One
Book by Vashti Harrison
This one features 18 trailblazing black women in American history so that you can inspire big dreams. It’s adorable and educational all while showing Ava that girls just like her became groundbreaking influencers that changed the world for the better, and she can too!

I Am Enough
Book by Grace Byers
This book has a clear message of self confidence. It’s so important to me that children are absolutely in love with who they are and this book does a great way of reinforcing in our young ones the belief that they are everything! It teaches them about respecting themselves, others, and being kind to the people they meet.

I’m A Pretty Princess
Book by Crystal Swain-Bates
This is a fun rhyming picture book about Makayla, a pretty black princess who lives in a castle far, far away. She embraces her melanin and is confident in her beauty, all while knowing that her true value as a person is more than skin deep.


Confidence, self love, and black role models are essential for our children so that they create a healthy relationship with themselves. Let’s inspire greatness in them! 
Which of these books do you think you’ll be getting for your little one?

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