Top Ten Island Honeymoon Essentials

I was asked by one of my good friends what would be my top ten Island honeymoon essentials for an island vacation. I had a LONG list of items that you would usually forget or overlook when packing. I thought this would be perfect for the blog since I haven’t done a honeymoon essential post since 2015. 

If you’re prepping for your honeymoon and stumbled on this post - get a piece of paper out and let’s go. Or just screenshot. Haha! Whatever works.

Five things that I wish I knew about Lash extensions

I know I'm totally getting annoying talking about my lash extension experience.... But I really miss them! Currently.. saving money is the goal. So things will have to be sacrificed. There is a lot that I wish I knew before I became so addicted.

Sally Hansen Beautifier Collection by Complete Salon Manicure

My next few posts are REALLY going to have a self-care theme. Mostly because I've been severally lacking. I know.. I know! I totally need to do better but with daylight saving time here. I see more opportunity to do better.... Starting with my nails!

Thankfully I have the Sally Hansen Beautifier Collection by 
Complete Salon Manicure ($7.97 CAN) collection to get me started.

GUEST POST: Three Gym routines that you should start doing in 2018

Get it right and get it tight! 2018 is your year to step up your fitness game. If you're new to the gym, or if you're an avid gym attendee check out my 3 suggested gym routines you should start doing in 2018! For more fitness routines and for some fitness motivation be sure to follow my instagram account @simplyeseeri. Now let's workout!

Maybelline- Total Temptation Makeup Collection + PICS

As I state almost every day(tears), I have given up wearing lash extensions until 2019. I’ve pretty much been wearing them straight on and off since the middle of 2015 (when I got married). 

I’m not gonna lie I miss how easy and effortless it was getting ready in the morning or having to attend an event was. I hardly had to do anything. I'd fix my brows, eyeliner, find good lip colour and I was set. But personally.... it all comes down to having to spend quite a few dollars a month. Which ends up being $1000+. I could go on a vacation with all that cash! 

Anyways back to the point, I have been on the hunt for a good mascara for a while! One brand that always is on top of the drugstore lash game is ALWAYS Maybelline. If I’ve ever been in bind "lash wise" I was always able to go to Shopper's Drug Mart -find a Maybelline mascara that works. 

Today's mascara of the day is from their Total Temptation Collection-Total Temptation Mascara ($7.96 CAN Walmart). First off !!!! Let me say this brush is REALLY really nice! I know for a while we could not get away from seeing plastic bristles on every mascara wand. Which I’m still a fan of but nothing beats a good old-fashioned bristles.

NYX liquid suede Brown girl friendly swatches

As a woman of colour, finding a good nude used to be the biggest hassle. People would either give me a colour that was extremely light or unflattering for my skin tone. Or I would get a colour that is too dark and did not complement me. One brand which has been making awesome browns lip colours for all skin tones is NYX. Plus you can find it at your local drugstore! You do not have to make a special online order or wait till IMATS to get what you want anymore. All you have to do is hit up Shoppers Drug Mart to test out some samples or find great Canadian beauty blog (like myself) which for the swatches and names that you should look out for.

BITE BEAUTY Agave three-step lip regimen

I’m putting it ALL out there.... this is the driest winter EVER! I literally have a humidifier going off 24/7 but I’m still having some lip issues. When I practice "good" lip care, honestly everything is perfect. But when I’m having an off day-everything goes LEFT.
But finally I have three products that do the job!

You always have to ask yourself what’s your main goal with EVERY beauty product. Mine is kissable and presentable lips. Okay forget kissable.... Presentable is key right now! I want to be able to wear my matte liquid lipsticks without any peeling! I want to be able to carry on a conversation without wondering if the person is staring at my lips! I know not alone out here! I’m so happy that I had opportunity to try out some extremely popular products from Bite Beauty. I actually shared the products on Instagram and had a reader tell me that she’s been trying to get her hands on all three products for a while but it’s always sold out at Sephora.

Let me show you all the three-step series that currently keeping my lips hydrated!