My favorite shot from my recent photoshoot by ME

If you don't know I'm a director, videographer, producer, editor and MUA. Try saying that 10 times fast.. TONGUE TWISTER!!

But on top of that I love taking pictures! I've never really showed my work before..mostly because my portfolio needs more work....

We did a few different themes glamour, dramatic and neutrals.

BUT this shot spoke to me.

This was completely NATURAL no pose or anything like that!!
Super Cute and basically NO photoshop:

MAC Matte gel
Cover FX liquid foundation in B45
MAC Deep Dark mineralized foundation
MUF blush in Orange( I don't know the number)

HIP duo in Riotious
Mac Swiss chocolate in the crease

Cover FX foundation in B45
I set it with MAC's deep dark again

Let me know what you all think <3

Do you want MAC warehouse sale tickets? All your Questions answered here! _ UPDATED

This is an invite only sale.. Tickets are the only way to gain entry!

I don't recommend this but...if you don't have a ticket.. it doesn't hurt to go down to the sale and ask the ladies in line if they have extras.

I've seen it before and 9 times out of 10 the girl gets a ticket. This is not a thing to do if you don't have a strong sense of character because rejection sucks.. and you might go home empty handed!

These are FREE tickets to employees to give out to their friends and family but people make a business out of them by selling them on kijji and craigslist. They can range from $10 to $50 dollars!

If you do buy off the internet make sure they have a gold stamp because the ones without are fakes!

The sale is located at Markham Fairgrounds which is located in Markham. This place is in the middle of frigging NO where... When my girl and I went the first time we got LOSS hardcore.

The MAC warehouse isnt actually in Markham fairgrounds...BUT it's probably the only place that big to hold all that makeup!

This event can happen anywhere from 3 to 4 times a year. This year I've seen spring, summer, fall & winter! I went to Spring, Fall & Winter..LOL. I know. The sales are always held as a 3-day event and are usually take place on a friday, saturday and a sunday.

The sale is divided into 3 rooms.

The first room has stuff like makeup bags, train cases, concealers, eye pencils, nail polish, eyeshadow quads, perfume and etc...

Second room has brushes, foundations, collection sets, eye shadows / pigments...etc

Third room has blushes, compacts, bargin tables, lipsticks./lip glosses, perfume sets and cash check outs

MAC also gives out free gifts at the end and has a cancer donation table. Where they sell 3 to 4 items in a gift set for cancer!

Quick facts:
  • you can only buy 4 of each item
  • go the first day because things sell out fast!
  • be prepared for lines

I hope this post helped!

MAC Warehouse Sale Haul!

I am sooo lucky that my dad got me tickets to the invite only MAC sale last week. I promised myself that I would not go over $100.00..I spent around $89.00!! YAY!!!

I got:
  • 3 Mineralize Skinfinish in Cheeky Bronze(swatch on the side)
  • Bobbi Brown Luminous moisturizing foundation
  • 3 Beauty Powder Blush in On a Mission
  • Estee Lauder High Gloss in Berry (Smells so good)
  • Mac q-tips

  • 3 Mac lashes in 20... These are outer lashes there AMAZING!
  • 2 DKNY bodywashes :)
  • 3 Night Manoeuvers ..This color is an amazing crease color
  • 2 Blot Film...this is a must have!

  •  FREE gift Charged water
  • Select Tint Spf 15 in NW45
  • Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 
  • Motor Eyes Mascara (Motorized Mascara :o)


This is a swatch of the Select Tint. Ive been looking for something to wear that is lightweight this winter and I think I've found it. Its not greasy and provides enough coverage for me
Last but not least the LIPPIES!!!
My first Cremesheen in "looks like sin" Isn't that such a sexy name!
  • Lipglass in Nice mix up ...I think this is the tri-colored glasses :) 
  • See Thru lip glass in Loving Touch &  Secret Crush

Swatch of "looks like sin" I'm truly in love it's so gorg!!!

That's all!! See I didn't go crazy this time! I love everything I got! I hope you guys love it as well. Let me know if you tried something I bought or want a review!

P.S my giveaway is still going on.. I don't have alot of entries, so there's a chance you may win :)

Makeup Mixshop Haul+ Reviews

I want to thank The Makeup Mix shop for allowing me to try out some of the new items in her shop!

I got mostly E.L.F stuff & Jessie's Girl products. I'm going to highlight a few items.

I'm a big E.L.F fan.. yes I know some products are better than others but if it's $1.00 and it works for you, stick with it!

So far i'm really feeling the eyebrow stencils.
It comes with 4 stencils for only a dollar!!!

Right now I am just looking for a perfect matte brown for my if you have any suggestions let me know!!

I got 3 ELF mineral Lipglosses:
from left to right-
Trendsetter, Trophy Wife & Pageant Princess
$3.00 each
  • These glosses are very SHEER..which I wasn't expecting because of the colors in the tube are so vibrant.

    • They have no smell.

    I would recommend these glosses for girlies on the go. Perfect if you just want to moisturize your lips to go to the store or for walk. I keep one at work and one in the car!

I'm a mascara fiend so I had to try the waterproof lenghtening & volumising mascara. $3.00 each

Honestly I have nothing really bad to say about it. I really feel like it lenghtens more than it voluminizes..does that make sense? LOL

I love wear this mascara to work because it doesn't flake and it looks natural.

 These are all good items to try out! For the price you can't go wrong!

NOTE: These products were sent to me courtesy (free) of Makeup Mix Shop. This review+Haul are all my own opinions. My review was not compromised due to the fact theses products were  free.

Be Bold!

 Yup! You heard me ..Try something different :)

This is actually an old FOTD. I worked soooo hard on blending and I lost these pics in my in a long story short I dunno what colors I used. All I know is that there all minerals tho.

So my question to you is are you a neutral kinda of girl or do you go bold?

I was featured in the newspaper for my Directing & Make-up Artistry!

I've honestly never been this happy before!! Anybody who knows me, knows that I am a very quiet and humble person. So I feel like I'm allow to boast for one day!

Centennial makeup courses a hit
November 23, 2009 11:01 p.m

It started with browsing through makeup how-to videos on YouTube. For broadcasting graduate Jennifer Francis, the hobby soon turned into a second career opportunity.

“Once you watch one, you get addicted (and then) you want to pursue it,” she says. “I thought it’d be super cool if I could do more than one role so if I wasn’t doing television, like shooting and directing, I could go into the makeup artist role.”

So Francis returned to her alma mater in January, enrolling in Centennial College’s makeup techniques certificate program. Covering three 30-hour courses, the program is designed for anyone with an interest in cosmetics. “Different walks of life come through to take the courses,” says lead instructor Jacquie Hutchinson, who has taught in the program for 12 years.

“I have some students who want to become makeup artists, or to do something on the side like weddings for friends ...  Some want to work in theatre or in fashion shows or do film makeup.”

The first course, makeup techniques, gives students a solid foundation to build on, says Hutchinson. In addition to basic makeup applications, students also learn about skin care. “The best-looking makeup can only look as good as it can be on incredible skin,” she says.

Each class includes a demonstration by Hutchinson, who is also a national product trainer and makeup artist for Revlon. Students then perform their own applications using products from the school’s makeup lab or from home. Practicing on classmates gives them the chance to work with different skin types and tones, says Hutchinson.

In makeup artistry I and II, students develop skills such as eyebrow shaping, highlighting, contouring and putting together makeup kits. They also learn how to create different looks for weddings, film, runway, photography and other special occasions.

Classes are small, so students get the individual attention they want, says Hutchinson.

“It’s not a lecture class. It’s very hands-on ... At the end of each class, we (examine) each look and we break it down and look at ways to improve it, and this is how we learn from each other as well.”

Since completing the program in August, Francis has freelanced on various makeup jobs including actor headshots and glamour shoots. She sees her new skills as the perfect supplement to her day job doing corporate videos.

“It just keeps you working and I really like this genre — television, film and all that,” she says. “If I’m able to direct and able to do makeup at the same time, it’s a bonus.”

If you want to read it from METRO

IMATS Toronto Pics Part 1

Hi Girlies!

How are you? I've had such an AMAZING week. Yesterday I was shopping until I dropped in USA. Today I went to IMATS Toronto. I was super nervous at first because I was going with some beauty bloggers I've NEVER met before. They turned out to be super sweet and fun!

We started our day bright and early. Lets say we were there before it even started @10. The hall wasn't very big, but it was a good size to walk around 3 times and not be bored! LOL

The energy in the hall was amazing. Everyone was so positive. Hell I know most people we talked to wanted to make a sale but they still took the time out to talk to everyone.

Enough talk! I know you all want to see SOME pictures, this is a teaser! HAHA!

Ben Nye Booth
FACEatelier Booth (I met the CEO & President, she was so sweet)

Auraline Beauty Booth.. I've been stalking them online for about a year now!! They had the best products!
4 for $10.00 eyeshadows!!
So FAB! I didn't get any because I'm overflowing with shadows!

EnKORE!!! He was sooo nice!

This is amazing!!

X-Men themed student Competition!!

My Haul!!!

So Crazy it's FAB!

 I love this look. Maybe not all together but each item is CUTE:

Big Curls= FAB
Big Hoops= FAB

Big Chains=FAB
Cute Jumper=FAB
Washed Denim Jacket=FAB
Over the Knee Boots= FAB
I swear i'm not crazy! Let me know what you like below :)

Lippy of the Week: MAC Hello Kitty lipglass "Dreamy"

I got a new segment for you all! I have a few lip products just sitting there. I feel like this is a good way for me to fall back in love with them!!

Lippy of the week is Mac Hello Kitty lipglass in "Dreamy"
Color: Gold-glittered pink (Crystallina)

Isn't it gorgeous!! OMG! When I first got it, I wasn't too interested. Mostly because I had so much other lippies open BUT this color is soooo FAB!
The best part about it is that it's suitable for ALL skin tones. Ranging from Light to Dark!

Let me know what do you think below!

18 months of saving done in less than 1 hour!

This WAS my very first Back to Mac. If you don't know what Back to Mac is CLICK HERE. I saved all my empty containers since March 2008. Yes you heard me March 2008!!

At about 4:50 I went to the pro store in STC and picked out 2 lippies and my free item Play on Plums.

At the cash, instead of putting the goodies in my purse I opted for a bag.. WRONG MOVE!!

I walked around with the goodies in a bag(in hand) ..smiling at it ever 5 minutes because I could wait to get home and swatch the hell out of them!!

After parading about Payless..which is a whole other haul. My mom and I sat down in the mall waiting for my dad to pick me up..

Somewhere between the bench to inside my dads car the bag fell!! Yes you heard me again fell. I could have sworen I came into the van with the bag but after tearing up the seats.. and almost having a breakdown I came to the reliazation that it's in a better place (hopefully).

Has this ever happened to anyone?!?!? Maybe not $60.00 worth of MAC but have you lost something that you saved for??

Let me know below!

Purple Haze: Girls with Glasses Can be FAB too!

TRUE / FALSE if you wear glasses your eyes don't matter?


You can still wear rock any color you want and look FAB!
I don't wear glasses everyday..maybe every 2 weeks but I really wanted to share these pics :)

  • Royal HUE Shadestick
  • Smashbox Eyebrighter
  • MAC Violet Pigment
  • MAC Primal Eyeshadow
  • NYX Redbean Pie
  • MAC Amazon
  • LA COLORS white eyeliner
  • MAC Vanilla Pigmnt
  • Mascara
  • Liquid Eyeliner

So my girls out there who wear glasses..My question is do you glam up the eyes or NOT?

Halloween, "How did I get Here"

The atmoshpere is pitch black and smells like rotting flesh.
All I remember is a party last night. ... And boy was it wild..Since I didnt live too far I decided to walk home taking the backroads. This was nothing new to me...climb  over the fence, turn right and your on my street...that was truly not the case this night.."How did I get here" By: Jennifer F

Hey Girlies, This is my Halloween post. I wrote that story in 3 minutes on my blackberry. I wanted to set the mood for these great pics! These were actually done Last year...but I was too shy to post them on my blog..

I used a 2.00 kit to achieve this look. After playing with this kit I fell in LOVE! SFX make-up really made me happy and I was going to go back to school for it, so I could add MUA to my list. Long story short I ended up going back for glamour make up instead.

So we have brusing, "dried" blood under the nose and on the forehead &"runny"blood coming from the gash on the forehead and lips. Pretty fab I hope you like it!! Happy Halloween!

I'm soo Creative :)

I'm soo behind on my tags.. Like I have soo many to catch up on. Arghh..

Anyways I was tagged by my favorite blogger Rai  <3 Thanks :)

To accept the award do the following:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.

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  1. I have been with my bf for 3 longest relationship ever
  2. Once when I was going to a wedding..I went shopping for a dress.. and I found one..and it happened to be a wedding dress..needless to say my mom never let me wear I have it hanging up in my closet :)
  3. I love cake and candy
  4. I've NEVER ate popeye's chicken
  5. I'm really good at saving..even though I spend like a mad woman
  6. I hardly ever buy anything unless its on sale..
  7. I love babies but I refuse to give birth to one at this time :) lol

Great Haul under $20.00 (PIC HEAVY)

Last week I went shopping with my partner in crime my mommy! We went to a local fleamarket in my area...The worse part was that I only had $23.00!! Alot of vendors don't take debit and I had to time to pull out cash... I decided to make a challege!

What items can you get UNDER $20.00 lets get started.


Bag  $ 6.00 (This picture is WITH flash)

  • It can fit alot of stuff!!!
  • Its fashionable
  • It's NOT rain/snow friendly
  • It always HURTS people on the bus..lmao 
  • It has no zipper 

The bag without flash

 Relvon Sheer lipsticks $1.00 Each :)

"Super Lustrous® Shiny Sheers® provide the high shine and sheer color of a lipgloss with the precise application of a lipstick"

This is the lightest one out of the bunch.
Sheer Afterglow

This is #
Sheer Cherry Pop

This is one is my favorite!
  # 815
 Sheer Mauvy Star

Lash glue in Clear and Black.
.50 cents each!


Lastly I got earring and a necklace for $3.00!!

YAY!!! I had a $5.00 bill after all this!!
Tell me what you think!

So Fab!

I'm soooooo In LOVE with this dress!! I know it's kinda short but it's CUTE! I won't lie I'm not the biggest fan of the shoes and bag..but either way it's FAB!!!

Let me know what you think Below!

Also I did a post before about a Blog Swap Blogspot. It's coming together so WELL! If you want to know what I am talking bout CLICK HERE

Leslie Blodgett's 'Bare Skin' Perfume Launched today at Sephora!

Who is Leslie Blodgett you ask?

She is the CEO of Bare Escentuals!! Yup, Bare Escentuals which is Hugely popular because of it's mineral make up line!

'Bare Skin' is her very own collection of unforgettable fragrances created exclusively for Sephora. Leslie was inspired by her most cherished childhood memories and life experiences.

I love the fact that each is one inspired by the pages of her own diary. Memories from family vacations at faraway places to the ocean breezes of her youth, every spritz tells a story.

So go to SEPHORA and check it out!!

My Options on Kiss everlasting French in REAL SHORT+ What do you think?

I naturally have really long nails. Check my videos/other posts if you don't believe me. I don't drink milk or anything its just natural ...BUT.. with long nails comes breaking. I hate having uneven nails..

Since I'm a reviewer for, I got to try out some cool fake nails for the first time.
Kiss everlasting French in REAL SHORT!

I'm not a short nail kinda girl but I wanted a change. So I started with one. Thank the lord for the tabs and easy instructions because with out it i'd be LOST!
<--- 12 sizes..24 nails in a box


After testing 3 nails, I noticed that they looked clean and professional. Soooo I cut all my nails off! These pics are the end result.I like them and i'd use them if I needed a quick fix again!

PIC above is with FLASH
PIC below is without FLASH
LET ME KNOW your honest opinons below.
Do you like these nails?
Would you wear fake nails?
If yes, why?
If not,why not?