L’oreal Voluminous Power Collagen mascara

L’oreal claims its Voluminous Power Collagen mascara delivers Volume like never before, dramatic volume that lasts 24 hours. They also claim the volume-building formula delivers up to 15X lash impact.

I was pretty excited to try this mascara as I happen to really like L’oreal mascaras for the most part and volume is the name of the game with my lashes.

I need to be honest here. The first time I used this mascara, I wasn't sure what to think. There is something that makes this mascara thick and wet but not liquid in texture. It’s almost got an elastic quality to it. Which makes sense since the word collagen is in the name. I am all about really testing a product though so I put it through its paces and in the end it turns out I really do like this mascara.
On first swipe of this mascara you may not get a lot of volume, you will probably go back for a 2nd coat, heck maybe even a 3rd. (I always encourage the second mascara coat, actually if truth be told I encourage layering all kinds of mascaras) Once you have added another layer or two you will finally see the volume this mascara is talking about.

I tend to like L’oreal mascaras because they separate and add thickness and this mascara does both of those things. I cant speak to the 24 hour claim but I can say after a good 12 hours of wear incorporating staring at a computer, commuting and standing in front of a hot stove my mascara stayed in place. I also can speak to the 15X lash impact all I know is that my lashes looked way more voluminous after the application and that’s something I can get behind. All in all once I got used to the texture of this mascara I enjoyed it and will definitely keep using it.

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  1. I like that it defined your lashes, without making each lash look too furry. Unfortunately I know this isn't for me, as I have such sparse lashes to start off with, it looks to me that I would end up with three lashes if I used this lol But glad it worked out for you :)


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