How do you treat your phone?

My phone goes everywhere with me, so I see no reason for it to not look it's best!

My mom got this plate for me for $20. Which is a pretty good price because it has a graphic on the back. I love Hello kitty so she made a great choice :)

My question for you is how do you treat your phone?

Fab face of the Day- Rihanna

I love all of Rihanna looks! They can range from feminine to rocker chic.

Two things I've noticed about Rihanna is:
- Lashes
- Bronzer


Do you like Rihanna looks?
 These pics are from Teen Choice award 2010 

Balmshell Cosmetics Review + Swatches

Here is another fab product I got at TBBM from Balmshell.
Balmshell is a cosmetic line developed by Canadian identical twin sisters and self-professed cosmetic junkies Jennifer and Fiona Lees. They followed their passion and created a fun and flirty cosmetic line. Launched in 2006 with their line of signature float art lip-glosses, BALMSHELL cosmetics are paraben free and made from the finest ingredients.
I got 1 full-sized lipgloss and 3 sample sized glosses.
SHOPAHOLIC: Sheer Classic Soft Baby Pink 
I included flash and no flash pictures for you all to see the amazing colors.

Each gloss comes with signature float art!
Shopoholic's float art story:
This is a story of a woman who is incurably addicted to shopping. She slides into a boutique just to pick up a few small things. When she comes out, the store's doorman struggles to carry all of her parcels, while her limo awaits. Sadly, there is no known medical treatment for this addiction.
LOL! Minus the doorman and limo that me!

I love how the float art can be screwed off and used as a keychain. Now I can find my car keys in my purse :)

YUMMY MOMMY: Light Mocha Brown

 This gloss is my absolute favorite because it's such a great nude. Look how moisturize my lips are :)

WEEKEND IN THE HAMPTONS: Sheer Taupe Sandy Beige


These glosses are buildible & pigmented. They also have a pleasant vanilla - mint scent.

Want to buy some balmshell? CLICK HERE

These lip glosses were provided by balmshell for TBBM

FACE atelier Lipstick in Revenge Lip Swatches (PIC HEAVY)

review From TBBM I got a FACE atelier lipstick in Revenge.
Revenge is:
Majestic shade of burgundy, guaranteed to make a regal impression.
The consistency is smooth & moisturizing.
This is such an amazing color! This is the first lipstick I fell in love with immediately.
I'm excited for the Women of Color Ultra Foundation coming out this year!! 
Here are some great shots of the lips in action :) 

with flash

with out flash

Revenge with no flash

Revenge with flash

I'm always told that I need to wear more colors so I hope you girls like!
Tell me what you think below :)

Click here for more information about FACE atelier

This lipstick was provided by FACE atelier for TBBM 

Annabelle Glitterama Liquid Eyeliner: Reviews+Swatches

I was sent two Glitterama Liquid Eyeliners to review from Annabelle Cosmetics. Let me start off by saying I've NEVER used glitter near my eyes before! So this was my first time experimenting.

Glitterama Liquid Eyeliners:
Its long wearing formula is loaded with sparkling micro-glitter particles that catch and reflect the light. Its fine, tapered brush applicator picks up the maximum amount of sparkles and distributes the eyeliner smoothly and evenly.
The most important keywords are "micro-glitter". Products with micro sized glitter are safe to use near the eyes.

Close up of the colors: Violet Venus & Solar Flare

These colors are very pigmented. At first I was scared that I wouldn't be able to control the amount of glitter that comes out but these liners are buildable.

Swatches after 1 swipe.

Swatches after 3 swipes.

These liners can be used over nude eyes or over eyeshadow. Overall there perfect for a night out on the town!

If your in Canada click here for locations that sell Annabelle!
Click here to find out how to purchase Annabelle if your from the US!

I was sent this product to review by Annabelle/Marcelle cosmetics.

Making your own nude Lips and Concealing Eyes using cinema secrets

I am extremely fortunate to have no under eye circles..THANK YOU Jesus. But just because I don't have them that doesn't mean that I should skip coverage under the eyes. I had to learn the hard way on my second photoshoot how important coverage is. Long story short the flash was so bright and it exposed everything! *Sigh*

For coverage under the eyes I used my Cinema Secrets palette in foundation palette 11. Click here to see which one.
I love how it highlight's my eyes without looking chalky! Plus this formula is soft and lightweight.
If your an MUA or a girl who really needs coverage this is a must buy!

Now on to the lips :)

As a woc it's super hard to find a good nude.. they all end up looking really pink on me.. so I decided to make my own!

This is how I did it:
  1. Line your lips and fill in with a lip pencil that is closest to your skin tone. ( I used Cocoa from Amuse)
  2. Apply a MATTE foundation that is your skin tone to your lips. ( I used Ben Nye's Matte foundation)
  3. Set it with powder that is your skin tone. ( I used MAC mineralized skin finish in Deep Dark)

WARNING: Fab pics ahead..I had nothing else to do.. LOL

 So this is what you should look like at step 3...

Lastly add a nude full pigmented gloss (I  used one out of my two faced box)


Your done! Now you can put all the stuff in your traincase to use!

I hope you liked this post! Let me know if you want me to do more like these <3

Fashion: under $35.00... "All dressed in Black"

I love black.. I know I am suppose to explore other colors and I do!

BUT black makes me happy :)

Let me break out the outfit:

Boyfriend Blazer  Suzy Shier: $10.00
Tank Dress H&M: $14.95
Super Cute Bow Belt: $6.95
Tank: $2.50
Total: $34.40 

What?!?! That's a steal!!!

If you want to break up the black the best thing to do is add gold!
I added a 5 tier gold necklace from Costa Blanca for $3.00
I also added Layered gold earrings for $3.33

Fab and affordable!

My question for you is:
Do  you own a lot of black?

Marcelle Lux Gloss Sheer - Nectar Review

Marcelle is the cosmetics and skin care brand that offers every woman high quality, effective and affordable products. Hypoallergenic and perfume-free; women of all ages believe in Marcelle products.

I was sent Marcelle Lux Gloss Sheer - Nectar to review for you girlies! First off I've never tried any Marcelle products, so this gloss was a great introduction.

Marcelle Lux Gloss Sheer is an absolute gem that will illuminate your pout with a touch of glittering glamour.
  • Easy to wear, Lux Gloss Sheer gives your lips that delicious wet look shine while also revitalizing them. Each shade provides the sheerest of coverage and the most brilliant shimmering iridescence.
  • Exceptionally comfortable, Lux Gloss is infused with a unique Vita-Lip complex, a combination of lipopeptid-based amino acids proven to stimulate collagen production and provide optimum hydration. Your lips are fuller, smoother and plump.
Marcelle Lux gloss comes in 7 different colors and are suitable for all skin tones!

 This gloss is very smooth not cakey or clumpy, even though it has shimmer! I hate products which make your lips feel like your rubbing pieces of sand paper together!! LOL
Swatch of nectar with one swipe
It's really easy to build up color because it's sheer! I also have to add that it photographs beautifully :)

Tip from Marcelle:

For natural-looking lips, use Lux Gloss Sheer over nude lips. If you’re looking for a splash of glamour, simply apply a coat of Lux Gloss over your lipstick.

This swatch was done on nude lips
Click to see picture in HD
Overall this is definitely a product I would buy. 

I was sent this product to review by Annabelle/Marcelle cosmetics.

Mac Warehouse Sale Haul Spring 2010

I had the opportunity to attend the MAC Warehouse Sale for this spring. I spent a bit more this time but I got some really lovely stuff! 

 I forgot to take a picture of that mineralized blush!! It's called "Daft Pink"<--Cute

  • 2 Mac #20 lashes 
  • 2 Mac #38 lashes
  • 5 Mac eye shadows

From left to right
-Bold & Brazen "frosty light copper"
-Mont Black "black with flecks of glitter"
-Et Tu Bouquet "metallic pink"
-Matte shadow in Signed Sealed "dark burgundy brown"
-Smoke & Diamonds "frosty dirty taupe" 

OMG I fell in love with Lustre drops from the Style Warriors collection!
  • Sun Rush
  • Bronze Hero
  • Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation in Expresso... This is not my color but this is the perfect color to mix with my other Bobbi Brown foundation.
  • Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 foundation NW45 

Swatch of Bronze Hero. It's really pretty. Click pic

  •  Mac lipglass "Style warrior"
  • Mac monogram lipglass "Distinguished"
  • 2 Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Gloss
  • Mac Lustre lipstick in "Lovin' it" (great nude!)

  •  Pearl Glide eye liner in 'Jade" (pretty purple)
  • Cremestick pearl liner in "Gingerroot"

  • MAC dual ended pencil sharper!! 
Free gift of MAC Strobe liquid lotion. You can wear it alone or mix it with foundation.

 I got two 5-piece Holiday eyes sets! These colors are very pretty :) If you didn't know colors are in for spring 2010.

My favorite items were the 2 quads I got.
On the left:
  • Rose is a Rose 
On the right:
  • 6 Devil May Dare Warm eye shadows
These colors are amazing! This is my new go to palette :)

That was my haul not as big as other but I'm saving up for the next sale in June!
What do you guys think of the haul?
Do you have any of these products? clothing review + $250.00 and 25 other prizes giveaway!!!!!

I was contacted by to do a clothing review. I've never heard of the company so I made sure I did my research before I accepted their offer. 

Quick facts:

  • It's an online clothing store that makes "custom clothes to your size, your style. YES, YOU GET TO TWEAK THE STYLE - the length, the neckline, the sleeve -to your taste."
  • Sizing 0 to 26W
  • They ship in 3 business days. Yes, even custom clothes ship in 3 days. And the transit time from us to the customer is typically 4 days. So in 7 business days or less. 
Once I read that I was sold! Finding clothes that fit perfectly is a struggle! I constantly have to go up a size to fit my bust but then its way to loose on my small waist. I know many of you have a similar story, whether it's a bust, hip or booty problem.

After looking at the website I decided to get a super cute ruffle dress.

 The Fit:
I ordered the dress when I was 8 pounds heavier (go, so the elastic band is a livesaver. I can also add a belt to the dress to dress it up :) I plan on pairing it with some bronze heels & leather jacket.
This is not cheap filmsy cotton! It's quite sturdy.

The prices are reasonable if you take in account the tailing to make each item specific.

This dress is super cute & I am satsified!

Currently Eshakti has an amazing contest which everyone is a winner!
 How do you see the eShakti woman?  Is she under 30 or over?  What does she do for a living?  What would you say about her lifestyle?  Children?  Employment?  Career?  You decide as no answer is wrong and just for giving it a shot, you will receive a $10 gift certificate!

To Enter: 

Click Here and complete the questions but you have to remember to enter in the Blogger's Name:  Spiced Beauty & URL 

Winners Bargin Haul- Urban Decay for 70 cents!?!?

I love Winners! Since I have alot of USA followers, so I'll give you a little background on winners! Its a mix of Marshalls and TJ Maxx :)

I think its the whole searching to find a good deal is exhilarating! LOL.
The first Item I saw was this nail polish set! I loved the colors but I couldn't possibly spent $7.00 on it since one was missing.

So I got it for $4.99 for the whole pack! After searching the brand "Goldie" online, I found out that they sell at Bath and Bodyworks for $9.00 each. That's a very good deal. Look at the colors close up.

The best thing I got was Urban Decay for 70 cents!!! Did you hear me under a dollar :) That is amazing since it's $14.00 on their website.

I also got OPI RapiDry Spray for $3.00. I found it online for about $20.00. This product has amazing claims:
Make your nails dry in rapid time with this OPI RapiDry Spray. Ensure that your nails are dry and won’t smear before you start using your hands again with this clever nail drying spray that dries your nails to perfection in minutes.
I got a pop beauty eye cake palette (Violet Eyes) for $2.00. I've never used the brand before but the colors are nice.

Lastly, Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadow in HEAT for $2.50.. another deal.

What do you think of the deals? Have you used any of the products?