Top 3 Favourite Pink Lipsticks from MAC (Guest Post)

With summer just around the corner, pink lips will definitely be trendy. I think MAC makes amazing lipsticks. For the most part they last long and have high pigmentation; however it all depends on the finish of the lipstick.

The following are my favourite pink lipsticks from MAC, ones that I go to all the time in the summer!

Left to right: Flat Out Fabulous, Girl About Town, Please Me

First is Flat Out Fabulous, and it’s my favourite lipstick that I own. It’s exactly what the name says it is. It’s a plummy blue pink with a matte finish so you’re definitely going to need to wear some sort of moisturizer underneath. Women of colour: you’re going to love this because of the blue undertones.
Next is one that I also can’t get enough of. It’s called Girl About Town and I think every girl should have this in their collection. It also as a little bit of a blue undertone and is an amplified finish so it’s going to have your lips moisturized and gorgeous.

The last one is Please Me. This may look scary for some people as it’s more on the paler side, however with a brown lip liner and lightly dabbing it on, I think it looks beautiful. Sometimes I’ll even add a clear gloss over it.

What are your favourite pink lipsticks for summer?


  1. ooo very pretty colors! girl about town is amazing!

  2. Pretty! I need to get please it's a beautiful nude pink :)

  3. I recently wore Flat Out Fabulous for the first time and I love it. I need to give it more rotation x


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