Must haves: Easy Makeup Removal

Everyone has their preferred beauty removal method. I've tried them all from foams, cleansing oils and liquid removers. They're all good but nothing can never compare to makeup wipes.

If you're like me and wears up to 4x coats of mascara, it's a good idea to use a wipe to get everything off before you wash your face.

Yes it's an extra step.. but its worth it.
Since I only wear mascara/liner daily, I rip the wipes in half so I don't waste them.

Check out the four.. Yes four wipes that I can't get enough of!

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes ($6.99 to $9.99 CAN)
Super soft
Works on sensitive skin
Little to no scent
Vitamins in the formula
Removes waterproof mascara
Olay Fresh Effects {As Fresh As New} Exfoliating Wet Cloths ($9.99 CAN)
Two sides- soft/exfoliating
Light scent
Honeysuckle and white tea essence
Dermatologist-tested and won't clog your pores 
Kosmea Australia Facial cleansing wipes ($14.99 CAN)
Super soft
Rose hip, olive oil and soothing aloe vera

Olay Fresh Effects (S'Wipe Out!) Refreshing Makeup Removal Cloths ($9.99 CAN)
Super soft
Little to no scent
Olay moisture and vitamin e 
Removes waterproof mascara
    Do you have a favourite brand of makeup wipes?

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    1. The Simple wipes are really great, they're so gentle!


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