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I was contacted by to do a clothing review. I've never heard of the company so I made sure I did my research before I accepted their offer. 

Quick facts:

  • It's an online clothing store that makes "custom clothes to your size, your style. YES, YOU GET TO TWEAK THE STYLE - the length, the neckline, the sleeve -to your taste."
  • Sizing 0 to 26W
  • They ship in 3 business days. Yes, even custom clothes ship in 3 days. And the transit time from us to the customer is typically 4 days. So in 7 business days or less. 
Once I read that I was sold! Finding clothes that fit perfectly is a struggle! I constantly have to go up a size to fit my bust but then its way to loose on my small waist. I know many of you have a similar story, whether it's a bust, hip or booty problem.

After looking at the website I decided to get a super cute ruffle dress.

 The Fit:
I ordered the dress when I was 8 pounds heavier (go, so the elastic band is a livesaver. I can also add a belt to the dress to dress it up :) I plan on pairing it with some bronze heels & leather jacket.
This is not cheap filmsy cotton! It's quite sturdy.

The prices are reasonable if you take in account the tailing to make each item specific.

This dress is super cute & I am satsified!

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