How to be confident in your new haircut or style

Hair is so personal and it is who we are. I know we're bored as hell and want to do crazy things... like cut or perm your hair. What? ONLY ME? I got tips from a stylist named Lisa (former My Spiced Life contributor) a while back and now would be the perfect time to share it- since we are now entering stage 3 of COVID.

Are you ready to be confident?

Where should I start when looking for a hairstyle?
Keep in mind you are the canvas. Google your face shape and what are you trying to accentuate or hide. Find a celebrity that has similar hair as you and start there! I believe that it is important to understand your hair. Try thinking about texture and density per square inch! Now that is what defines your hair and this is key in getting a good haircut!

Colour or NO Colour?
Now my most favorite part of a haircut is the accents that can be formulated such as balayage or a few foils or an all over color. But, if you're a natural you can just top off with a clear glaze to seal the cuticle and give your hair an intense shine. I really love to add a little something to just give a little pop of color to add to your brand. This is what you must keep in mind when planning your haircut. Try not to be nervous but also treat yourself. Hair is an art and I believe in the transformation… so when you are looking for your next cut keep these secrets in mind to be that confident woman !

What do I do AFTER the cut?
The upkeep in your hair is key. If you want to do a high and tight cut the upkeep is high maintenance and I am a product kinda gal so that too will need to be considered! If your cutting layers into your hair once those layers grow out it will weigh your hair down. Soooo, every four to six weeks is you will need a haircut maintenance to keep your signature style.

What will you be doing to your hair now that more salons will be opening up?


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