My Beauty Resolution for 2014!

Right now, my hands are a serious focal point. Bad nails and a gorgeous ring- DO NOT go together. It’s embarrassing actually! 

No one want to give a disclaimer every single time someone asks to see it! 
My beauty resolution is to take care of my nails weekly. 

I will try my best to use cuticle oil daily, file/shape my nails and give myself manicures!

My favourite product to use is Dior’s Creme Apricot. It’s a rich fortifying cream for your nails. Easy to use- All you have to do is apply the product around your nails and massage it in! I like to use it on naked nails right before I paint them. Perfect product to use right before you go to your bed.
Buy it now.

What is your Beauty Resolution for 2014?

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  1. My beauty resolution is to take care of my hands and my feet. My poor feet get neglected so I'm aiming to give myself more pedicures. I also want to get into a better skin routine.

  2. Love it! Yes, I agree with you. My friend got engaged Christmas Eve, so she wanted to get her nails done because everyone wanted to see her ring. I haven't focused on my nails as much as I should, so this is a great post!

  3. I've been telling myself I need to keep up with my nails, I'm not good at painting my nails, I prefer going to the salon, but I just don't have time to go regularly and it's $35 for a pedi mani in my area and that can add up, I need to find a good one coat opaque fast drying nail polish so I can just get my nails together lol

  4. I've got the most horrible hands I think...with dead, ashy skin and dry skin around nails...I am looking for a miracle hand treatment...something that gets rid of the dead skin.

  5. Eye cream every night! I need it so much but I always forget. (gorg ring btw!)

  6. My beauty resolution is to moisturise my hands often and to use a lip scrub twice weekly and a face masque weekly.


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