How to Buy Your Next Pair of Walking Shoes

Let’s talk about shoes! And no, I don’t mean those 6 Inch heels you bought years ago that are collecting dust in your closet! Oh.. No- It is just me *sigh* I’m talking about comfortable, everyday shoes. They are an essential part of any wardrobe and they should most definitely be front and centre in yours! I used to be a flats/sandals girl but my husband totally changed that.

We’re on what- week 365 of quarantine here! I have done through every emotion there is.
I like to go on walks with my husband and daughter before dinner. I usually complain about going but end up loving it in the end. Last week, I left the house in my slides. Cute but definitely not for long distance. Wearing the wrong shoe can really put a damper on what you're doing! Like when Ava doesn’t want to get into her stroller and I’m literally running down the street to get her in. Our feet are such an important part of our bodies and we need to make sure we are really taking care of them.

So the next time you go shoe shopping remember to keep these tips in mind so that your next pair is comfy!

If you decide to shop at a speciality shoe store, measure your feet with the help of a salesperson. This will greatly increase your chance of buying the right size and you may even discover unique things about your feet. Like one foot might be larger or wider than the other. Or maybe your flat-footed or you have a high arch!

If you plan on wearing socks often with your new pair, bring them with you when you go shopping. Put them on! It will help you get a more realistic feel of what it will be like to wear the shoes in the real world. Those free socks you get are helpful but not as helpful as you being prepared with your own.

As you try shoes, stand and walk around in them all over the store to get a good feel for them. Make sure your toes have enough room and your heel fits perfectly. Don’t compromise and make sure they fit great from the start! I’ve bought shoes based on hype and don’t even wear them now. LOL! Don’t be like me.

Last but not least- Research.
The internet is a powerful tool. If you get overwhelmed-get suggestions from other people around you. Use your own judgement and trust the initial feeling you get when you try on shoes in a store.


Do you have any tips on buying the right shoe in-store?
Share them below!

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