My first Bridal Show experience: The Wedluxe Wedding Show

I survived my first wedding show. 
Let me rephrase that... my fiancĂ© and I survived our first wedding show. 
We attended the luxurious Wedluxe show in Toronto!

Over 120 exhibitors to see and meet.
There were various vendors there such as florist, event planners, cake designers, 
make up artists, venues and much more.
As you entered the venue, you were given a tote bag to put all the 
goodies and pamphlets in that you got from the show.

If you were looking for hair inspiration, Moroccanoil had this great set up which allowed you to get your hair done by Moroccanoil stylist. You also had the opportunity to check out their new bath products.
I should also add there was a complementary shopping area. The line was so long. 
Free shopping, yes please!

One of the biggest things I took from the show was inspiration. I seen some of the most gorgeous floral arrangements I've ever seen in my life, stunning wedding invites and unique shots from a few photographers.

My one tip for someone who is looking to land a vendor from the event:
Create a list and divide it into what you're looking for.

I received a lot of cards and saw a lot of people but honestly I can't remember who is who.
If you get a card make a little note about something you liked at their booth. 
Trust me it will help you with uour memory.


  1. This is so beautiful. Amazing photos.

  2. Ooh, looks fancy! If you're looking for a great wedding photographer check out Images International, I was in my cousin's bridal party and she went with them. They offer a great prices and awesome photos! Google them if you're interested, I'd fel weird leaving the URL if your not interested!

  3. Wow, I can imagine how this could easily be an overwhelming experience! Looks so much fun though!

  4. The whole setup looks amazing...good luck with all your wedding preparations Jen

  5. Beautiful event.. The floral arrangements, the table and the whole set up is gorgeous.. So many ideas, and inspiration from this event.

  6. I love wedding shows but have never been to one with a free shopping area (where was I?) sounds like you had a great time and I loved the table set up shown *(so beautiful!!!).

  7. oooo looks so fancy!


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