Destination Wedding or Not?

Most people who get engaged in 2013, are probably going to get married in 2014. Not me! I'm one of the few who is going to opt for some time in the middle of 2015. Why? I just want some time to get dress ready and take some courses to further my career. My fiancé is totally okay with that.

My favourite shot from Jamaica.
Question on my mind is destination wedding 
or not?

On my wedding day, I personally don't see myself on a beach. 
After looking at the costs of getting married locally it's definitely a SLIGHT possibility.

Let me lay out the pros/cons:

Pros of destination
  • When you book a week at the resort the ceremony is usually free
  • People who decide to come- get a group rate which is much cheaper
  • Combo of a wedding/honeymoon in one
  • Wedding will be small and intimate
  • You save a lot of money
  • A lot of people won't come
  • I feel like I'll sweat too much ( I know.. don't ask)
  • What if I forget something really important!! You can't get someone to get it when you're on a Island!!
  • What if I get sick?
  • I'm a control freak- I can't control the planning when everything is going on so far away. 
All of these are valid points. 
I have no idea what to decide but I hopefully will have an answer by the end of December.

What do you guys think? 
Destination Wedding or Not?


  1. Destination weddings are nice but usually not everyone you would like to be there can afford to pay for the trip. I would just have a local wedding where all your friends and family can attend!

  2. I'm not getting married until 2015, either! I'm working on my MA and want some time to finish that completely before diving whole hog into wedding planning. That being said, we are trying to pin down a venue in the next month or two since we want to be able to tell out of state family when the wedding is happening in case they need to save up or coordinate family vacations. I definitely get the appeal of a destination wedding; we considered it and ultimately decided against it, but every once in awhile I still daydream about running away to Vegas and saving a buttload of $$$ and having something smaller and more intimate...

  3. I think a destination wedding is wonderful, but I have seen and even experienced not being able to attend a wedding due to the cost of the destination wedding. If there are people you really want to be there and it's more than just one or two people, I would opt for a local wedding.

  4. Your smart to give yourself time. When I got engaged we planned the wedding nine months later for no particular reason. As for destination, I'm with you and the sweating thing + no way would I wear designer heels in the sand:)
    I vote for local as all your friends can come & easier to put your own stamp on it.

  5. A childhood friend of mine got married last sping, and she had a destination wedding as well. It was definitely much smaller, and at first I was attracted to the idea...but the whole sweating thing got to me too (yeah...I think I'm on the same page as you on the sweat issue...-___-). I do know a few couples who got married in Korea, as most of the family was there, but had a small reception back in Canada as well. You could contemplate something like that if anything? But yes...if I knew that the people I wanted at my wedding, could spend the money to join me for a destination wedding, I think I would...and then pick a place that wasn't too humid :P

  6. I think you should also think about your hair and makeup on the wedding day, I'm guessing for destination wedding your thinking about Jamaica when I was there the climate made my hair so frizzy. I would do my hair and within 10 minutes is would go frizzy and my face felt more oily then usual.

  7. Why not have the best of both worlds, we had our wedding in Bahamas, had about 20 people attend, stayed for 2 weeks, one week spent with family and friends, second week was just us, part of our honeymoon. The week we got back we hosted a reception for all those that couldn’t attend the destination wedding, full out dinner, dancing, drinks, etc, just as a “traditional” wedding would be without the church part, everyone loved it; although it did up costing us about double what it would have been if we just had the destination wedding or a local wedding, it was totally worth it and something we’ll always remember… plus I got to wear my dress twice, what’s better than that?


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