Early-Harvest Raspberry for the Summer from The Body Shop!

Have you even seen a product and you just had to have it. I mean you don't now it works/smells or performs but you needed it? That's how I felt when The Body Shop put out a tweet with an image of their new Raspberry Collection. One thing about The Body shop is that their scents NEVER disappoint. They never smell artificial! Which is really hard to do for some companies.

I'm so happy to say this collection is everything I thought it would be.
It smells AMAZING!
Start spring in style with our new fruity, indulgent and deeply moisturizing Raspberry Body Collection.

Shop the Body Shop Raspberry Collection!

This body scrub looks like jam! It contains raspberry extract and smells amazing.
 I will admit it can get a little messy- so be cautious in the shower

This lotion is pretty hydrating. I love using it as a hand lotion after I wash my hands. 
Plus it smells really good!

This is a very rich and pungent body butter. 
The texture is amazing and it's made with Community Fair Trade shea butter.

Do you have a favourite The Body Shop scent?

Wedding: So what do I wear under my dress?

My title is so honest.. I have no idea what to what would be the best option for my big day. Weddings are THE most popular time to wear shapewear, not only for the bride but for the entire wedding party and don't forget about mom. When there are audiences, forever-lasting photographs and video involved, everyone wants to look their absolute best. 

The types of shapewear depend largely on the bride/bridesmaid's body and the dress style. Since most bridal and wedding party dresses are fitted around the waist and flow out from the hips, waist cinchers are the #1 top pick for brides.

I had the opportunity to get some get information from Leonisa. They are well known for their lingerie but also carry shapewear, menswear, and swimwear. 

They have me a few options for me to keep in mind.
Modern day corset that has side-boning for waist definition and 3 positions for personal control level adjustment.

This cincher has no zipper or hooks and is good for fitted dresses and won't show through your dresses. 

For women who want strong fuller body control, we they have several different styles that will suit your needs depending on the style of her dress - the tummy stays tight and waistline defined.

If it's just a little help with a lot of sensuality, these control panties slim your tummy.

Multi-way straps for versatility and can also be removed.

Hope this post helps someone out there!
Also if you have tried one of these/ have other options let me know below!

*I was given an item from Leonisa for this post.

Where to get Canadian discount codes!

As a Canadian, the worst thing you can see you while shopping online is "We do not ship to Canada". Huh?! I'm always so confused and upset when I see that. 
Especially when the store is USA-based. 

Or when companies do ship to Canada but the shipping cost is tripled. I can't remember what the company was but I had put a $20 worth of items in my checkout and taxes alone was $15. Huh?! I just hit the X and signed right out. No thank you!

These stats maybe a bit out of date but still relevant: In 2012, Canadians spent $18.9 billion online according to Stats Canada. Let me say that again.. $18.9 billion dollars! That's insane!

I'm always looking for discounts/promo codes which work for Canadians. I shouldn't put more effort into tweeting them or putting them into blog post so all Canadians can enjoy.  I was recently introduced to a website called flipit with deals with Canadian only promos/discounts. 

One of the things that I really like about the website is that you can browse by categories. Like fashion and accessories or shoes. My favourite L'Occitane hand cream is almost out and with a promo code it helps my overall online purchase. 

Do you have any funny online shopping stories?

I was sponsored for this post.

Canadian Summer time Giveaway: Veet Natural Inspirations Line

I recently did blog post about Summer time legs prep. Most of the ladies choose shaving as their method of choice because it doesn't hurt. Since I'm very lazy, my main method of removal will always be the hair removal cream. Put it on- do what you have to do for 5 to 7 minutes and then wash it off. Nice, easy, painless and quick if you know what you're doing

If you're looking for a new brand to try check out the new Veet Natural Inspirations line. It consists of 100% naturally sourced ingredients (available in Normal & Dry as well as sensitive formulas).

For the ladies who are very sensitive to scents, I want to let you know that it's probably like a 2 out of 10 on the scent meter. A nice change from the past brands which would make your eyes water once you opened the bottle. Horrible memories.. I love this formula because it has good stuff in it for your skin like avocado oil.

Veet wants to prepare one Canadian Spiced Beauty lucky readers with a giveaway that includes the entire Veet Natural Inspirations line valued at approximately $100.
VEET Sugar Wax
VEET Facial Wax Strips
VEET Wax Strips for legs and body
VEET Facial Cream Kit
VEET Hair Removal Cream (sensitive/normal)

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Must haves: Easy Makeup Removal

Everyone has their preferred beauty removal method. I've tried them all from foams, cleansing oils and liquid removers. They're all good but nothing can never compare to makeup wipes.

If you're like me and wears up to 4x coats of mascara, it's a good idea to use a wipe to get everything off before you wash your face.

Yes it's an extra step.. but its worth it.
Since I only wear mascara/liner daily, I rip the wipes in half so I don't waste them.

Check out the four.. Yes four wipes that I can't get enough of!

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes ($6.99 to $9.99 CAN)
Super soft
Works on sensitive skin
Little to no scent
Vitamins in the formula
Removes waterproof mascara
Olay Fresh Effects {As Fresh As New} Exfoliating Wet Cloths ($9.99 CAN)
Two sides- soft/exfoliating
Light scent
Honeysuckle and white tea essence
Dermatologist-tested and won't clog your pores 
Kosmea Australia Facial cleansing wipes ($14.99 CAN)
Super soft
Rose hip, olive oil and soothing aloe vera

Olay Fresh Effects (S'Wipe Out!) Refreshing Makeup Removal Cloths ($9.99 CAN)
Super soft
Little to no scent
Olay moisture and vitamin e 
Removes waterproof mascara
    Do you have a favourite brand of makeup wipes?

    Are you wearing your right size?

    Hope my title got your attention! I was recently contacted by Triumph (lingerie company) with some interesting stats and useful information.

    It’s the bra’s 100th anniversary this year, and Triumph discovered 76% of the world’s women are still wearing the wrong size bra.

    I believe that percentage. In my opinion, it's hard for some women to find a bra size at times because our bodies are always changing. We gain/lose weight, hormones, pregnancy and after child birth.

    I can wear a certain size at H&M and go into The Bay and get a totally different size. It's annoying but we need to come to a realization that something has to change.

    Here are 5 sure signs that you're wearing the incorrect bra size:
    1. Your underwire is sticking out.
    2. You’re overflowing out of your cup.
    3. The center of your bra does not rest on your skin.
    4. The cups are sagging or baggy.
    5. You’re in pain.
    Triumph is challenging the world’s women to ‘Stand Up for Fit’ in 2014 to get more out of their inner and outer fashions.

    I know that someone who reads this has their head down in shame. I think it's time to visit a Bra Fitting Stylist. Think of them as your fairy God"Bra"mother.

    To book a personal fitting with an expert Triumph Bra Stylist at select Hudson’s Bay locations, email: bra.fittings.ca@triumph.com. Please let me know how it goes!

    Good Luck!

    School Appropriate Makeup (Guest Post)

    I love wearing makeup to school, it boosts my confidence and it’s a part of my daily routine. Everyone has their own opinion as to how much makeup you should wear. I believe less is more, but do whatever makes you happy! True beauty comes from within.

    Firstly, I like to apply my favourite foundation which is the L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation. I suffer from acne and dark spots throughout my face, and this foundation works perfectly for me. I only wear it once in a while, but you can opt for just concealer if you wish.

    Filling in eyebrows is a must for me, and recently I’ve been loving the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate. I could talk about this product forever! It is very pigmented, waterproof and doesn’t budge. Check out my eyeliner tutorial.

    Lastly, add a nude lipstick that compliments your skin tone. This Revlon Lipbutter in Pink Truffle is my favourite!

    And there you have it! A simple 15 minute makeup look for every day at school.

    How old were you when you started wearing makeup? 
    Tell me in the comments!

    Wedding: Dress Advice from Weddingbells’ Editor-in-Chief Alison McGill

    Time is going by so quickly. One of the items on my list in the distant future is the dress. I'm actually the oldest in my family and the first to get married- so the whole process is a new one. 

    I'm extremely lucky to give this exclusive advice from Weddingbells’ Editor-in-Chief Alison McGill!

    When is it the best time to look for your dress? One year before? Six months?
    The sooner you can start shopping for your dress the better. Some dresses can take up to six months to manufacture and deliver so that’s why the more time you allow the better.

    Where should you get dress inspiration from?
    There are so many places to find dress inspiration. You can definitely find it with Weddingbells, both in our magazine pages and online where we post extensive galleries of the newest designer collections from New York and London (Spring 2015 collections were posted earlier this month). Pinterest of course is also an endless source of inspiration for all things weddings. Read fashion magazines, and I also recommend looking to the red carpet to see what celebrities are wearing—it is one of our main sources of inspiration at Weddingbells!

    Who should you bring along when you go dress shopping? (Who shouldn’t you bring?)
    When you are bridal dress shopping, keep the crowd to a minimum. I advise bringing only one or two people with you—and as for who you invite, that’s completely up to you. It should be people you are comfortable with, whose opinion you value and who will make the day a fun one for you. That might be your mom, sister, best friend...it may even be your fiancé. Most women still want the dress to be a surprise for the groom on their wedding day but we are seeing some brides who do take their mister-to-be along for dress shopping.

    When going dress shopping what are three helpful tips to keep you organized?
    1. Go in with an open mind. The dress style you may think you will never wear might turn out to be the one.
    2. Before you go dress shopping, be sure to be fit and measured for proper undergarments! I can’t stress this point enough. It is totally going to impact how things fit and what looks good on you.
    3. Don’t overschedule your shopping. You may think booking a ton of appointments in one day to visit bridal boutiques would be an efficient way to shop and see lots of options, but it will lead to wedding dress overload! Pace yourself and book no more than three appointments in one day.

    Beauty News: Live Clean Age Resist Collection

    I know that there is a lot of talk about anti-aging skin and body products but what about your hair? As weird as it sounds, I've never thought about it before. When you get older your hair has damage from the so many elements it that it becomes dull and lifeless. 

    Now there are products on the market to combat just that!

    Live Clean Age Resist Collection
    Four carefully targeted eco-friendly and natural products to target aging hair. The gem of the line for me is the Age Resist Miracle Nutrition Oil! Pre- shampoo treatments are so beneficial. I can go on and on about them but I'll leave it for another blog post.

    Age Resist Shampoo ($8.99 CAN): 
    Gently cleanses without stripping, infusing hair with certified organic Rosehip Oil and Pomegranate, Gogi and Blueberry extracts. Moisturizes with Avocado Oil, thickens, adds fullness and improves texture with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (Thick-bond ProteinTM). SLS free.

    Age Resist Conditioner ($8.99 CAN): 
    Restores hydration with the botanical silicone free alternative of Avocado and Rosehip Oils. Enriched with Anti-Oxi Fruit BlendTM. Thickens, enriches and protects with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (Thick-bond ProteinTM). Wonderfully lightweight.

    Age Resist Multi 10 in 1 Treatment ($8.99 CAN): 
    Powerful multi-purpose, leave-in beauty balm penetrates hair with rich Avocado Oil and the abundant omegas and vitamins of natural Rosehip Oil moisturize, protect, repair, soften, increase sheen, strengthen, smooth, tame fly-aways, shield against UV rays and increase manageability. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Anti-Oxi Fruit BlendTM treat damaged and frail hair ends. 

    Age Resist Miracle Nutrition Oil ($11.99 CAN): 
    Emergency rescue dual layer oil to be used as a pre- shampoo treatment. Combines oils and utilizes Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, attaching to the hair shaft, increasing sheen, lustre and density of each hair strand causing hair to appear thicker and fuller. Jojoba Oil smoothes unruly hair, imparting shine and manageability. Rosehip and Avocado Oil act as a natural alternative to silicone.

    Do you use any anti-aging products for you hair? 

    Sally Hansen Mother’s Day Salon Gel Polish collection + Swatches

    It's summer and pastels are now in swing again! 

    Just in time for Mother's Day Sally Hansen has come out with Mother’s Day Salon Gel Polish collection ($14.95 CAN). Which is available for a limited time exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.

    If your mom is similar to mine- A lady who always has her nails done, this is the perfect Mother's Day gift! She can save money and still look fabulous.

    The colour is step number two.
    To complete the whole process you need: 
    • LED Lamp
    • Gel Base Coat
    • Gel Top Coat
    • Nail Cleanser Pads

    The colours from left to right:
    Laven-Darling -lilac purple
    For Teal -vibrant turquoise

    Just Peachy -glistening coral, 
    Glamor-fied -metallic nude

    I tried the gel polishes and I was very impressed. 

    Check out other colours on sale:

    They apply smoothly (no streaking) and the colour exactly what you see inside the bottle.

    I'm wearing Laven-Darling!
    Which I might add looking amazing on my skin tone.

    If you see these in Shoppers Drug Mart pick them up because they're limited-edition and will be gone soon!

    Currently Obsessed: Hard Candy Highlight & Contoured Cheek Duo in Sunkissed

    It's been a while since I've done a currently obsessed post. I've been obsessed with so many products lately that it's been really hard to narrow down and share it all with you. 
    Most of it ends up on my Twitter page.

    Right now there is a product from Hard Candy that totally changes my whole beauty regime for when I'm going for that glowy look. It's Hard Candy highlight & contoured cheek duo in Sunkissed ($6.98 CAN). 

    Contouring has never been easier. Now you can create a multi-dimensional look with just one swipe! Cheeks & Balances provides a dual-toned stick that is designed to deliver the perfect amount of highlighter, and blush/bronzer to sculpt, color and illuminate cheeks.

    I recently had the opportunity to go to an exclusive Hard Candy event and try out the new products from the line. I came across this duo and swatched it.. love at first sight! Once applied, it's best to take your fingers blend it in. I love the glow it gives off. It's not greasy nor is it overwhelming. Perfect!

    Packaging it comes in a black case with clear top and the product can be distributed by twist at the bottom. It's pretty similar to how your deodorant packaging works.

    At this point in time on the website this is the only colour that I see offered. In the future, I hope they offer more options with the gold highlighter and various blush colours because I'd buy them all!

    Want to shop my closet? Blogger Fashion Week!

    I've always loved the idea of shopping closets and working new pieces into my wardrobe. 
    With a busy schedule, You may not have the opportunity/time to physically take yourself to your bff's house but I have an option!

    FASHION Magazine, Trend Trunk and Style Democracy present www.BloggerFashionWeek.com

    From May 5th to 11th you will have the opportunity to shop the closets of 100 bloggers!

    How does it work?
    A number of bloggers’ closets will be available and ready to be shopped! 
    Several bloggers will donate up to 100% of their proceeds to their favourite non-profit or charity through Trend Trunks’ Closets & Causes Program.

    It's a great way check out a bloggers style and score a cute piece for less.


    About Trend Trunk
    Trend Trunk is an award-winning company, which has created a social community and the leading app and web-based fashion marketplace in Canada. Recently featured on the Marilyn Denis Show and Cityline, the brand also pitched their innovative concept to a panel of Canadian business moguls on CBC‘s hit show Dragon’s Den, aired in November of 2013. For more information visit www.TrendTrunk.com

    About FASHION Magazine
    Bringing the world of international fashion home to its style-conscious readers, FASHION looks at global trends, up-to-the-minute reports on what’s in Canadian stores now and expert takes on fashion, beauty and style. FASHION is the #1 fashion and beauty brand in Canada with more than 1.7 million readers of FASHION Magazine* and has Canada’s largest fashion social audience including over 514,000 Twitter followers and 213,000 Facebook likes.