Nicole by OPI: Carrie Underwood collection Swatches

I've been eyeing these polishes since I posted the announcement back in early December: 

Nicole by OPI never disappoints.
Creamy finishes and glitter with great coverage!
What more can a girl ask for.

Shop the Nicole by OPI- Carrie Underwood collection:


Lips are Dripping Honey
This multi-gold glitter is sweet on you.

Sweet Daisy
A bouquet of southern peach blossoms.

Party Bus
Celebrate on-the-go with this party-perfect confetti glitter.

Which Carrie Underwood collection swatch is your favourite?

Does Benefit Cosmetics lollitint work on brown skin? Pictures + Swatches

Tints are the perfect product to use for every season. 
It's long lasting and requires low maintenance.
I recently received Benefit Cosmetics lollitint ($36.00 CAN) in the mail and decided to give it a try. 
Our candy-orchid tint treats lips & cheeks to a “pop” of dreamy sweetness. It’s the flirtiest flush you can get from a bottle…and its smudge-proof, smooch-proof color lasts from A.M. to P.M. Talk about stain power.
"Sometimes you need to try something before you knock it."
This is my advice for 2014. Not just with makeup. It applies to food and overall life.
I seen this colour and never expected it to show up on my skin tone. It was milky and orchid.
Not I took usual colour I would gravitate towards.
Guess what?!?
I Tried it and loved it!

How to Apply:
Brush three strokes on the apple of your cheek and blend quickly with fingertips. Repeat on other side. Dab on lips & blend. For extra delicious color, repeat!

As a bride to be, this is the perfect product you have with you throughout your journey. 
Especially when you want to take your look can go to the next level!

Valentine's Day Red Lips -Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr lipstick

Every year, I try to do a v-day lip series. 
For 2014, I will feature mostly red lipsticks because I see hear/see a lot of WOC 
saying that they can't wear red. WHICH IS A HUGE LIE! 

Looking for something that wont rub off all night??
Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr 
lipstick is one of my top picks!

Check out the Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr lipstick colours:

I'm wearing Wine and Forever. 

Creamy (Almost a satin finish)
Range $10.00 CDN to $13.00 CDN
Drugstore or online
Staying power:
It does not budge! My favourite type of lipstick!

Would you wear this colour? 
Why or why not?

Extensions that work with Natural Hair

It's important to try different textures when trying out extensions. Now that I have fully transitioned to natural, bone straight hair just doesn't work for me anymore. I was contacted by a Canadian on-line hair store in BC called Go Hair Shop to try out some clip-ins/bundles.

At first glance, I was going to decline because I only saw bone straight textures- which I detailed earlier- not my thing anymore. After doing some research with the owner (Jenia), she suggested I tried the Bohyme Brazilian Wave.

Let me say when buying hair online, it's important to get in contact with the seller to find out what they fully offer. The Go Hair Shop offers consultation on hair type to choose, colour or application method. They have everything from wefts to I Tip fusions to clip-ins.

Back to the Bohyme Brazilian Wave, If you're natural and looking for extra length it may be an great option because the hair has a lot of texture.

Bohyme is the name trusted by top salon professional worldwide. It is the first 100% remi human hair available in the market...each strand of hair is hand selected to ensure the cuticle layers are all aligned in the same direction so no tangle occurs.

The hair shop gives free samples with all orders. In my package, I received a small sample of Jamaican Castor Oil (my favourite).

First impressions out of the pack: 
  • Looks like blown out natural hair.
  • Matches my hair
  • Soft & easily manageable.
It should be noted that once you wash the hair the texture COMPLETELY changes. It's turns into a tight wave. Still very pretty but getting it back to the original state was tricky. This is when products like dry oil becomes your best friend.

  • Tangling at root & ends
    This hair is high maintenance. I tried my best not to add product other than Aloe vera gel or water but it still tangled.
  • Matting
    This hair can't be worn the same style for more than three days. Whether it be a twist out or curls- you need to add water product to the hair comb it out and start again.
  • Texture was really nice.
    When I did my twist outs with Bohyme- No one knew I had pieces in. My hair matched perfectly.
  • Volume
    Two packs to either make clips ins or sew in is more than enough.

Overall if your natural like me and want to wear natural with a bit of help. I'd recommend the hair but remember it needs a lot of maintenance.

My first Bridal Show experience: The Wedluxe Wedding Show

I survived my first wedding show. 
Let me rephrase that... my fiancĂ© and I survived our first wedding show. 
We attended the luxurious Wedluxe show in Toronto!

Over 120 exhibitors to see and meet.
There were various vendors there such as florist, event planners, cake designers, 
make up artists, venues and much more.
As you entered the venue, you were given a tote bag to put all the 
goodies and pamphlets in that you got from the show.

If you were looking for hair inspiration, Moroccanoil had this great set up which allowed you to get your hair done by Moroccanoil stylist. You also had the opportunity to check out their new bath products.
I should also add there was a complementary shopping area. The line was so long. 
Free shopping, yes please!

One of the biggest things I took from the show was inspiration. I seen some of the most gorgeous floral arrangements I've ever seen in my life, stunning wedding invites and unique shots from a few photographers.

My one tip for someone who is looking to land a vendor from the event:
Create a list and divide it into what you're looking for.

I received a lot of cards and saw a lot of people but honestly I can't remember who is who.
If you get a card make a little note about something you liked at their booth. 
Trust me it will help you with uour memory.

New from Kiss Nail Products: Gel Fantasy Nails & Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit

There are so many nail options out there. Honestly, there is no reason for my nails to bare.
If you see me with bare nails, please scream at me!
These new releases from Kiss products fit right in to my 2014 beauty resolution.

Let's start with the Gel Fantasy Nails kits which I have featured below.
Yes ladies! I'm wearing gel press on nails.
I'm wearing painted veil
Back in Early December, I had the opportunity to meet Gina Edwards. She's a celebrity manicurist who came to Canada to debut Kiss's new nail products for a few select beauty media. Gina complimented me on my nail beds and picked out this oval fantasy gel set for me (seen above).

Shop Kiss Nail Products:

Why gel fantasy nails?
You can sport a sparkling glitter manicure that stays shiny and bright with an ultra-smooth finish, without the hassle of glitter removal! 
Gel removal can be a long process, if you do not know what you're doing. Gel Fantasy gives you the opportunity to get the look you want in less than 10 minutes or less. You can chose to apply them with the mega-adhesive tabs or glue them on. Your preference!

 Each set comes with:
  • 24 Nails 
  • 24 Mega-Adhesive Tabs 
  • Pink Gel Glue (2g) 
  • Mini File Manicure Stick
Check out the eight styles below:

A manicurist from Tips Nail bar which applied the nails and added some extra nail art to jazz them up. The glitters that she used is also from kiss! It's their Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit. 

Create nail designs just like the professionals with this all-encompassing collection of tools and nail art straight from the salon.

It also comes with a Pro Design Guide that gives you nail inspiration from top nail experts!

Each kit comes with:
  • Pre-Cut Nail Art 
  • 6 Glitter Pouches 
  • Design Decals 
  • Faux Rhinestones Charms 
  • Foil Tape 
  • Dotting Tool 
  • 3 Nail Art Brushes
  •  Nail Art Sealer (3.3mL) 
  • Pro Design Guide
Easy nail art at your finger tips!
Are there any styles that you want to see me try? Let me know below.

Have you seen these in stores yet?

Queen Latifah People's Choice Awards Lipstick Colour

I had the wonderful opportunity to "live" tweet during the People's Choice Awards and giveaway a special P&G glam box. During the show, I asked what Covergirl on twitter what colour Queen Latifah was wearing and they told me it was the Queen Collection Lip Color in Burgendelicious Q410!

Isn't it gorgeous! She looks amazing!

Queen Collection's only lip color with as much rich, true color as the leading department store lipstick. Adorns lips with rich color and saturates them with moisturizers that actually improve the overall condition of your lips. Available in 24 luxurious shades

Check out other colours from the line:

This colour is definitely on my list!
It's rich and pigmented!
I wish we had the Queen collection in Canada :(

Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit Review

Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit claims “Get the perfect eyebrows with this neat little duo!” I tend to agree that it’s a great duo. The packaging is sleek and compact and it holds a wax and powder as well as a dual-ended angled brush and it even has a mirror. This kit comes in 4 shades: Auburn, Blonde, Deep Brown and Soft Brown.
I tried this eyebrow kit in Blonde, which is a very light shade. On me it leans a bit orange but that’s not uncommon, as I have discussed the taupe nature of my brows before. The Blonde shade was a bit to light for how I normally do my brows (I will be purchasing the Soft Brown shade and using a mixture of the two).

Avon recommends using the wax first and then the powder. I’ve tried it both ways and really I think it’s just a personal preference on if you want to groom with wax first or second. I am not always a fan of eyebrow wax and it can feel quite greasy and slide, but Avon has done a great job the wax is soft and pliable but also has just the right amount of tack and drying to it.

These eyebrow kits are $9.00 CDN and extremely handy. If you are a person who travels or is maybe just getting into the whole eyebrow thing I really think this compact is for you.

Must Have: L'oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

There comes a time when a mascara comes on the market and
 you are completely obsessed with. This is it!

L'oreal Voluminous® Butterfly Mascara is worth obsessing about!

At least once a week, I get asked where do I buy my lashes. 
People look at me crazy when I tell them it's just mascara.

The mascara does everything it claims:

If you have patience and have no problem building coats, this mascara is definitely for you.
Just look at the wand!

Check out L'oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara on sale:

Its revolutionary Butterfly Brush™ with asymmetrical lash line shape extends and lifts outer corner lashes to give you a winged-out effect, instantly volumizing lashes at the roots and stretching lashes outward. The unique Cocoon Fibers™ instantly wrap lashes in a soft, delicate veil to create silky, spectacular lashes that flutter.

Sorry for the odd shot.
I just wanted to show how long my lashes look.
Totally looks like I have a thick set of falsies on.

My Beauty Resolution for 2014!

Right now, my hands are a serious focal point. Bad nails and a gorgeous ring- DO NOT go together. It’s embarrassing actually! 

No one want to give a disclaimer every single time someone asks to see it! 
My beauty resolution is to take care of my nails weekly. 

I will try my best to use cuticle oil daily, file/shape my nails and give myself manicures!

My favourite product to use is Dior’s Creme Apricot. It’s a rich fortifying cream for your nails. Easy to use- All you have to do is apply the product around your nails and massage it in! I like to use it on naked nails right before I paint them. Perfect product to use right before you go to your bed.
Buy it now.

What is your Beauty Resolution for 2014?

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