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Affordable: Live Clean Shampoo and Conditioners

I tend to be just the type to purchase the $40 shampoo or conditioner my stylist recommends at the salon out of sheer guilt. A few months ago, I remember spending about $100 on a certain fancy French brand’s shampoo and conditioner – and they did NOTHING for me.

I’ve been using Live Clean on-and-off for about two years, and I am kicking myself for abandoning an amazing, affordable line. Here are two of the lines that I consider my cult favourites:

Apple Cider Vinegar – Clarifying Shampoo and Finishing Rinse
Suffer from an oily, greasy scalp that leaves your blowout looking less than desirable? This is the line for you. I am a devout dry shampoo user – my hair tends to look like I haven’t showered in a week after two days, and it’s the only way to keep my blowout looking fresh. Once a week, I use this line to remove buildup from oil and hair products which can dull your colour and add shine to my hair. Plus, the apple cider scent is divine. I’ve caught my boyfriend stealing it on more than one occasion.

Exotic Silk – Keratin Oil Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner
Not only do I suffer from an oily scalp, I also have dry, frizzy, curly hair (my hair is my worst enemy sometimes). If I am in need of something really hydrating, this line is my go-to. It’s perfect for restoring moisture to your hair, straightening unruly hair and strengthening split ends. Again, like all Live Clean products, it smells amazing – it’s formulated with Brazilian Buriti Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Wild Flower Honey.

Live Clean products are available at leading Canadian retailers, including Walmart, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Loblaws and the Real Canadian Superstore. Most shampoos and conditioners retail for $4.98 (what a steal!).

Guest Post: Avon Single Shadows + Swatches

Can we all put our hands together and slow clap for Avon? 
I know that seems like a weird request but I had the opportunity to try the Avon True Color single eye shadows and they are amazing.
Avon’s description of the product is as follows “ Sometimes a rainbow of color is just to much, and you want something stunning, but simple. With all the beautiful options, it’s easy for you to find your signature color. The one that does something to the glow in your eyes that you can’t quite figure out. The one that gives you the look.” The single eye shadows come in a sleek compact black case with a small sponge applicator. The shades I tried were Champagne, Turquoise Glow and Green Dazzler.
All three of these shades are in the Shimmer/Pearlized/Frost category. The textures of these eyeshadows are soft and easy to blend.

Champagne is a soft neutral metallic shimmer shadow, many times Champagne colours can lean pink or yellow but in this case it seems to lean more to the beige side of things keeping it very neutral and making it a must have for anyone’s collection.

Turquoise Glow is a shimmery green blue that almost has a yellow glitter undertone.

Green Dazzler is actually just that, it is a deep forest green with dazzling glitter.

There are a great amount of basic and beautiful colours and if you are looking for a soft, buttery eye shadow that doesn’t break the bank I suggest at least taking Champagne for a test drive. I happen to have my eye on Satin Taupe, Mauved and Beige.

These eye shadows are available from your local Avon representative or online and are just $5 CDN (you can sometimes find them on sale for $3.99 CDN). So Ladies If I were you I’d hurry and scoop some of these eye shadows up.

Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit Review

Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit claims “Get the perfect eyebrows with this neat little duo!” I tend to agree that it’s a great duo. The packaging is sleek and compact and it holds a wax and powder as well as a dual-ended angled brush and it even has a mirror. This kit comes in 4 shades: Auburn, Blonde, Deep Brown and Soft Brown.
I tried this eyebrow kit in Blonde, which is a very light shade. On me it leans a bit orange but that’s not uncommon, as I have discussed the taupe nature of my brows before. The Blonde shade was a bit to light for how I normally do my brows (I will be purchasing the Soft Brown shade and using a mixture of the two).

Avon recommends using the wax first and then the powder. I’ve tried it both ways and really I think it’s just a personal preference on if you want to groom with wax first or second. I am not always a fan of eyebrow wax and it can feel quite greasy and slide, but Avon has done a great job the wax is soft and pliable but also has just the right amount of tack and drying to it.

These eyebrow kits are $9.00 CDN and extremely handy. If you are a person who travels or is maybe just getting into the whole eyebrow thing I really think this compact is for you.

The Caryl Baker Visage collection The Magic of Beauty

The Caryl Baker Visage collection this holiday season is called “The Magic of Beauty” now to me the magic of beauty is that it inspires you and gives you the feeling of awe and when it comes to this collection it gave me a feeling that I can sum up in 3 words.....


Seriously every item I tried was highly pigmented and so creamy and soft.  The magic of beauty collection is much larger than what I will be posting about here and as always with a seasonal collection you will want to go to your local Caryl Baker Visage location or go online cause stuff like this never lasts long.

(Products from left to right: Lip liner – Elixir, Eyeliner – Marine, Lipstick – Secret Potion, Face Frosting)

Limited Edition Caryl Baker Ultimate Lip Liner in Elixir
(Regular Price $17.50, Beauty Club Price $15.75)

This liner is long-wearing and waterproof.  Its impossibly soft, creamy formal glides on effortlessly for intense colour that stays put.

Well Caryl Baker you hit the nail on the head, just like the last collection I am super impressed with how creamy and pigmented these lip liners are. Elixir is a rosy brick colour, which had you asked me previous to trying it I would have said I’m not sure that colour is something I want.  But after trying it I have to say I think it’s a colour I really did need in my collection.  It’sversatile and neutral and would work on a variety of skin tones.

Limited Edition Caryl Baker Metalic-Toned Eye Liner in Marine
(Regular Price $17.50, Limited time Savings Price $12.90)

The liner has intense pigment, the super long-wear formula lasts up to 12 hours – no smudging, no smearing.  Waterproof and hypo-allergenic for sensitive eyes.

This might actually be the creamiest, softest eyeliner I have ever used.  It’s a gel eyeliner in pencil form.  The blue colour was a bit outside my comfort zone but using it in conjunction with a smoky eye proved to be a very lovely combination.

Caryl Baker Holiday Lipstick in Secret Potion
(Regular Price $18.00, Beauty Club Price $16.20)

The lipsticks are specially formulated with emollient ingredients to keep lips soft and to prevent drying and chapping.  
I do agree with that claim, the lipstick was creamy and soft but I wasn’t really able to use the colour.  Secret Potion very much goes with the Elixir lip liner, as a combo.  It really is a beautiful lipstick but it’s a brick red and I need a bit more pizzazz in a red lipstick so I think I would want to check out one of the othercolours, either Cast A Spell or Ruby Red Slippers.

Limited Edition Caryl Baker Face Frosting
(Regular Price $29.50, Beauty Club Price $26.55)
This powder delicately highlights and illuminates your skin with finely milled sparkle.

I absolutely love this highlighter, the sparkle is more ofshimmer and the powder is buttery and light on the skin.  This colour is a bit to dark for me to use as a highlighter but using it, as a peach blush is absolutely breath taking.

My over all opinion on The Magic of Beauty collection is that it is magical and beautiful.  This collection is still available so if you have a beauty lover to buy for this holiday season or maybe you just want to buy yourself a holiday treat, I suggest you get cracking and go see Ms Caryl Baker.

Mark Wonder Glow Blush & Glow

Mark by Avon claims that the Mark Wonder Glow Blush & Glow can be worn as a blush or as an all-over luminizer, its an ultra-fine powder that works wonders for any complexion no matter wear you dust it and instantly takes skin from dull to radiant.

The Blush & Glow is a beautiful mosaic. The outer ring of the mosaic is a very warm almost bronzy peach and the inner ring is more rose, mauve and gold shimmer. I was a bit concerned with this product as I am considered a Winter II on the seasonal colour chart so I usually need a cool toned shade. Seeing as I am such a fair lady this product is a highlighting blush I wouldn’t be able to use it any other way.

This powder is soft, pigmented and very silky. I decided to swirl my brush into this product and just go for a highlighted peachy cheek and I really liked it. I did have to blend and use a light hand but if you had a darker skin tone I think you would be fine to just slap the blush on or even use it as an illuminator.

Lets say Nars Orgasm and Nars Deep Throat had a baby… the colour product of this union would be Blush and Glow. There is a distinct peachy pink colour like orgasm but the shimmer is more like the shimmer you get from Deep Throat and for only $18.00 you cant really go wrong. This is one of those items that if you have a mineralized skin finish or a shimmer peach blush already you might not need it but if you are on the hunt for one at an under $20 price point you should really give it a chance.

Maybelline Volum’Express The Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara (Guest Post)

Maybelline Volum’Express The Colossal Cat eyes claims, “Colossal lashes go fully feline in one stroke”. Lush collagen formula and claw brush fill out lashes up to 8x the volume with fabulous cat-like corners, instantly. It’s wild.

The mascara is available in a washable and waterproof formula and is available in one colour Glam Black.

I tried the washable formula and I have to say that it has some great staying power. I find certain mascaras will flake or transfer on my oily eyelids but this mascara didn’t do any of those things. The curved brush was something I wasn’t used to at first but after a few days of use I got the hang of it and it really does give the cat like effect that it claims.

This mascara logically should create a ton of volume, as it’s apart of the Volum’Express line. I will say it creates volume as for 8x the volume I’m not sure I buy that and while we are on the topic where do cosmetic companies come up with the whole amount of volume they claim? Just double the volume is enough. I guess I could some how measure my lashes before and then after but I think we all know I won’t be doing that.

I’ve tried the regular Colossal mascara before and I would say it gives more volume that the Cat Eyes edition. I will say that the Cat Eyes edition gives a bit of volume more so I found it to be a lengthening mascara.

I really enjoyed using the Maybelline Volum’Express The Colossal Cat Eyes mascara. If you happen to be a person who has unruly eyelashes that decided to go every which way and a normal mascara brush just cant accommodate how much your eyelashes are here to party (think about Elaine from Seinfeld dancing) I would say you are really going to enjoy this mascara the curve of the brush is going to hit every lash no matter which direction its pointing in.

Maybelline is pretty universal in where its sold so you should be able to get this mascara at a drugstore or the high street.