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Wedding: Five things I wish I knew before I went dress shopping

Dress shopping wasn't the disaster I thought it would be. I'm short, got boobs and a small waist. I expected fitting room breakdowns but it never got to that. I had to write this post because no one ever talks about the dress experience. It's definitely something that needs to be addressed. Here are a few tips that I wish I knew before I went shopping.

DO not let anybody tell you what you can or can not wear.
I went into a retailer to talk about the process of booking an appointment and on the spot she judged me. I was wearing an oversized sweater and a puffy parka. Her words were "You're a ballgown girl. Nothing else in here would be flattering on you. Don't look over there". Immediately my confidence was shattered. There is nothing wrong with ballgowns-they're gorgeous but why put me into a bubble before I even try anything on. It doesn't matter if you're 100 pounds or 300 pounds- TRY ON WHAT YOU LIKE! You make the decision what works for you.

Wedding: Trends + Isabelle Armstrong 2016 collection

I know that I'm in the newlywed stage but the bride in me gets excited whenever I see a gorgeous luxury wedding dress. The Isabelle Armstrong 2016 collection did NOT disappoint!

Whenever I think of Isabelle Armstrong dresses three words comes to mind: Elegant, Classic & Posh.

New York Bridal Fashion Week Marchesa Fall 2016 Collection- Moroccanoil

Sometimes simple is the way to go!
The classic question every bride gets is "Are you going to wear your hair up or down?".
For me, down was a given but there are so many cute up-dos that are not so structured.

 Marchesa Fall 2016 Collection had some really cute hair opitions that need to be on your radar!
All done with Moroccanoil products.

Hair Style Inspiration:
If you seen Marchesa’s gowns- you will know that they have an ethereal feel.
Very delicate and exquisite.
Romantic braided style with floral accents
The look was done by Steven Turpin for Moroccanoil

Wedding: Are bridal shows worth it?

This is a good question that plagues every bride: 
Are wedding shows worth it?

I feel like a wedding show veteran right now. I've been engaged for over a year and I have attended four shows. Overall- they're worth it.

Wedding: Cute Custom Bridal Illustrations

After the wedding, it's good to have items to remind you of your special photographs, cards or those pictures that I know you spent a pretty penny on. But it doesn't stop there! 

How about a custom illustration of your dress?

 I was contacted by Joanna pop a few months ago and she offered to do an illustration for my blog. 
I choose to get a wedding illustration that I could frame and put up in my new office.

I was not obligated to post/share share it but she did such an nice job!
***I put a filter on it and added a watermark***

These images can also be used for your invitations, save the date cards or stationary.

If you're interested, this is a service that she offers on her etsy page:  Clearly i'm not married yet but I sent her an image of a dress that I thought was cute and described what I wanted my fiancé suit to be. She was very professional and extremely quick I couldn't believe how fast I got my illustration in the mail.

If you are looking for a cute way to decorate your office, show off your dress or spruce up your blog, you should check her out!

Wedding: So what do I wear under my dress?

My title is so honest.. I have no idea what to what would be the best option for my big day. Weddings are THE most popular time to wear shapewear, not only for the bride but for the entire wedding party and don't forget about mom. When there are audiences, forever-lasting photographs and video involved, everyone wants to look their absolute best. 

The types of shapewear depend largely on the bride/bridesmaid's body and the dress style. Since most bridal and wedding party dresses are fitted around the waist and flow out from the hips, waist cinchers are the #1 top pick for brides.

I had the opportunity to get some get information from Leonisa. They are well known for their lingerie but also carry shapewear, menswear, and swimwear. 

They have me a few options for me to keep in mind.
Modern day corset that has side-boning for waist definition and 3 positions for personal control level adjustment.

This cincher has no zipper or hooks and is good for fitted dresses and won't show through your dresses. 

For women who want strong fuller body control, we they have several different styles that will suit your needs depending on the style of her dress - the tummy stays tight and waistline defined.

If it's just a little help with a lot of sensuality, these control panties slim your tummy.

Multi-way straps for versatility and can also be removed.

Hope this post helps someone out there!
Also if you have tried one of these/ have other options let me know below!

*I was given an item from Leonisa for this post.