Purple Haze: Girls with Glasses Can be FAB too!

TRUE / FALSE if you wear glasses your eyes don't matter?


You can still wear rock any color you want and look FAB!
I don't wear glasses everyday..maybe every 2 weeks but I really wanted to share these pics :)

  • Royal HUE Shadestick
  • Smashbox Eyebrighter
  • MAC Violet Pigment
  • MAC Primal Eyeshadow
  • NYX Redbean Pie
  • MAC Amazon
  • LA COLORS white eyeliner
  • MAC Vanilla Pigmnt
  • Mascara
  • Liquid Eyeliner

So my girls out there who wear glasses..My question is do you glam up the eyes or NOT?


  1. i'm getting them soon (although i don't need them) and I know I will still be doing the same makeup routine as before!

  2. Beautiful color & eyes. Cute glasses by the way.

  3. heck yeah! I wear glasses, i have one, but I don't wear them at all lol! But I would still rock my eyes with glasses whenever i wear them ^_^ you look very cute on your glasses

  4. I wear glasses, and my eyes are really the only thing I do these days! I've stopped wearing foundation while i've been pregnant, since it breaks me out now, and I normally just do gloss on my lips, so my eyes get the fancy treatment!

  5. I wear glasses and still wear makeup! =D
    And people see my makeup just fine.

  6. love the look AND the glasses!

    ps - i've nominated you for an award on my blog!


  7. I wear glasses every single day. I don't glam it up too much because if time but I do glam it up for special occasions. And I do wear glasses on special occasions. I need to convince my parents to get my contacts....LOL

    And your glasses look awesome!

  8. Oh! And I tagged you for some awards on my blog!


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