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Top Ten Island Honeymoon Essentials

I was asked by one of my good friends what would be my top ten Island honeymoon essentials for an island vacation. I had a LONG list of items that you would usually forget or overlook when packing. I thought this would be perfect for the blog since I haven’t done a honeymoon essential post since 2015. 

If you’re prepping for your honeymoon and stumbled on this post - get a piece of paper out and let’s go. Or just screenshot. Haha! Whatever works.

Destination Wedding or Not?

Most people who get engaged in 2013, are probably going to get married in 2014. Not me! I'm one of the few who is going to opt for some time in the middle of 2015. Why? I just want some time to get dress ready and take some courses to further my career. My fiancé is totally okay with that.

My favourite shot from Jamaica.
Question on my mind is destination wedding 
or not?

On my wedding day, I personally don't see myself on a beach. 
After looking at the costs of getting married locally it's definitely a SLIGHT possibility.

Let me lay out the pros/cons:

Pros of destination
  • When you book a week at the resort the ceremony is usually free
  • People who decide to come- get a group rate which is much cheaper
  • Combo of a wedding/honeymoon in one
  • Wedding will be small and intimate
  • You save a lot of money
  • A lot of people won't come
  • I feel like I'll sweat too much ( I know.. don't ask)
  • What if I forget something really important!! You can't get someone to get it when you're on a Island!!
  • What if I get sick?
  • I'm a control freak- I can't control the planning when everything is going on so far away. 
All of these are valid points. 
I have no idea what to decide but I hopefully will have an answer by the end of December.

What do you guys think? 
Destination Wedding or Not?