Guest Post: Avon Single Shadows + Swatches

Can we all put our hands together and slow clap for Avon? 
I know that seems like a weird request but I had the opportunity to try the Avon True Color single eye shadows and they are amazing.
Avon’s description of the product is as follows “ Sometimes a rainbow of color is just to much, and you want something stunning, but simple. With all the beautiful options, it’s easy for you to find your signature color. The one that does something to the glow in your eyes that you can’t quite figure out. The one that gives you the look.” The single eye shadows come in a sleek compact black case with a small sponge applicator. The shades I tried were Champagne, Turquoise Glow and Green Dazzler.
All three of these shades are in the Shimmer/Pearlized/Frost category. The textures of these eyeshadows are soft and easy to blend.

Champagne is a soft neutral metallic shimmer shadow, many times Champagne colours can lean pink or yellow but in this case it seems to lean more to the beige side of things keeping it very neutral and making it a must have for anyone’s collection.

Turquoise Glow is a shimmery green blue that almost has a yellow glitter undertone.

Green Dazzler is actually just that, it is a deep forest green with dazzling glitter.

There are a great amount of basic and beautiful colours and if you are looking for a soft, buttery eye shadow that doesn’t break the bank I suggest at least taking Champagne for a test drive. I happen to have my eye on Satin Taupe, Mauved and Beige.

These eye shadows are available from your local Avon representative or online and are just $5 CDN (you can sometimes find them on sale for $3.99 CDN). So Ladies If I were you I’d hurry and scoop some of these eye shadows up.

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  1. Green Dazzler looks great. Have to give that shade a try.


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