NUDESTIX Eyebrow Stylus Pencil & Gel

Sometimes a product comes into your possession and changes your whole life. Brows are a tricky subject for me. I was born with super thick brows.

In grade 7, I found brow scissors and it was over. I had these horrible thin brows for years.

Nobody told me that they were bad... until my first day of my makeup course.

Once I grew them out, I was never sure what to put in them. Whenever, I'd find a product.. I'd get bored of it easily. Or I'd get overwhelmed. I refuse to carry around more than one product.

Then I was introduced to Nudestix Eyebrow Stylus Pencil & Gel ($28.00 CAN).

Sleek Makeup Crème to Powder Blush- Swatch

The best way to throw together a look is to add some blush! In school, we were taught that we only need two blushes in our makeup kit: Bubble gum pink and a rich orange. I've always gravitated to oranges. I love how warm it looks on dark/deep skin. 

When I was sent Sleek Makeup's crème to powder blush ($8.99 US), I knew that it 
would become a staple in my collection.
Sleek Makeup's Innovative Crème to Powder Blush offers intense colour with a dewy, satin finish. 
Blending is super easy with this blush. The soft blush starts out as a creme. 
Then dries to a nice light powdery texture. Perfect for any skin type: Oily, combination or normal.
I should also add that the nice sleek black packaging is perfect for your makeup kit or personal use.


Apply using a stippling brush or your fingers to the apples of your cheeks.
Then blend!

Perfect Fall Statement Lip with Arbonne Swatches

I'm so here for a Fall lip. The more vampy the better.
I remember when I used to be afraid of bold colours like these but once I had the opportunity to try different variations.  For the first time, I had the opportunity to try out Arbonne Cosmetics.

Check out the Arbonne Lip Collection featuring these lovely 90's lip shades 
which are taking over the runway!

    Glossed Over Lip Gloss in Anise ($31 CAN)

Lip Liner in Berry ($28 CAN)

Smoothed Over Lipstick in Iris ($34 CAN)

Glossed Over Lip Gloss in Hyacinth ($31 CAN)

Smoothed Over Lipstick in Dahlia ($34 CAN)

Smoothed Over Lipstick in Aster ($34 CAN)

Key things to know about The Arbonne Lip Collection.

Smoothed Over Lipstick
-16 shades
-Contains fruit extracts to volumize your lip
-Stain Finish
-Paraben & Gluten Free

Glossed Over Lip Gloss
-10 shades
-Buildable coverage
-Paraben & Gluten Free

Lip Liner
-6 shades
-Contains Hyaluronic acid
-Creamy and smudge-proof
-Paraben & Gluten Free
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Neutrogena Skin Care Talk- Why is it important to remove your makeup at night

I love trying new makeup brands. When Neutrogena reached out to me, I thought it would be a great opportunity to speak about skincare. Especially when the brand is #1 Dermatologist recommended. Toronto dermatologist, Dr. Paul Cohen answered a few of my questions regarding the importance of a night time makeup removal regime. 

1. Why is it important to remove your makeup at night?
When you go to bed with makeup, you are setting yourself up for clogged pores and in turn, a breakout. Why? Because your skin doesn’t have a chance to breathe and recover. Your skin is covered in pores, and those pores not only allow us to sweat, but pores also allow us to secrete sebum. Sebum is a waxy lubricant that helps moisturize and protect skin, and it also helps remove dead skin cells and other irritants from pores in the process. By leaving makeup on, it clogs pores and prevents sebum from doing its job -- instead, the sebum builds up, which can cause acne. My recommendation, if you know you are going out and will come home too tired to go through your normal routine, keep makeup removing wipes by your bed. I recommend Neutrogena All-in-One Makeup Removing Cleansing Wipes.

2. Should I use a different remover for eyes, face and lips?
You don’t necessarily have to use different make-up removers for eyes, face and lips – you can use the same one. The eyes can be more sensitive than the rest of your face, so you may want to use a different remover.

3. What is a good night time regime? (cleanser..toner..etc)
My recommendation is wash, medicate, moisturize! Cleanser, toner, exfoliant, treatment, moisturizer would be my suggested regimen.

Shop the post here:

Beauty News: Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabrasion Plus Set

With winter approaching quickly, the importance of skin care increases. If you can't go for monthly facials try TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set ($60.00 CDN). Suitable for all skin types and skin tones.
You can actually get the same benefits of the salon by using two products. Start with Microdermabrasion Refine and pair it with a Pore Minimizer. Super Simple!
How it works/ How to use

Microdermabrasion refine:
  • Gentle exfoliation.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and refines skin’s texture.
  • Use it two to three times a week.
Pore minimizer:
  • Tightens the look of your pores.
  • Continuous use improves skin over time.
This set can be purchased at

Check out Beautylicious!

Inspired by Toronto’s annual Summerlicious/Winterlicious, here comes Beautylicious! Now in it's 7th year, over 50 participating businesses in the Bloor-Yorkville area will give beauty lovers the option to try services at three fixed prices!

Packages start at  $30, $50, $75.
From October 22nd to November 1st Packages are available in four categories for both men & women.
  • Hair
  • Spa
  • Skin 
  • Health and Wellness 
Check it out here:

I had the opportunity to do a treatment at Spa at the Hazelton.
Number one.... Let me start of by saying I love the Hazelton!
I've gone there for events but this is the first time I have visited the Spa.

I got the $75 Offering Spa Pedicure (1 hr treatment) Includes Manual Exfoliation and Hot Stone Massage + Express Manicure ($100 value)
My toes are super cute too but I'll spare y'all of that :)
Amazing customer service, clean facilities, friendly atmosphere.
Loved it!
Just because Fall is here- don't forget about your feet ladies.

Other notables..
I've been to the STILLWATER SPA at the Park Hyatt Hotel.
Another amazing Gem in the city!
I'd totally be interested in the $75 Offering Coffee Body Scrub.

CARYL BAKER VISAGE also has some great facials
They're offering three $50 skin services:
  • Natural Acid Peel ($95 value)
  • Deep Sea Purifying Facial ($95 value)
  • Collagen Hydrating Facial ($95 value)
SO many options!
Have fun ladies.

Eos Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Pack Lip Balm 2-Pack

This product has been super popular in my household.
"A two pack? I've never seen that before?"
"They're pink!"

 It's the EOS 2015 breast cancer awareness collection. 

What is it?
Two top selling eos lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet and Limited Edition Wildberry ($7.99 CAN).
100% of net profits are donated to breast cancer research.

Remember eos lip spheres are petrolatum-free, paraben-free and gluten-free.
This limited edition product is available until November 2015.

You can find it at Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, Loblaws, and Walmart.

New York Bridal Fashion Week Marchesa Fall 2016 Collection- Moroccanoil

Sometimes simple is the way to go!
The classic question every bride gets is "Are you going to wear your hair up or down?".
For me, down was a given but there are so many cute up-dos that are not so structured.

 Marchesa Fall 2016 Collection had some really cute hair opitions that need to be on your radar!
All done with Moroccanoil products.

Hair Style Inspiration:
If you seen Marchesa’s gowns- you will know that they have an ethereal feel.
Very delicate and exquisite.
Romantic braided style with floral accents
The look was done by Steven Turpin for Moroccanoil