Self-Care Reminder for Work from Home Moms!

I feel like we blazed through July and I’m so interested in seeing how August goes. For me, July is madness! I had two major birthdays which required me to do some planning. 
It also marks that we're half way through summer and we're still dealing with COVID.. *sigh*

I am honestly so grateful for all the encouragement and comments that I’ve been getting from my
Here are three of my favourites!

I know I have been talking about masques a lot on the blog. But it’s easiest way to get my skin care back on track without a lot of work. My Lazy skin care. I love them because none of my work includes having to do any meetings where my client has to see my face. So I can rock a mask for 15 to 30 minutes and work and nobody would know that I have it on. It allows me to target specific skin care issues. Right now, I need hydration under my eyes. Baby girl is getting over a cold and I haven’t been sleeping... so this helps a lot. I shared these Gold Radiance Eye Masks from 7th Heaven on my Instagram.  I will admit that I did not expect it to be so “juicy”. Like I took them out and there was serum everywhere which is good and a bad thing. Good because they weren’t dry. Bad because I wish I knew so I could’ve saved it from falling out. Overall, I thought that they were easy to wear and I would purchase them if I seen them in store. 

Quick plug because they were so generous to send me three of their Easy Peel Face Masks ($3.00) in: Rose Gold, Silver and Gold. Super fun because 1) The colour is pure luxe 2) They're super affordable 3) Made of great ingredients. Definitely a RE-purchase!

This one is wild but people who have a bit of spare time and literally want to get away from the ONLINE world- the best thing to do is a bath. I love how we are getting away from shower culture and loving the bath again. Time to bust out the bath balms! They're pretty dope and pretty inexpensive. I just go in- drop my bath bomb in, play my favourite songs and trying to get away for 30 minutes (mentally).

Have a treat
I'm not saying indulge EVERY day but it's good to do so at least once a week- and eat it alone. So you don't have to hear: SHARE! or Can I have some?!?! Haha!

I know these are all the most simple tips ever. But as a new mom and somebody who works at home it’s just a reminder that self-care is important. So try to maybe even combo with a mask your favourite music a bath and your fave snack and come back to me and tell me if you don’t feel better! Haha! 

Do you have a favourite self-care routine?
Share it below!


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